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  1. YoongBinShukTH

    Funny Moment : 1 point win

    To day, I have a funny game that I want to share. This game I think our team are lost but in the end our team win by 1 point. 20210509_104002_PBSB110-Conqueror_53_Shoreside.wowsreplay
  2. YoongBinShukTH

    Is it normal to get just one Zulu flag from the first blood?

    Thank you very much everyone. I've been playing for 4 years but just noticed it.
  3. Is it normal to get just one Zulu flag from the first blood?
  4. YoongBinShukTH

    What is the Future of Operations?

    +1 I hope the operation will come back again as well. Missing of the time when playing Operation with friends. Playing clan war is a play with a large group of friends. But the atmosphere in the game will be fun in different ways I hope that WG will turn their attention to this mode again.
  5. YoongBinShukTH

    What is difference of KITAKAZE and HARUGUMO

    Haru has more guns more hp. more range detect. less speed. etc
  6. I check their stat and found that their are all human.
  7. 1. stick with team at early game. (go to front line but not to far form support) 2. wait until you have chance to do something (cap or flank or etc). CV can't focus you all time. 3. trust me CV hate dd too much. especially dd who know how to play. 4. use smoke wise. some time you need to dodge and go to good place before use smoke. 5. if CV take action to other side don't fear to take action at your side.
  8. YoongBinShukTH

    Increased critical errors

    I have the same problem too. The game crash when I fired a gun. This problem is solve by update driver video card. this is my case.
  9. YoongBinShukTH

    How long WG fix the old Operation or release new ones

    Raptor Rescue is come back. it's very good news. (it will be very very good news if they reset stars and give new reward ^^)
  10. It's half a year after CV reworks many Operation not available because of CV problem. The Operation is my favorite mode. but now it's very bore to play only 4 operation. How long WG fix the old Operation or release new ones.
  11. YoongBinShukTH

    Report, I think some player use bot to farm EXP

    Last night I try to Click support on web, but no thing happen. every thing change too much from the last time I use support. This morning I try again, and I already sent my replay to WG
  12. I don't know how to report this incident to WG. then I post here. from my replay you can see a player named Mr.A (fake name) Just move forward and backward for a short distance throughout the game. In my opinion I think he used the bot to farm EXP. 20180608_231709_PRSC107-Schors_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay
  13. yes I begin accumulate free exp for Missouri around 1 year ago. and play around 3,000-4,000 game with 1 year premium account. now I got both Missouri and Musashi with out convert free exp + 100,000 remain.