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  1. Rotten_Pumpkin

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Unfortunately Co-Op isn't any better at the moment. 2 CV's per game but the AI don't get CV's so they get 2 extra BB's instead. which leaves the friendlies being steamrolled while the CV's can only watch as they can't get their planes through the wall of flak to really help out. At least that is the trend I'm seeing in 98% off my Co-Op battles. hopefully the AI get a rework very soon so they can use CV's as well to return balance
  2. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    It is very underwhelming. Best option is to spec for secondaries have your crew dismantle the primary guns and throw them overboard to shed some weight for extra speed. Then sail right up the middle of the enemy team with secondaries blasting away. then find the biggest juiciest highest tier BB and ram it. then return to port as you have done all you can for the team
  3. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Update errors

    After the last update I was having crash issues at the start of battle and got slapped with x4 Inactivity and leaving battle early penalties. checked game integrity in game centre and took 70gb of repair files to download. will these penalties be removed as the issue was out of my control or am I genuinely being punished because the last update completely screwed up the game integrity? I can provide the Python file if needed also
  4. Rotten_Pumpkin

    anyone else having crashing issues ?

    I am having same Issue either my ship sails off into the sunset by itself while camera stays at spawn or I have to watch the battle from the start screen. Been slapped with 3 unsporting punishments in a row now. What gives WG Certainly not my PC or Internet. as I am running other games like War Thunder and Forza Horizon 4 online with no issues. guess they just want to lock players out while this steel and coal bonus is on
  5. Noticed this Strange structure past the map border in a match. Is this intentional or a bug?
  6. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Nerf the Kutuzov

    wow it is actually OP. I got it in a container and hated it. I do better in my pepsicola and Baltimore which says a lot
  7. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Maps are too BIG!

    well I can understand maps feeling too big in the Perth with its pitiful gun range
  8. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Teams and Tiers in Random Battles

    currently t5 is notorious for being up tiered. however the rewards are higher for damaging higher tier ships. so it can be a positive or negative depending on how you look at it. though T7 seems to be the go to tier now
  9. Rotten_Pumpkin


    ​well that explains why I cant find anything about it. thank you for the reply
  10. Rotten_Pumpkin


    Regarding the addition of clans. how does one go about joining a clan? out of curiosity
  11. Rotten_Pumpkin


    Mikasa's primary's are terrible. however its secondary's are terrifying best option is secondary build and sail close to everything then enjoy watching the chaos.
  12. Rotten_Pumpkin

    What? only 500000?

    ​tirpitz with gamescon camo zulu flag and premium account i managed 501k on a bad game. though it could have been a fluke
  13. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Extension Date for Santa Presents

    thank god they extended it. because this just happened http://i1060.photobucket.com/albums/t460/KTM-Racing-124/worldofwarships%202017-01-11%2019-44-55-467_zpst0i5qqbz.jpg
  14. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Where to use the New Year camo?

    well I use it on my Tirpitz, Eugen, and Iowa to help grind the XP for Missouri. it's really useful for that. 2-5k per game
  15. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Where to use the New Year camo?

    wait new year camo is commander XP. dang it. i thought it was free XP