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  1. Noticed this Strange structure past the map border in a match. Is this intentional or a bug?
  2. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Nerf the Kutuzov

    wow it is actually OP. I got it in a container and hated it. I do better in my pepsicola and Baltimore which says a lot
  3. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Maps are too BIG!

    well I can understand maps feeling too big in the Perth with its pitiful gun range
  4. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Teams and Tiers in Random Battles

    currently t5 is notorious for being up tiered. however the rewards are higher for damaging higher tier ships. so it can be a positive or negative depending on how you look at it. though T7 seems to be the go to tier now
  5. Rotten_Pumpkin


    ​well that explains why I cant find anything about it. thank you for the reply
  6. Rotten_Pumpkin


    Regarding the addition of clans. how does one go about joining a clan? out of curiosity
  7. Rotten_Pumpkin


    Mikasa's primary's are terrible. however its secondary's are terrifying best option is secondary build and sail close to everything then enjoy watching the chaos.
  8. Rotten_Pumpkin

    What? only 500000?

    ​tirpitz with gamescon camo zulu flag and premium account i managed 501k on a bad game. though it could have been a fluke
  9. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Extension Date for Santa Presents

    thank god they extended it. because this just happened http://i1060.photobucket.com/albums/t460/KTM-Racing-124/worldofwarships%202017-01-11%2019-44-55-467_zpst0i5qqbz.jpg
  10. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Where to use the New Year camo?

    well I use it on my Tirpitz, Eugen, and Iowa to help grind the XP for Missouri. it's really useful for that. 2-5k per game
  11. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Where to use the New Year camo?

    wait new year camo is commander XP. dang it. i thought it was free XP
  12. Rotten_Pumpkin

    What is your goal for this year?

    1. get last 4000 XP to unlock des moines 2. get last 500 000 free xp for missouri 3.unlock montana 4. try to play more random battles and improve stats 5. try playing in a division {never played in one}
  13. it has less HP because it has more armour
  14. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Did anybody else get heaps of supercontainers recently?

    I have been opening all 3 try your luck containers every day since it was released. still waiting to get atleast 1 supercontainer one day it'll happen i'm sure
  15. Rotten_Pumpkin

    Ship Modelling

    This is my current project 1/200 USS Missouri. setting it up for remote control with traversing main guns