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  1. Watame__

    Petropavlovsk needs nerf

    Doesn't stop CV from dropping you still
  2. Watame__

    Petropavlovsk needs nerf

    We already have a class that can balanced all ship and it is called a CV
  3. Watame__

    Being toxic in snowflakes

    How is this preventing coal to drop more? Do you even understand how to get coal in the first place?
  4. Watame__

    stop whining about kita nerfs

    Low chance of detonating? you? larf
  5. Watame__

    stop whining about kita nerfs

    I hope you detonate instead of eating BBAP
  6. I came back and its already on 7 pages, this thread should just sink like how OP sank in Yamato by enemy CV. This is not going anywhere because OP refuse to acknowledged his mistake when people literally pointed it out here.
  7. > HE Spam is toxic Ah yes am I supposed to shoot AP on a bow on ship? Am I supposed to go flank his side to get his broadside and shoot AP? Think about it you can easily do damage by just pressing the 1 key and left click anything you see until it sank. Do you know the definition of OP is? also Yamato has something that Thunderer don't have that is overmatch 32mm armor. Yes the Thunderer can kill you but you also can kill the Thunderer back, if you see a Thunderer on your flank then avoid him or you know shoot him back? Thunderer is still squishy anyway you sneeze at him and he takes damage. You shoot down his plane and he has to wait half the game to replenish his plane 🙂
  8. Watame__

    I got reported twice

    I suggest OP just play Tier 8 CV for now to learn how to play CV properly instead of jumping to Tier 10.
  9. Personally neither tbh, but in term of which is fun to play then Kaga.
  10. Watame__

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    But the data can be discerned easily to know if you are actually traveling or doing account share I.e. if your IP suddenly changes when CWs are on
  11. Watame__

    [PSA] Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Kraken Unleashed!
  12. Watame__

    "GuNs DoNt PuSh Up"

    Spicy drama's, but I have to agree on this one if you're going to push alone and die to 12 enemies ship don't blame your team for not pushing with you.
  13. Watame__

    GRAF CV is too op