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  1. Musashi is the new Tier 9 Submarine confirm? 😂
  2. Hesa_

    WG owes us coal from crates

    I'd rather have my waifu come to real life 😤
  3. Hesa_


    *munch* OwO das dis
  4. Hesa_

    WG Buff CV plz

    tbf even after rework they don't know what to do with it. Buff it then it will be OP. Nerf it then its gonna be bad Stares at Hosho Finally a worthy ship to play
  5. Hesa_

    I'm Quitting guys due to depression and anger

    I know the feeling as well, to be fair i almost quit the game a year ago because its not going anywhere for me but i just kept playing for no reason. Since the Italian ship from DevBlog has been posted it gave me something as an excuse to play the game even more now.
  6. Hesa_

    CV's in or out

    Well who knows, tho i do think its best just to balance CV but i doubt about it. But removing CV as a whole won't be possible~
  7. Hesa_

    Fletcher life, 0.8

    Basically any DD life in 0.8.0, harrased by CV non-stop. CV Rework is fine they say, get crapped all over the place by some broken IJN Ship.
  8. Hesa_

    Thanks WG !!! (Humour)

    You forgot something, those 'rocket'.
  9. ikr even a full AA spec you don't even feel safe, sometimes your ship either shoot down more plane or just accept the fate being harrased by planes.
  10. Hesa_

    Random battles Very high skill level

    You do NOT snipe in a German Battleships in any tier no matter what, the thing is German BB are brawler, you get closer and tell the enemy ship who's a lvl 1 crook and lvl 100 boss (tho being said don't get outplayed) As for improving your skills i would suggest watch Yuro vids or any famous WoWs Youtuber advice. For the Weekends part it is common for skilled player to come out of their hiding holes, its either you getting a match vs a bunch of good highly skilled player or low skilled player/bot.
  11. Hesa_

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Literally me because i can't play both Old CV or the new CV 😂
  12. Tho i do agree Miku is cute Regardless yeah gotta wait for the development on both character, anyway i will still vote Nino!
  13. Nou, obviously Nino is number 1. The fact that she called Fuutarou Fuu-kun is already a sign along with the confession again, smh i wonder why you ignoring the superior girl and vote for the seasonal waifu's Miku.
  14. Who's your waifu, real question here.