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  1. Hesa_

    I've done it.

  2. Hesa_

    birthday giveaway

    I guess Drakon detonation is real after all Got detonated after asking if Drakon is ghey or not
  3. Hesa_

    birthday giveaway

    Me please uwu
  4. Hesa_

    Game crash every few match

    Already on latest version, i already made sure that my driver is always updated and latest.
  5. Hesa_

    Game crash every few match

    I finally got myself DDR3 4GB ram on my laptop, still it always crashing the game for no reason (Next time il upgrade my Processor and change from 32 bit to 64 bit soon in a week)
  6. Hesa_

    Game crash every few match

    Yes i know my laptop is an potato :( but at least not for now since im going to upgrade my laptop with an i5 2540m and 2 more DDR3 with 2GB ram (I have 4 slots) Anyway thanks for the tips i should get going to the Computer shop now
  7. Hesa_

    Game crash every few match

    so i was playing WoWs for maybe a year now, so few weeks ago my WoWs is having an issues that making the game always crash after 1 or 3 match. I didn't know why but after that i did try setting it up on my Radeon Setting but it still won't stop the game crashing, then i tried to clean install my windows (ofc it still keep the file that i want) and when i tried playing WoWs it was back to normal with no crash whatsoever until few hour later my game starting to crash and crash again. Anyone know whats going on with it? My Laptop Spec: -Intel i3 1,9Ghz -AMD Radeon 8500HD -2GB Ram (thinking to upgrade my ram to 4gb *maybe*) and yes it is on Windows 10 32bit
  8. Hesa_

    Bigclient eror

    So yesterday i was playing WoWs smoothly without any problem, now this happend. Anyone know how to fix it? im using Windows 10 and all driver up to date same with Graphic Card.
  9. Hesa_

    Arpeggio Voicecover are missing

    Owh okay, thanks for the info. Sadly the Voicecover is still missing ;-;)
  10. Well thanks for the advice, seems getting new voicecover mod fix the problem. Pretty weird since the new update make my other Voicecover mod not working properly.
  11. Somehow my Voicecover mod is not even working since the new update, sad lyf.

  12. Yes but the problem is the Voicecover will not work, instead it had some weird bussing sound like.
  13. Hesa_

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    Drink some poi
  14. So after recent update 6.6.6 i'm having an problem where my Voicecover mod is not working, is there a way to fix it?
  15. Hesa_

    Arpeggio Voicecover are missing

    Uhh.... i can't seem to find the Carousel setting, can you please provide it with Screenshot? so that it would be much easier for me to understand how i suppose to activated the Carousel Setting.