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  1. Why_Always_Me

    musashis ruining game experience

    Play to rank 5 you will see the world of Musashi in there
  2. Why_Always_Me

    [UPD 12/2] Update Hotfix

    Oh nice, my Kaga now is much more useless after this hotfix
  3. Why_Always_Me

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    Furthermore, Conque sigma was 2.0 at that time
  4. Why_Always_Me

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    Yeah ! They should give Conque radar + DFAA
  5. Depend on what kind of ship you will focus mostly High Caribe with your target is BBs give you maybe 200k damage or more. Meanwhile with DDs mostly just only give you about 50k My lowest HC is 60k with Missouri in the game that had 7 DDs (no fun )
  6. Why_Always_Me

    Isoroku vs Yamamoto.... who is better?

    Have to say that: I don't like the voice of Isoroku in game Just play one then don't bore to use that cat again