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  1. Audacious is a good CV :"3
  2. UmaruMinene

    KM Tirpitz

    you have some nice pic :"3 can i save the pic Tir AL ??
  3. UmaruMinene

    B-65 Ishikari-class Large Cruiser

    why B-65 is still like Yamato class ?? can you tell me ??
  4. UmaruMinene

    USS Alaska (CB1). Measure 32 Camoflague. 1944

    >~< i really like Alaska and you have pic very nice :"3
  5. UmaruMinene

    Anti-Aircraft Cruiser Kumano

    really she is liike atlanta?? i really don't know about her
  6. UmaruMinene


    if Dev bring Shinano in game, she will be powerful than Haku?? Also i still like Taiho-chan >~<
  7. zao is still good after a lot of uprade meta in game
  8. if you guys have a picture in tier VII with result good just show me >~<
  9. UmaruMinene

    April fools, really fool

    ohhh i see it >~<
  10. UmaruMinene

    What is Anti Air and what is its purpose?

    counter aircraft hmmm i think so
  11. UmaruMinene

    April fools, really fool

    what does it mean in 4 pic you post ???
  12. UmaruMinene

    Super Containers

    you can pick another container it's still chance SC but rate is low, i always pick more resource and sometime have SC @@ i hope you get SC next time and more lucky for you :"3
  13. UmaruMinene

    Looking for Tier VI Premium Cruiser

    i think molotov still good if you play to safe and she still better than in T6 pre ship
  14. UmaruMinene

    Torpedo Dodge Of The Week

    nice dodge >~<