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  1. Satsujinkii

    Where is my Kirishima?

    there is no particular mission given to me after i first logged in after february 29, i registered to the game already march 1st week (forgot the day though) and start playing a few days after that. there i believe that the mission i need to do (which is not specified ingame) is to research any tier 5 ship. so i played intensely until i get the tier 5 furutaka cruiser.. but until now there is still no signs of kirishima
  2. Satsujinkii

    Where is my Kirishima?

    i wonder how long does it take for that? Im a new player and researched furutaka 2 weeks ago (around march 6 -12), changed the port to yokusuka many times and no kirishima yet until now
  3. Satsujinkii

    Event Rewards

    it seems it is not yet there ok thank you, i thought i need to do something like finding a mission that corresponds to it then confirm it something
  4. Satsujinkii

    Philippines WoWs Community

    IGN: Satsujinkii
  5. Satsujinkii

    Event Rewards

    Hi i am just a newbie and I just want to ask something. It says on the event page that for new players who logged after Feb.29 (I registered and log already 1st week of march) the only condition to get the ARP Kirishima and Iona is to research any tier 5 ship. I managed to research tier 5 ship (Furutaka) so I am expecting I complied with the conditions. If so, when would be the insertion of rewards? Or do I need to do something? Since i dont see any ingame missions refering to it. I wonder if I am understanding it right?