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  1. KurohimeYuuhi


    Guys, The way you feel understandable for them just make them break even more promises. What is the point of promises if you are not going to keep it? The time has changed, sure, but they do need to give us a proper explaination so we will be able to understand. They promised never sell t9, not to mention t10. Did they give us any apologize when they broke that promises? You felt okay, because its didn't affect you much, but it affect many other players, and we have right to complain. Everyone has their ways to enjoy the game. I do like battles, but i also need motivation to keep on. The way you play are not wrong, but i'll keep mine. You might ve seen some people who got notthing but ARP Yamato in their account and did like 20k dmg per battle. But you and I have different PoV, if you think the fact that some one who doesn't have any experience in the game should have access to tier 10 is fine, then i suppose i can't change it. I really don't understand why you have to support the idea to make it gated by money. There are many ways that they can take my money, and i'm happy to support them if they doing it right. You must be the one who bought their bundle from day 1 and got no problem with that.
  2. KurohimeYuuhi


    Thanks for reminding sir but i already got my Yamato. I have all the tier X that i wanted, the rest can easily being bought if they caught my interest since i have plenty of resources. I didn't complain about PR event, because it's still grindable, i did that grind and got my PR, i will say again, I DIDN'T complain about the PR event. Yes, WG become more greedy nowadays. We from getting both free Lazo and Murmansk from Soviet BB event to where we got the nude Kansas (yes the camo is not even free), i still can endure it. But this is too much, you can read my point from #1, they can both selling bundle without make anyone mad, why woundn't they do that? Beside, WG might have no reason to make ARP Yamato available for free. But if they sell it straight up like this it even against what they promised. The ARP event used to be free to play, and that is what I believe. Azur Lane collab is pure money, i understand that and didn't complain. I still bought the Montpelier for them. But the fact that they broke the good tradition with the ARP event really make me feel betrayed. And another things is if there isn't any quest which is worth to grind, why people even play the game anymore? People like you might have a lot of stuff to do, but i'm finished.
  3. KurohimeYuuhi


    I don't care about WG selling campaigns, they can sell t9, t10, whatever... The thing i care is they took the free to grind option away from me. Don't you see that free to play contents become worse nowadays? What do you get? T9 permanent camo? Okay its cool if you have some t9 ships you really love, but for me i prefer use expendable camos for grinding. What we get today is just directive in which gives very little rewards. Do you remember Benham events? I'm not even bother to play the new Key battle because what it gives is just an ugly version of the paid camo, not to mention its already exist from last year. They just copy and paste the rewards and yay we got a brand new event. They can sell whatever they want, but they also need to create f2p option which is a lot harder for hardcore player. That's my point. I'm not some broke ass player who just want to get everything for free, i paid a lot, even some dumb shit like space camos (i have 6 space camos), bad premiums such as Wukong, many more,.... but only when the devs pleased me. If they disappoint me, they won't get anything. And for some people who mentioned the door, this is my last attempt to regain faith with WG. This game is unique and its suit me, thats true. But if WG think they don't want to please player like me anymore, then imma leave. Here is my little collection, there is a lot more but they can't fit in one picture.
  4. KurohimeYuuhi


    Okay, i don't know if the devs or even the moderators care about the post, but i have to say it. I don't really mind grinding. I grinded the old ARPs, i grinded the Benham, i grinded the Puerto Rico with only 2 boosts,... I don't mind at all, i literally didn't say anything about the "PR disaster", because that's how a game should be, you give us challenge, we achieve it and then feel satisfy. I'm always proud when i look at my Benham with the waterworld camo, or when i look at my ARP collection, because i get them by my own hands. Of course, when i feel satisfy, i will have no problem open my wallet to support the developers. I bought a lot of premiums ships, loot boxes, not as much as some true whalers tho. I've had really good old times. But now... I don't understand WG, even if you give us combat missions to get the stuffs, there will always have the whaler who get the ships from day 1. Do you think you can sell more bundle by just cutting it away from us? How many? Did it worth to make everyone mad at your decisions? I really hope that there will be some hardcore grind this ARP season, you can make it as hard as PR grind, i don't care. The game contents become worse and worse as the time pass by, Key battle is cool but the rewards is same as last year, notthing much to do during US battleship early access event,... Do you want your game become like this? Where player spend more time buying your bundle than actual playing the game? If you want them to play, give them FUCKING MOTIVATION. I don't feel satisfy at all, even if i pay 300$ and get all the new ARPs in my port. I don't think it is worth, i don't want to give you a FUCKING LITTLE COIN. Guys, if you keep buying their stuffs, supporting their greediness, you are killing this game. There will be no good contents in the future soon. For now, i don't know if anyone will care, but i will stop playing.
  5. KurohimeYuuhi

    IFHE changes is too brutal for midtier light cruisers

    IFHE should be like this: greatly increase penetrations value (like 40 ~ 50%) but also greatly reduce fire chances (50 ~ 90% based on caliber), so people can choose which way do they want to ultilize their ship. This change just literally throw the skill out of the window and let the ship which has to take the skill suffered hard.
  6. Like the title said, t6 and 7 CL now can't do shit in tier 8/9 match. The only thing you can fight against is the same tier counterpart, otherwise you will lose even when they miss-played. I encountered a NC who rushed straight into the base in my Schors, and after 100 shells i got tons of shatters, 1 fires and around 20k damage. This isn't fun at all. I tried giving up IFHE and things get even worse, the fires still RNG and you literally can't pen any BB. As a mid tier light cruiser your main objective is to harassing BB by kiting/camping, but with this change you can't do that anymore. You can do okay against CA but so do they. And you don't have any tool (like radar) yet to apply another playstyle, (And yet WG nerf the income of operations, the sanctuary of t6/7, literally pushed them to random now) Conclusion: T6 and 7 light cruiser should have their old 32mm penetration value, you took half of their fire chances afterall.
  7. KurohimeYuuhi

    The Good, the Bad, and the Meh for 0.9.3 Notes

    Marblehead turned into coal ship: Good.
  8. Goliath is not a ship that you would want to put in mid to short range fight. Its too big and sluggish, BB will got no issue punching you, you deck can help you tank some Smolensk spam but that is, you will melt extremely fast if you tried to do such things, so better keep it in mind. And her strengh is huge alpha strike and high chance to set fires, which compensate for low DPM, you can't have everything on the table, duh.
  9. I have tried Goliath with reload mod and its not worth, notthing get in your range most of the time. If you think reload mod is a must, think about Zao, who even use reload mod on her? Goliath has long reload, that's why you have to actively shooting to maintain your damage output. Only spamming ship can live with short range. My current build is kinda similar to you, except i took propulsion mod on slot 4 and rudder mod 3 on slot 5. The ship feels so sluggish without these and with the CV meta conceal build isn't that good anymore.
  10. KurohimeYuuhi

    ARP Ships Now in Premium Store!

    anyone know how to obtain Takao red camo?
  11. The point is CV limited too many of your abilities. If you are out-numbered, you can still do something to turn the tide. But the CV existence throw your chance out of the window. CV won't let you heal after a touch fight, expose your position and make enemy notice your existence. Its not like they can predict exactly where you are without RPF and you can still do some unpredicted torpedoes salvos. It maybe stupid in praying that enemy will be potato and sail into your torps, but its better than got harassed until die, losing isn't fun and CV make it even worse. Of course if enemy has like 4 5 more ships than your team has, it will be a defeat and you can do notthing about it. But what if they only has 1 or 2 ship advantage? Still be able to turn it around right? No one can call himself a good player if he give up in that situation. And about you record, that CV guy isn't impressive enough. I have seen too many CV player who reach top 1 of the scoreboard recent days with a huge xp gap between him and the second one. You can be a good player who can supress CV sometimes but we re talking about balance. Its simply isn't fair and DD become the most unfriendly class with people.
  12. You can only survive because CV allow you to do so. I have seen your record and none of enemy CV player is really impressive, look at the plane you shoot down mean he didn't focus on you and let you do your things (the only match you shoot down 47 planes is from a Kaga and I'm sure he didn't know what he was doing). And you even have a CV guy (and sometime an AA guy) to cover you, make you move become a lot easier. In this game, you can not always depend on your team, what if your flank isn't have anyone with great AA? You should run from A to C just to be "safe"? Its not like only CV can expose your position, CV are not the only threat you faced neither. And what is the point of playing gun and AA DD if you turn off it 90% duration of the game? You can watch this one, not mine, but a DD who tried to carried himself. The team could have lost a lot sooner if he hadn't make his move., and CV [content deleted] him hard just because hes trying to do what needed to be done. What will you do in his situation? Just running away along with your team and accept this defeat because DD "are not meant to carry the game"? Accept that CV should be the one who control the tide and you are notthing but a supporter to him? What is the different of it compare to the old RTS meta then? Sorry for broken English anw, hope its enough for you to understand. Profanity, content edited
  13. KurohimeYuuhi

    Can we fix CV spotting potential?

    I do agreed that the new CV is better than the old one. But that doesn't mean that the new CV completely fine at this moment and theres still many works to do with it, and spotting is one of their problems. And because the new CV is way more interesting than the old one, CV populations keep on increasing and show no sign of stop. If we are going to constantly meet 2 CVs per match from now on, then spotting issue should be fix.
  14. Okay, i know CV is being very annoying these day, especially at tier X when you meet not only one, but two of them. I know we can not just simply removing CV, i see new CV has some potential too and they deserved to be exist. But as a cruiser player, i found its really annoying for being spotted for nearly entire match. CV spotting is basically a radar, yeah it can't go through smokescreen, but it has longer duration (esp. with weak AA ships), unlimited ranges, make island become meaningless. With CV spotting, its difficult in playing ships which rely on position, flanking or creating cross-fired. The CV just fly straight to you and then BB AP comes, theres notthing much you can do, not like you will spread his planes intime even in strong AA ships. We know that some ships has huge air detection, such as Azuma, which is maybe the most passive cruiser in tier IX, and it play style got push even farther from the battlefield because of CV spotting. Thats the problems, and here is my opinion, we can just fix CV spotting, now when you get spotted by planes, only the CV can see you, the rest of enemy team only know where you are on the minimap (like radar fix). And in fixed of time the enemy will be able to see you. The cd imo should be 10 seconds, even though i really want it will be permanent. Feel free to give you thoughts, thanks for reading, and sorry for my broken English.