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    It's nice to see.

    It never ceases to amaze me that in every​ game, there's always one group who were born winners, who never had to learn and have always played perfectly from day one. The solution should be simple - if you don't want randoms making it too hard to play and screwing with your precious stats, then don't play Random Battles.. the clue is right there in the name. Go and play Team battles... at least you know who you're gonna get
  2. Schprocket

    any aussies playing?

    West Aussie, Perth SoR, as in halfway to Mandurah... I just started playing WoWS, (currently tier 2 max, IJN tech tree - that's how recently I've started) because MM has decided that now I'm in the [PERTH] WoT clan, it'll keep handing my sorry, below-average arse as stats fodder to higher tiers and I need another game to pass the time to stop my WoT tomato becoming even riper... The name here is the name in game...