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  1. BunnyDragon

    Premium Ships and Captains

    Cool. That would help with some ships.
  2. BunnyDragon

    Premium Ships and Captains

    I know this is silly from a long time player, but honestly, I don't have a lot of Premium ships. Most of those I do have are part of nations without tech trees. So, If I'm retraining a tech tree captain on a new ship, I can put him on a premium ship and his skills work and all xp earned counts towards his retraining? Exactly how does captain exchange work with premiums?
  3. BunnyDragon

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    No kidding, I've citadeled T7 German BB with tJulius Caesar's guns. No joke. Not even point blank range too. Around 11 km.
  4. BunnyDragon

    Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    Thanks for the info, I'll let him know. Merry Christmas
  5. BunnyDragon

    Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    Hey Ralph, I got a friend on the North American server, Can he play?
  6. I'm coming up on 10 points for my Nelson Commander. I'm torn between concealment and Fire Prevention (3 fire one, not 4) Which is best? Why?
  7. BunnyDragon

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    Duca Acosta, Love that ship. Played it a bunch and plan on using it for upcoming ranked sprint.
  8. BunnyDragon

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    I do remember that it was on sale for the initial release in both the store and tech tree, but I can't remember if it's ever been back. I know Nikolia was on sale for it's first release and then banned. Are they now putting it in the banned list for the stores? Maybe that's what they are telling everyone.
  9. BunnyDragon

    WW2 ships with a partially submerged design?

    Monitors were built for river and unique to North American Gulf/Atlantic coast inter-coastal waterways. You can have a very unocean worthy ship go through, but I know of at least one monitor lost to rough seas moving down the inter-coastal waterway during the Civil War. With that design, open ocean sailing would be suicide. So closest modern ship/boat would be subs.
  10. BunnyDragon

    Musashi Counter?

    He spam, Get a broadside on it. Almost took one from 100 to 0 with 1 front turret salvo. He was half a citadel away from becoming a developer. Or find something else to shoot at and get your cruiser/dd teammates to fire/flood him up. Those work.
  11. BunnyDragon

    Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    BunnyDragon "I will not be salty if my crate is poop." smokey yes, salty no.
  12. BunnyDragon

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    I thought it was a rare store item. Glade I got it when it first came out, but those poor newbies who have to wait for that once a year sale.
  13. BunnyDragon

    Guilio Banned from Store?

    So, I've been rereading the santa box drops and noticed one of my favorite ships on the Missouri, Nikoli Ban list. Am I correct to understand that Guilio is never coming back to the store?
  14. BunnyDragon

    i will regret this

    Thinking about getting 20 small ones. Might get 1 ship from them and some gold. Think it would be worth it. Only about $20. What do you guys think?
  15. BunnyDragon

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    He didn't. He means he didn't spend Jack on them, censorship man. Also, better RNG out of the containers than Black Friday for me. That's all I'm asking.