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  1. BunnyDragon

    Thank You Support Staff!

  2. BunnyDragon

    Thank You Support Staff!

    Thank you customer support staff who helped me fix the server transfer issue. I know that my ticket really wasn't in the right place, but the server topic in tickets just went to the old "We don't do server transfers." Thank you all again for contacting NA for me and getting me the links so I could finish the transfer. Lots of friends moved over to NA region and then joined the game! What a world, and you guys make it go easier. From all of those transferring,
  3. BunnyDragon

    Migration server is ON time for you to decide

    Thanks mate, got a friend i want to hang out with on NA Will be able to do that.
  4. BunnyDragon

    Tillman Battleships

    So, I've heard about these insane design studies before and just watched this video. After seeing this, I just want some prem ships. Can we have the insane 24 16" gun almost bigger than the Yamato at T7? (or just T10. We don't even have to have the 15 18" gun design either.) WG, I'll pay for these.
  5. BunnyDragon


    Thank you so much!
  6. BunnyDragon

    [poll] The Most Hated person in World of Warship

    Can we have Shark Bait as an option?
  7. Guillo Ceasar, T5 Italian BB. It op. I have one myself.
  8. BunnyDragon

    Get rid of these cheat rocket planes now !!!

    With my game settings, it turns aa back on. Thanks though. (No, not going to change my settings, potato computer, don't need it freaking out.
  9. BunnyDragon

    Get rid of these cheat rocket planes now !!!

    First thing I do is turn my aa to one sector for the buff, then after buff on, turn it off. Pre-plan your cap with exit. Have your buff aa towards most likely plan direction. when you get spotted, aa on and smoke if needed. turn aa off when planes out of air spotting. They won't see you anymore and have terrible attack runs.
  10. BunnyDragon

    Well thought out stage requirement

    I don't mind hard requirements, (that's fun actually), but can you have the requirements match the ship type? Tanking for BBs, encourage them to push.....I don't like being the only one who does that. (For all the other pushing bbs, why are you only on the other side?) Spotting for CL/DD/CV. Fires/Floods for same Instant Kills for BB/CA So on. Whoever writes these, at the very least, run them by someone who actually plays the game, (well).
  11. BunnyDragon


    Thank you guys, Going to burn Free XP flags and camo to try for the Alaska. Going to play a lot of Mushashi. Slower going to Yamato. Oh well.
  12. BunnyDragon


    How many doubloons would a player need to convert 500,000 xp into Free XP? Just wondering.
  13. BunnyDragon

    Stock CV tips for under tiered?

    thank you everyone for the tips. I am going to try them out soon. Hope I get gud or I'm going to go bankrupt from playing cv
  14. Requesting tips for CV when playing stock and under tiered. My current ship is IJN T8 with stock everything. No, I am not going to use Free XP to upgrade, so don't bother suggesting I do so. I believe that the only way to learn how to ship the ship is from stock and work your way through. Currently, I just learned how to aim, but can't get a strike through even against lone ships as all my planes are shot down before or shortly after dropping their load. I need all the planes in the strike to get 1 drop off, if I'm lucky. Any way to work on this besides just go after dd? (Yes, I target 'weak' aa ships, like Ibuki or Izumo or the like. Still only get 1 strike off before lose planes.)
  15. BunnyDragon

    CV and Operations

    I've played CV in operations, and I've noticed a really long line for this. Would it be possible to stick CV into a team of bots for the Operation of the week to cut down on wait time? Or down with me for suggesting this? Warning, not for under kids. Awkward questions https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&id=2DD739EC2F6E24E456AE44BF6AF339F315DE7641&thid=OIP.p-fThrf69-lm5KtHaS6V8AHaE-&exph=4000&expw=5947&q=burning+witches+at+the+stake&selectedindex=4&vt=0&eim=0