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  1. 46k average damage is good?

    For me, this standard for am I pulling my weight? If I did damage above my own hp pull, then I most likely pulled my weight in the game. I f I didn't, then I didn't. (For CV, I also include plane kill count. Did I kill planes, equal or more than my own carrying capacity?)
  2. Can you torp yourself when not in a CV?

    What about turning into your torps? The times when it almost happens and scares the crap out of me is when I plan on double side torping with the Duca and my connection is a bit laggy. Torp on the extreme front most angle, while turning into them to get the other side out. Also, torps have to take time to accelerate too, like ships? Or do they have instant max speed?
  3. Can you torp yourself when not in a CV?

    This. Also, why not see if you could do it once?
  4. Can you torp yourself when not in a CV?

    Still, I will continue to use caution when trying to double torp in the Duca, as I suffer from lag issues from time to time. Don't want lag to catch up and play odd s*&t on me. Thank you all for the feedback on this. Glad to know it's not just me worried or actually having experienced this in one way or another. Safe torping out there.
  5. I've been wondering and in 1 ship of mine, (Duca T6) I've had more than one close call in almost torping myself in the ship. Is it actually possible for you to torp yourself in any ship? With the Duca, she has good forward angles, great ship speed, and slow torps. I've been tempted to try and see if I could actually do it, but never had the guts. Does anyone know for sure? (Also, if you can torp yourself, would you be a team killer pink status?)
  6. Revolutionary CV idea

    LOL, Sharkbait, most of these are pretty good ideas. 1. Agree 2. Agree, also I think this has never been thought before. 3. Agree 4. Agree 5. Agree 6. Agree 7. Agree 8. Disagree, part of the reason WG cut high tier cv matches to 1-on-1 are potato computers. Too many planes causing lag issues for players at high tiers. This would bring it all the way down the tiers as well. No deep water torps. Hate those things. 9A) Disagree, read 8. 9B) Agree, where is the heal on the health? Lots of American CVs stayed afloat in WWII after serious damage that should have sunk them. Would make it more realistic. Just sayen, 10. Agree, but only with 1-on-1 cv matches and make the highest plane tier that a CV can carry be it's ship tier. 11. Agree with first part but not second. This is a captain skill that needs lots of rethinking about replacing.
  7. Also, about the fire and flooding counting as separate damage, this counts as separate damage on enemy ships as well. This is part of why people who are good at DOTS get a lot of xp and credits.
  8. Everyone knows that the only reason that anyone is alive in the Land of Down Under is that you are all vampires already. Common knowledge on the internet. Remember, wear sunscreen.
  9. CV Rework Ideas

    Also, for CV's, it will be worth looking at the captain skills as a single skill can have a huge impact on the capabilities of the CV and what it can do. It seems to me that CV's are also the class that are most affected by Captain Skills, (not the individual player skill, but the in game captain skills.) Not really sure on how to start with that one though.
  10. I love my New Mex and generally do well in it. Priority Target, Faster Turret traverse, Super Intendent, and Concealment. Working on getting AFT for AA guns/secondary, then AR Rush for faster reload. After those 16 points, will think about what next.
  11. CV Rework Ideas

    Actually, We still have the suggestions thread and at least 1 other server had theirs taken down. They also use our server as a test bed for ideas and twikings for new modes and ideas. (I have a friend who plays NA and the mission requirements for 'free' ships and what not are 'easier', but almost always comes out after us and they only get the ones that worked well/right. They actually listen to us on this server.
  12. Yeah, report to a mode. Against forum rules and that makes the forum too toxic to be in. Rather have you doing your thing in the forum than being run out in PM. At least with you on the forum there's a chance you can change and get better if what ever way you can.
  13. Sure, send them in and let us watch, cause right now, you being Eric. Stop it.
  14. To OP. Listen to the forum on this one and stop being an #%%(ole. Seriously, you sound like this. I had bad games while playing your game. Screw you guys, I'm going home to eat my fat pills. Oh I know! I'll ruin the game for everyone cause I'm not having fun, just like 30 different episodes I've been in already. Stop being Eric dude.