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  1. BunnyDragon

    Ranked sprint - Cruisers ineffective?

    I find that cruisers are pretty mm dependent. If it's 4 or more bbs, good luck. However, if there are lots of dds present, then you find that cruisers are a game changer for the most part. They help kill the dd first or help non-op dds out, then your team either makes it rather close or wins. I've been running Kirov sometimes to change out my Caesar, and I've been doing ok. Not saving any games, but helping to hold it together in the Kirov.
  2. BunnyDragon

    Expensive Exercise to Play Halloween Ships

    Wait? You can put modules on the ships? Crap and I did it all with just the captains. Oh, well. It's fun and even F2P you get 50 plus profit a game even if you lose. (and do middle of the pack or better.)
  3. WG, Please add this music when ever the Rasputin shows up. It would be soooooooooooo funny.
  4. BunnyDragon

    Do you Like the New Mechanism for BB AP against DD?

    Personally, I think they should have an auto overpen number of 90% of HE Pen damage. I find that starting at T6 or T7 depending on the line, the HE pen damage is lower than the AP Overpen damage, which is BS. This fix would solve everything and encourage BB's to switch ammo for DD
  5. BunnyDragon

    War Gaming Center

    Wargaming Center is now not launching the game. What?
  6. Reminds me of a match I had where the enemy Nagato did this on fault line and it still took my team 2 mins. to kill him. Lol.
  7. BunnyDragon

    DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.

    Thank you
  8. BunnyDragon

    New Ranked Season

    I do think the Emerald will do well. My best games in that ship were in the 5 bracket. It does not do well being up tiered. I'm looking forward to it. That's the point, to keep out veteran players. Won't mean I won't join in. I've been wanting T5 Rank for a long time.
  9. BunnyDragon

    Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    I love the Duca. However, you must know that it is captain dependent. anything less than 10 points and you are going to struggle. First 4 point skill is tough choice. I have a friend who went Concealment first and hated the pen of the he of the guns. i went IFHE first. Loved the he pen, but hated the concealment of the ship. Once we got the other, we loved the ship even more. This is not a front line ship, you are support. I love the 12 km torps, I call them lolpedoes. You get lols on potatoes, cause that's who you're gonna hit. They also take so long to travel you can shoot a second set before the first is done. These are highly predictive torps, where are they going to be in 90 seconds? Just remember, both sides are right on this. The Duca is not for everyone. If you got a friend who has one, ask to play it before buying. If not, well be careful there.
  10. BunnyDragon

    War Gaming Center

    I'm getting kicked out of games and being required to input all my information again into WGC when I've already done that and click remember me as well. This also only happens in Arms Race at the moment so I can't play that game either. What's going on here?
  11. BunnyDragon

    Rank Season 11 Idea

    Here's an idea to help spice up Rank Seasons For the next Rank season, have bottom to Rank 10 be T8, then from 10-5 T9, and the final Ranks, T10 as normal. Why this small change? Going from T8 to T10 keeps out so many people who would otherwise join Rank. Adding T9 for a few rank levels lets those who have earned T9 to continue. (But what about grinding lines!) ******Headache****** If a person is able to grind a line using Rank seasons with only 5 levels to do so, they are so bad, that they would get up to Rank 1 anyways just from sheer amount of play time. Not playing rank this time because, well, it's boring. It's T8 and T10 again. Can we have a change or T9? If there was T9, then it was all the way back in Season 1 or 2. I've never seen T9 in rank. Let's have Rank be a mystery about what Tier is going to be next. Let's Make Rank Great Again!
  12. BunnyDragon

    how to kongo

    For IJN, range for best chance of shell touching target (includes bounces and shatters as well as overpens and pens and cits) starts about 1 km below stock concealment range. For pens and cit hits, move that range down 3-5 km from edge of stock concealment. It's a good rule of thumb for IJN. Look up I Chase Gaming (youtube) and his captain academies videos. They are long, but explain in great detail about what the heck goes on behind the scenes.
  13. BunnyDragon

    how to kongo

    In general, aim low, waterline, in the middle. I hope you know about lead time, as this will help. Kongo, best hit (shells touching target) 13-15 km. 10 -15 km will get you best hard hitting hits. Don't forget to do the cruiser dance as you have thin armor for a bb. This should help. Have fun.
  14. BunnyDragon

    Free Freedom Container

    Thanks for the container again. Got flags and 2 new collection items. Thanks! Much better than a mission for a ship :)
  15. BunnyDragon

    Free Freedom Container

    Thanks, will look at what I get later. Got Belgium playing now.