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  1. how to kongo

    For IJN, range for best chance of shell touching target (includes bounces and shatters as well as overpens and pens and cits) starts about 1 km below stock concealment range. For pens and cit hits, move that range down 3-5 km from edge of stock concealment. It's a good rule of thumb for IJN. Look up I Chase Gaming (youtube) and his captain academies videos. They are long, but explain in great detail about what the heck goes on behind the scenes.
  2. how to kongo

    In general, aim low, waterline, in the middle. I hope you know about lead time, as this will help. Kongo, best hit (shells touching target) 13-15 km. 10 -15 km will get you best hard hitting hits. Don't forget to do the cruiser dance as you have thin armor for a bb. This should help. Have fun.
  3. Free Freedom Container

    Thanks for the container again. Got flags and 2 new collection items. Thanks! Much better than a mission for a ship :)
  4. Free Freedom Container

    Thanks, will look at what I get later. Got Belgium playing now.
  5. How to Get Crash Tester?

    Let's see, Killer Whale, I shot as much of the bunkers and depots as I could. Got torped by the cv a couple of times, torped the docked bb, and some of the transports. Gun hits on the docked cv, but no kill there. Ran up north cause no one else was. Got hits on the 2 forts and scored hits and a kill way up north. The evac point was down south. I was when I got it, in the other evac point area when enemy reinforcements came. Screen shots of everything I shot. It's a bit stupid really. I was just running around having a blast. I wonder what the other guy did, as I got 2nd place.
  6. Lol Health Moments

    I did that once in my pepsi all the way back before it got buffed last year. My team was winning, 10 kills to 0. I ran into our Taco who had 10 hp left and made my team win by 12 to 1. Lucky for me, I didn't get TK for that.
  7. How to Get Crash Tester?

    Nope, no flooding kills, 1 fire, couple torp and gun kills, but no flooding kills. Unless they count land kills as different.
  8. Lol Health Moments

    Did he live? Judging by your aim, I would say no.
  9. How to Get Crash Tester?

    Topic name says it all. Checked the wiki (http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Achievements) it got nothing on how to get it. Just got one today. Right after I got almost, but not quite killed. (Maybe that's it?) Anyone got ideas?
  10. Lol Health Moments

    Let's play a game. Show how low you got and didn't die at the end of the match. The lower, the better.
  11. I'm attaching screen shots, but the mini map and the loading map that I was in, was not the same map that I actually played on. The loading screen said First Encounter Test Map (Don't have screen shot of this.) The mini map matched what the loading map said it was and I do have some of those. Ships even appeared on the mini map to be on land when sighted. By the way, it looks like a fun new map. Please fix bugs with it soon :)
  12. Can't connect to server

    00 Beers on the wall! Let in the potatoes on the wall!
  13. Can't connect to server

    Still not connecting
  14. Can't connect to server

    Told you the server was drunk. Better than actual problems. That's for damn sure.
  15. Can't connect to server

    WG's version, it got stuck on 990, that's why the server's down. It flat out drunk.