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  1. I've watched that scenario a few times and wondered. Mostly it seems you should stick your head between your knees and kiss , you know the rest.
  2. Doonboy

    Noob with a problem.

    Good advice. I will try to get the Murmansk on the account that I use all the time. Regarding the price of the Murmansk, it was not easy for me to purchase her either, which is why I am trying so hard to get the damn thing. Cheers and thanks. Doonie.
  3. Doonboy

    Noob with a problem.

    Unfortunately, the one with the google email account has all the credits and the xp and the ships. The other account, where the Murmansk is, is unused up to now.
  4. Doonboy

    Noob with a problem.

    Hi Guys, any moderators out there? Re the Murmansk, I found it, with a little help from the WG boys. Apparently I have two accounts. I play under one of them and the Murmansk is on the other one. I think it came about because I have an email address which I use all the time and an email account which was forced on me by google, which I never use. So, I play the WoWS game under the Google email and I bought the Murmansk under my email which I use all the time. I conversed with the WG boys twice , complied with their requests but have had no further contact for eleven days. Can I get all my stuff moved to the email account which I use all the time, which is where the Murmansk is? Can I get the Murmansk moved to the Google email account? Should I ask for my money back and buy the Murmansk on the account which I use to play WoWS? Should I give up on the Murmansk on the other account and get another one, kissing good bye to the first one? Any suggestions gratefully received. Doonie.
  5. I loved this game in the early days, (not so long ago) then as I moved up through the levels, I found myself getting blown out of the water by vanishing ships and by ships so far above my level that they could broadside me outta the game by minute 4. Let's face it; its a game and we play games for fun but it wasn't fun in random games because my side hid behind rocks, I got blown outta the water and every time I played, I was on the losing side. Very frustrating. I got to a level 7 Cruiser and couldn't last five minutes, so I got rid of the cruisers then I tried destroyers and every body gangs up on destroyers although I did have a bit of success for a while but it was no fun playing for five minutes so I got into BBs. Now I take advantage of any game that offers big XP otherwise I diddle around in a low tier BB in Co-op games and I'm having a ball. I've discovered my level of competence and I'm not overstepping it. I've got a fully farkled New York and there is nothing better than getting up close and dirty with another New York and slugging it out. I've found a way to put the fun back in the game.
  6. Doonboy

    Disappearing battleships

    Nup, no smoke and not hidden by islands. They only got three each which is not enough to kill them, I know that. Any way, it doesn't matter I guess but I'd just dearly love to be able to disappear like that. Is there a cheat site somewhere. Just kidding. If I can't blow something up fair and square, I'll go play aeroplanes or something. Its just a game, some people take it to heart. I got two over the bows (my Gnevny destroyer) and one hit by an allied destroyer the other day cos I sat back and waited cos I'm not such a good destroyer driver just yet. Anyway way, stuff 'em, I sold all the destroyers, I'm battleship boy now. And the Murmansk, if it ever turns up. Doonie.
  7. Doonboy

    Disappearing battleships

    Nup, no smoke anywhere, no destroyers within kooee. I was sneaking way round the back to capture the enemy base as they had all attacked our base. All ships, that I could see, were in the vicinity of the green base. Not all ships were accounted for, so I knew there were a couple more BBs out there but they did not appear until I approached the base. Then only one appeared and I was within 8 ks then I set up an attack from behind a rock at full DD speed and blow me down the other one appeared as I jumped out from behind the rock. I slammed the torps at one and he vanished, I slid sideways and nailed the other bugger who also disappeared then they blew my arse out of the water from nowhere. The thingy registered six torp hits but no kills then I was dead and beached. Lottsa glory and I hit 'em both but they definitely disappeared from right up close. I'm not that fussed about it. It's just a game, but I sure would like to get me one-a-them Cloaks of Darkness. Doonie.
  8. Doonboy

    Disappearing battleships

    It all happened to quick for a screen shot, also I didn't think about that, and I don't know how to replay. No smoke, unless battleships can make smoke. In any case there was no smoke. Clear as day. There, then gone. After they blew me up, they reappeared and sailed off into the distance. Pricks. Doonie.
  9. Doonboy

    Disappearing battleships

    I just had two battleships lined up by my destroyer to torpedo them. Both within 4 ks right their in front of my eyes and they disappeared. Boof, gone. They both had camo on and I fired at where they were for six hits then I got shot to death by two invisible ships. Where can I get the software that did this? I need to know so I can blow them up too. There must be a developer out there who can turn ships on and off. No fair. I legitimately snuck up on 'em, actually I snuck up on one cos I though there was only one there but then when two appeared I let 'em have it any way then vanish, cloak of darkness. Not the first time I've been blown up by a close by invisible ship. Not happy Jan. Doonie.
  10. Doonboy

    Battleship went Elite?

    G'day, what does it mean when my Battleship achieves Elite Status and how can I take advantage of it? Thanks for any replies.
  11. Doonboy

    Noob with a problem.

    No, none of the boxes are ticked. Thanks anyway. Still waiting for a reply. I'll let you all know if it works out good.
  12. Doonboy

    Noob with a problem.

    Thanks, still waiting for a reply. Is there any history of people being ripped off, or should I stay patient?
  13. Doonboy

    Noob with a problem.

    Thank you. Still learning, haven't figured out how to communicate when in a game yet.
  14. Doonboy

    Why do people play battleships?

    G'day, I'm playing a Wyoming and loving it but I can't wait to get something that shoots accurately. Am I following the wrong BB tree or do some of them actually hit what you aim at? Or, which is the best BB tree to follow? Thanks.
  15. Doonboy

    Noob with a problem.

    Thanks, I replied to it. Doonie.