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  1. The Fujin is the 2015 Halloween ship from NA and EU. That's why it has the demon skin on it. It wasn't released on SEA and RU because Halloween isn't a thing there. I'm guessing it's being released now since with the IJN DD changes coming it's uncertain if they'll sell these again as they'll be out of sync with the new IJN destroyers.
  2. What? It's just a fully upgraded Minekaze with a slightly slower speed (0.5kts). The Fujin is for sale right now in one of the bundles and it's identical to the Kamikaze/Kamikaze R except for the skin.
  3. MarshalSqueez

    Details about the Anniversary packs for sale now?

    3 - When buying a premium ship you already own, you will receive the Doubloon/Gold cost of the ship. 4 - Fujin is unlikely to hit the store. It's a Halloween themed ship that has only been sold on NA and EU for Halloween 2015. This is the only time it's been offered on SEA. Also, with the upcoming IJN destroyer changes this may be the last time any of the Kamikaze variants are offered (Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, and Fujin are identical aside from the camouflage).
  4. MarshalSqueez

    ARP is ending.... Haifuri is next

    ARP isn't ending - it will continue along side Haifuri. ARP Takao was just added to the client.
  5. MarshalSqueez

    Tirpitz, Mikasa in shop, No Nikolai

    You are correct about the Nikolai, but in the recent Q&A from Russia, they've said Gremy is likely to return at some point. Also in the same Q&A they stated Iwaki Alpha and Arkansas Beta are probably coming back minus their Alpha/Beta tags. Edit: Gremy being OP is a bit of a myth. If you look at its stats, it's not the top performing Tier V destroyer on any server. That honor goes to the Kamikaze and variants (Fujin/Kamikaze R): NA: https://warships.today/vehicle/4267587280/na/Kamikaze%20R EU: https://warships.today/vehicle/4267587280/eu/Kamikaze%20R SEA: https://warships.today/vehicle/4267587280/asia/Kamikaze%20R RU: https://warships.today/vehicle/4268635856/ru/Kamikaze The Nikolai on the other hand.... obliterates the other ships in it's class/tier: NA: https://warships.today/vehicle/4293866960/na/Imperator%20Nikolai%20I EU: https://warships.today/vehicle/4293866960/eu/Imperator%20Nikolai%20I SEA: https://warships.today/vehicle/4293866960/asia/Imperator%20Nikolai%20I RU: https://warships.today/vehicle/4293866960/ru/%D0%98%D0%BC%D0%BF%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%BE%D1%80%20%D0%9D%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B9%20I Imperator Nikolai also has the distinction of being the all time top performing ship on all servers (except RU ironically, where it's bested by none other than the Kamikaze) when ranked by Win Rate.
  6. MarshalSqueez

    About ARP Ships

    You're quoting a 6 month old post from the NA forums that clearly doesn't apply to SEA. ARP Kirishima has been offered 3 times on SEA, and ARP Kongo will be back in a few hours. So the idea that these are never going to be repeated doesn't seem to hold up, at least on SEA.
  7. Or they could just not let you enter battle unless all ships in the division were the same tier. Even +1/-1 can throw off the MM since it matches based on the highest tier ship in the division. Example: a III/IV/V division will be matched as Tier V and can be in a Tier VII battle. That poor Tier III doesn't belong there at all, and neither does the Tier IV really.
  8. MarshalSqueez

    ARP Hiei

    They're the 4 Kongos that are in the anime and represent all 4 Kongo class battleships that were built.
  9. MarshalSqueez

    ARP Hiei

    Yep, and there's one more Kongo that we know of coming - ARP Haruna. Her mental model was given out in SEA already, but the ship has only been given out on EU so far.
  10. MarshalSqueez

    Team Kill system a little unfair

    Which mod is that which gives all the ships a Fog appearance?
  11. MarshalSqueez

    kamikaze(not the R) in stores now?

    I'm just saying the Kamikaze / Kamikaze R and Fujin are just the same ship with a different skin, no need to be pedantic. As for the Minekaze and Kamikaze not being basically the same ship in World of Warships, they most certainly are. Have a look below. There's a couple very minor differences, but they're basically the same. The Mutsuki on the other hand is Tier 6, has a better armor layout, has better torpedoes, and the torpedoes are in a 2x3 configuration instead of the 3x2 that Kamikaze/Fujin/Minekaze have.
  12. MarshalSqueez

    kamikaze(not the R) in stores now?

    This Kamizaze is just a reskin of the Fujin/Kamikaze R. It's probably only worthwhile if you collect ships or missed the other versions of the ship and want a Japanese DD trainer. Looking at the current offerings, the Blyskawica is a much better value for only $10 more. The Kamikaze/Fujin are essentially identical (0.5kts faster) to the Minekaze from the tech tree. The Blys is a beast though. I may end getting a Kamikaze since I'm new to SEA and don't have many ships here, but seeing the Blys as an option makes me think twice.
  13. MarshalSqueez

    Will the ARP ships ever be on sell?

    I'd buy it in a second
  14. MarshalSqueez

    Arpeggio Stage III / Mission 4 for new players?

    That sucks I felt like I was in a bit of a time crunch already. I moved a few weeks ago and work's been busy. Finally got some time to sit down and grind it out last week / weekend. Hopefully they'll re-run some of these in the future. I have ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko on NA, but didn't start on SEA until NA stopped doing Arepeggio after the first event. Would be cool to collect them all Wargaming finally told us a couple weeks ago that we'd get all the Arpeggio content from the other servers on NA starting in June. Hoping Hiei and Haruna hit SEA on the 10th though, so they won't overlap
  15. MarshalSqueez

    Will the ARP ships ever be on sell?

    Probably not. Wargaming rarely does premiums or rewards/gifts above Tier 8.