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  1. AdmiralJasonB

    Des Moines survivability needs to be increased

    To a greater extent, all regular line ships are now failures, because the game is swamped with out performing premiums, so most ships that you grind up have expectations of negative win ratio. However so many actually constructed American ships are bottom of the heap, and so many glorious soviet peoples paper fleet are not that plainly objectivity is much stronger with actual ships, than it is with paper designs. In any case, the Pensacola, New Orleans, Baltimore experience lost them a customer, particularly when whatever the des moines looks like on paper, its stats don't lie, its a suicide ship, and I just can't rustle up any enthusiasm for playing it after 500k XP of bottom of the heap suicide ships. I'd imagine that the USN carrier line is pretty much a wrist slashing experience, instead of merely a screw-this-game experience, since well all of them after the first tier have pretty poor records.
  2. AdmiralJasonB

    World of Warships the Current State of Cruisers (Video)

    Yes, if you surprise an enemy cruiser or battleship at the range where half of them will just torpedo you anyway or where the secondaries will eat you (even if it is amusing being able 8in citadel a yamato). The 3 tiers before this ship, the USN ships are plainly the worst performed in their tiers. The reward for climbing that 500k XP mountain of bullshite is the tier average ship, and with a property (poor survival rate), that makes it unpleasant to play.
  3. AdmiralJasonB

    BB North Caroliner

    The horizontal dispersion values are similar to decimal points adjusted for range for the most part. The vertical dispersion axis is not published. Its pretty clear that the vertical dispersion axis on a Colorado is larger than that of an NC.
  4. AdmiralJasonB

    how did WG make such a mess of cruisers

    You get your binoculars out and you check the turrets of the battleships that can see you. its a necessary part of getting more mobility than merely being hidden from detection in your cruiser. If there are a lot of battleships you might want to hold fire until you are in a better position and/or turned away and shooting backwards, or have an island you are moving towards to do your turn behind to cover your broadside. You can also look at your team mate cruisers, since if you are not broadside and another cruiser is broadside, its likely that the battleships will switch to the broadside ship. If the battleships stay on you and you are not broadside, then you are probably winning the game for your team by tanking a lot of damage.
  5. AdmiralJasonB

    Ghost Ship - BB magically appears

    As far as I can tell the Pensacola actually has huge visibility because its in tier 7, which is the designated wallet tier. Colorado and New Mex are both standard battleships of similar displacements and designs, yet the Colorado is also easier to detect. The whole point of a fighting top is to put your range finders and observation gear there, and thus you should only have a fighting top visible when you can see the whole enemy superstructure and part of their hull if their gear is not similarly mounted - ie it should and did give advantages in detection of enemy, and in range finding. The issue with this game, is that in a 3D game that sends coordinates it would be trivial to cheat range finding, so they eliminated range finding from the game design, which leaves the Pensacola stripped of its advantage.
  6. AdmiralJasonB

    Ghost Ship - BB magically appears

    Destroyers were far cheaper than a battleship, far more of them were built, and they had far fewer men aboard. The only way to maintain historical accuracy and make a fun game of destroyer vs battleship fighting would be to give players selecting a destroyer a flotilla instead of a ship to give them more comparable fighting power. In practice the concealment simulates the difficulty of destroying or even targeting every ship in a flotilla as it makes a torpedo attack, and the infinite reloads simulates the torpedoes held by a flotilla, since the number of torps we can launch over a match is far in excess of what individual destroyers ever carried. Most of them would be lucky to be able to reload all their tubes if they emptied them all at a target. Although the details sometimes annoy me, the fundamental concept is sound for this game and their concealment system is ultimately server based and largely immune to cheating.
  7. AdmiralJasonB

    Who here actually like epicenter?

    trident epicenter is fun, tears epicenter is not.
  8. AdmiralJasonB

    Please fix the british cruiser smoke bug

    Not only that, there are no git-gud solutions other than being stopped altogether that absolutely ensure your smoke covers you in a brit cruiser, there are no guarentees that the brit cruiser on the other side won't get lucky and get a successful double puff with the exact same speed and deceleration that just failed you, and the thing that the mechanism is supposed to stop (ship flickering in and out of its smoke), happens all the time anyway - ie now that I'm aware that they view it as a problem, I now marvel at how often I see it. There also isn't any reason I can fathom for why 2 smoke clouds can't be nearly on top of each other. They are allowed to overlap, and they are allowed to double overlap, and my smoke is allowed to overlap someone elses smoke even if I smoke directly on top of theirs 5 seconds before theirs vanishes. So yes, the smoke works if I decelerate from 25+ and hit it at 19, but in any circumstances of traveling around 19 and using it, its beyond unicum power to reliably calculate when to press the button for 2 puffs - ie it fails at the speeds its supposed to be used at all the time, if the deceleration is wrong.
  9. AdmiralJasonB

    Please fix the british cruiser smoke bug

    it doesn't. it also doesn't explain why I got double puffs for every speed the first time I tried it, and then not the second times I tried it. I went and used my Fiji and it was getting double puffs and stopping in the second puff from speeds that the Edinburgh I'd tried before it wouldn't - including 23 and 24. So 19 knots is it, but I'm not avoiding a mechanism, I'm avoiding inconsistency.
  10. AdmiralJasonB

    Please fix the british cruiser smoke bug

    I don't really believe its a balancing issue, because the same behavior is visible in benson smoke. ie its just a server resources conservation, programming resources conservation or rendering simplification. ie the brit cruiser smoke was implemented without actual code changes, just parameters in the ship database, and as a result its revealing a server implementation, rather than a gaming mechanic. if the mechanic revealed broken smoke where the ship was travelling too fast, and solid smoke where it was travelling more slowly, then it would have been interesting, but as it is, solid smoke when its travelling too fast, followed by failure as it slows down, is just the reverse of what I'd call a believable mechanic, and its the reverse of what a unicum would calculate might occur in their minds, and thus its purely a mechanic that a stodgy puzzler will figure out. (which is why players like flamu posted videos without figuring it out). ie its in no way what I'd call "high skill floor".
  11. AdmiralJasonB

    Gun battle - Japanese DD vs Blyskawica

    Just don't mix up your akatsuki and akizuke in that blysk I thought the more hated thing was Japanese DD players that won't shoot to finish off a target that has 100 hp left...
  12. AdmiralJasonB

    Please fix the british cruiser smoke bug

    Stop or full astern from full speed, pop smoke at 19 and stay full astern or stopped, you won't get the "bug", and you will get 2 smoke puffs, which is the thing you want to give you wiggle room in your smoke to turn to open your arcs, escape or be difficult to hit.
  13. AdmiralJasonB

    Please fix the british cruiser smoke bug

    Ok, found it, 22-23 knots. In the same session, I then stopped at 20 knots and got a proper 2 puffer. I tried again, and now its doing it out to 24.5 knots. These are all speeds which it didn't do during the last session, so all I can imagine is that server + net + client lag meant I was doing my stops from outside the actual required range around 23 knots to average 16-18 during the stop. Ok, tried constant tests with benson and Edinburgh, amade is actually right, its cancelling. The cancel speed range is any constant speed between 15 and 19 as far as I can tell. So its a pretty wide average where it will fail. TL;dr stop at 19 if you want a 2 puff smoke screen and want to be entirely safe for lag conditions inside it. Speeds greater than that is asking for random.
  14. AdmiralJasonB

    Please fix the british cruiser smoke bug

    So I decided to check your theory with my Edinburgh - B hull, rudder mod, no acceleration mod. Went to the training room, tried 24, 22, 20, 18, 16 knot smokes (stopped from 28+ knots, press smoke at desired speed range). 24-18 provide dual puffs, entirely reliably, and the ship stops within the second puff entirely reliably. 16 knot provides 1 puff, and the ship stops within the 1 puff. I also tried turns, 16 and 18 knots, and in both cases the ship got 1 or 2 puffs as expected and stopped within the puff. I also tried 18 knots with full astern instead of full stop (a usual thing you might do when trying to smoke stop and shoot), and the ship got 2 puffs and stopped within the second puff, as expected. I know from experience over and over again, if I do a 21knot smoke on the live server, I've a great chance of missing out on my second puff with my ship then stopping outside the smoke, even though that is in the middle of the safe 2 puff range I just sampled on the training room - so much so that my usual smoking speed is below 16 knots (and probably why common wisdom says smoke at 12 knots or risk being outside your smoke). Its a bug that happens on live match conditions imo.
  15. AdmiralJasonB

    USS New York?

    New York is the worst performing battleship for win/loss on the Asian server this last couple of weeks. More than 50% of Kongos are ARPs started with the XP upgrades done, and starting with 10 point commanders, and the Kongo can get to more fights because of speed and influence more fights because of range (which is one reason it influences final outcomes more), and it can control range to a New York if it wants. Also the Kongo requires more lead to shoot at it, which is more scope for error when shooting at it (even if it is a very long ship). Texas has better AA and better mid turret angles, always premium camo, and always the XP upgrades done, and it has good players seal clubbing/farming money in it, can't really say "see texas exists" for making excuses for the New York. I went back and played my USN battleships again to grind out the ARP ships which I didn't have, and yes improved player skill from having ground out more tiers made it easy enough for me to be effective in the New York, but I'm far more effective in the New Mex, and always have been.