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  1. I have been using the official API since early 2017 but I believe since somewhere in 2019, some data are no longer updated for the encyclopedia such as anti-aircraft, sap value and the CV rework. Recently, I wrote a ticket to wargaming regarding to this with no clear answers (like maybe) but I still want to bring this up here in the forum. My app heavily depends on the API for the encyclopedia part. Now, I have started extracting game data by myself but it would be really nice if the official API would update sometime this year. There are still some people using it to make tools for the game. I could offer my help though I have no idea how the API is written. There is another thread related to this, https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/126170-are-wows-api-no-longer-updated/. However, I couldn't find more information regarding to this.
  2. HenryQuan

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

    Sorry for another post. However, there seems to be another small issue. Please see the image below. My cursor becomes like a moving cursor but not the normal arrow. I have no idea how I triggered this. Once I triggered this mode, I can still move my cursor and select things but nothing will actually change. This was resolved if I switched to desktop and come back. My cursor is still the same (but the normal one) but at least I could select things now. This is a screenshot while I was in port after quitting training room. I am not sure whether training room is related to this issue. This is my cursor without clicking. This is my cursor if I left click or right click and hold.
  3. HenryQuan

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

    Please see musashi 2.png and musashi 3.png. This happened after I played Akatsuki with my friend in a division. I had switched to Musashi as you can see from the screenshot. However, the tech tree was still showing Akatsuki captain and her modules but the modules got really weird. After clicking any modules, popups were shown and couldn't be dismissed. Then, the game 'froze' (I can still click but nothing works). I had to restart the game. My friend also experienced the same but it wasn't as serious as me. He chose another ship but it is still selecting the old one (in this case, Atago). Please see musashi 1.png. I don't know why but only Musashi's icon had some offsets. After scrolling, the issue was resolved.
  4. HenryQuan

    0.9.0 Bug Report Thread

    I think this is relating to AMD Radeon RX 5700. The client crashes frequently if you just afk (not doing anything). Once you switch back to your desktop and come back to the game, it will become a black screen. The game still runs with sounds but it is a black screen. This only happened after changing to this amd card. Now, it even crashes in-game randomly.
  5. HenryQuan

    0.8.10 Bug Report Thread

    It is glad to know that I am not the only one. This issue still exists but it is getting harder to activate. I have recorded a short clip and it is here. This is the report, WoWS_report.wgc. @d_gladkov Sorry for the late reply. I feel like in this version, it is a bit harder to activate this bug but as you can see, somebody actually triggered this so I think this should be fixed because once it is triggered, you cannot do anything.
  6. HenryQuan

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    I am experiencing the same issue as well.
  7. HenryQuan

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    I was playing Shokaku and somehow, the game was stuck at something. I couldn't move my ship and I cannot even send messages to the chat. Yes, I lost control of my ship. Although it is not visible from the screenshot above, my cursor changed to something like this (there was a moving icon next to my cursor). I am not sure about the reason why this happened but I have some ideas. I was using my dive bomber and I pressed 'M' to toggle the map. Then, I set where my ship should move quite rapidly. When I pressed 'M' again, that's when this happened. * Edit 1 I have confirmed that this happens quite frequently. I might upload a video to YouTube if necessary. What you need to do is that you need to choose a random place on the map (far away from you) and then choose somewhere really close to your ship. Finally, you just need to choose your ship and you will lose control of your ship. What you need to notice is that usually when you choose your own ship, your cursor won't become something like this but a normal cursor with nothing. * Edit 2 I asked my friend to test this bug and I can confirm that this affects all ship types. However, he could still control his ship but I couldn't. When the game ended, his interface became like this and he couldn't do anything. He had to kill the game. This is definitely a bug and I think the game is thinking that the player is still choosing a point. This is extremely rare but for cv players, it might be a problem. * Edit 3 Some more screenshots. It shows that all ship types can trigger this bug with any maps. I will stop further investigations. Thank you for reading.
  8. HenryQuan

    0.8.8 Bug Report Thread

    Negative numbers are shown while waiting for match making. * It is quite random (so not 100%)
  9. HenryQuan

    Update 0.8.7 Bug Report Thread

    Game client crashes randomly. This isn't new but it is quite frequent in this update. When the game crashes, it is IMPOSSIBLE to close it unless you shut down your computer for normal players. It is possible to use taskkill /IM WorldOfWarships64.exe /F to kill the game. Yesterday, I became a pink player because of this but is it my fault? Therefore, Is it possible to kill the game immediately when it crashes (I saw a dialogue but it was below the game so it was not possible to click it)? I don't think any players are interested in what happened. They just want to go back to the game as soon as possible. WorldOfWarships64-2019-08-27_22-56-22.log WorldOfWarships64-2019-08-28_21-25-13.log
  10. Description I updated my game client 0.8.1 and started a battle. Then, I was sent back to my desktop and there was a message box telling me that my replay folder?? Is corrupted. Extra info I am using 64 bit windows 10 (Intel NUC gen7 i5 with iris graphics 640) and my game is inside a portable SamSung SSD and wargaming game centre is installed on my computer (not the SSD). There weren't any issues like this before. Everything was fine before 0.8.1 update. This issue occured twice. What I did to solve the issue I tried killing my client and it didn't work. Same message. Then, I deleted my replay folder and it is working again now. Reproducing method I don't think it is possible to reproduce this error again. I feel like it is due to corrupted old replay temp file like a corrupted replay (temp.wowsreplay) maybe. It is working so far and I can see my new replays. End result and reflection I got reported because of this. I was afk for around 5min. That's from my team's point of view while fixing this issue. I wonder what if it is not me, with some programming experience. Will that player become a pink player due to afk the entire match because of a possible bug? Thank you for reading and hope that it could be fixed soon. HenryQuan
  11. HenryQuan

    Changes to python.log

    After update 0.7.5, I found that python.log has a different style of recording player information. Now : [2018_06_03 23:52:19] (, 41382420015743, 105): Id: 388271 TeamId: 1 ShipName: PJSD012_Shimakaze_1943 dogTag: [4288007088L] Before: [2018_06_03 23:52:19] (, 41382420015743, 105): player: Id: 2011774448 Name: HenryQuan TeamId: 0 ShipName: PJSD012_Shimakaze_1943 dogTag: [4285909936L] (Before is only a reference, it is not actually data) I found out that I am having a unique id "388271" but it is not my actual wargaming account id "2011774448". Players are having 6 digit, 9 digit and some have 3 digit id. If possible, I want to know how that id is generated. I am currently working on a program to show real time statistics for all players in a battle (WRInfo). It used to get player name and the search for player's wargaming id and thus get useful information to calculate player stat. Is it still allowed to do this after this update?
  12. WRInfo Author: HenryQuan Another realtime stat info program for World of Warships but it is a little bit different. This program is open source and written in C#. Theoretically, it works for Windows 7+ and also Macbook (??) It is possible thanks to Wargaming Developer Program and WoWs Number Before you download, please agree that you will not judge other players by their stat. If you do, this program is not for you. Download - Latest Release
  13. HenryQuan

    PublicTest 7.0.0 crashes when invite to division

    @Mingfang47 I have reported to that thread.
  14. When I am invited by my friend, my game client crashes every time and vice versa. This did not happen before.
  15. WoWs Info 這是一款用來查詢玩家數據的APP。 它可以獲得玩家所有船的數據以及玩家排位賽的排名并且展示一些圖表。 這些本來是付費版的功能。但是由於一些不可預見的問題, 我決定短時間内免費讓大家使用。 一些截圖(支持中文哦>_<) 在下次更新的時候,所有付費功能都會被鎖上,那個時候大家可以在APP内購買付費版。 下次更新中會更新最近圖表(顯示玩家最近戰鬥場數、勝率以及平均傷害)、最新公告以及好友列表。 在不久的未來,我也會更新戰艦圖鑒。 下載:App Store