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  1. 皆さん、こんにちは、ヘンリーと申します。「WoWs Info」の開発者です。 日本語はまだまだ未熟だが、頑張ります。 「WoWsUnpack」は「EdibleBug/WoWS-GameParams」に基づき、コマンドラインでゲームから直接「GameParams」を解凍します。 設定が終わったら、「python3 run.py」を実行し、JSONファイルがもらえます。 ゲームの言語ファイルも解凍できます。 ソースコードはこちら、WoWs-Info/wows_unpack: Unpack World of Warships game data to JSON。 私のアプリのため作り、とても便利だと思います。
  2. 基於 WoWS-GameParams 開發的全新脚本 WoWsUnpack 正式發佈。 WoWsUnpack 自帶 wowsunpack.exe 可以從游戲裏面提取數據然後直接解壓成 JSON 文件。 設置完成後,直接運行 `python3 run.py` 即可。 脚本也可以獲取游戲的語言文本,可以方便製作 MOD。 源代碼可以在 GitHub 上下載 WoWsUnpack。 使用本脚本可以輕鬆獲得 GameParams,强力推薦。
  3. HenryQuan

    Update 0.11.4 Bug Report Thread

    The game tends to disconnect quite often when I am using an ethernet connection. This has been an issue for a very long time (probably starting from this year?). This happened to me yesterday and today. I wasn't able to reconnect once I am disconnect, but my internet connect is completely fine. This doesn't occur when I am using WIFI at all. I am not sure if this is related to my ethernet or maybe something with the server. The game freezes before I am disconnected. Then, I will be sent back to the login page.
  4. Two years ago, I posted about missing data in the API. For example, SAP and air defense information are missing from the encyclopedia. However, this is no longer a problem because there are tools to unpack game data. The main problem now is that player submarine and rank data are missing. This means that many websites and apps won't show any information about submarine. This might not be great moving forward when submarine is officially added to the tech tree. As I stated before, I don't know how challenging it is to add rank and clan battles back. However, for submarines, could it be just adding a new class if it is sharing everything all other ship types have. Overall, I am grateful if we can have some updates on the API, and I can offer my help if needed. Missing values in the official API - Bug Reports - World of Warships Official Asia Forums API Status - WoWS Stats & Numbers - ASIA (wows-numbers.com)
  5. HenryQuan

    Supertest – FAQ

    Dear Redov_ST, I always have a question about the supertest program, and I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask. My appogies if this isn't. It was around early 2020, I started receiving emails from world of warships saying that test ships were credited to my account, and this lasted until early 2021. I don't remember applying for supertest before so I wasn't sure what was going on. Nobody told me anything about it. I tested many ships and left many feedbacks. It was a great time for me. However, I stopped playing World of Warships around late 2020 due to personal reasons. This year, I started playing the game again. I was quite early when I started playing World of Warships in early 2016 so I always wanted to become a member of the supertest program. May I know when will the program open again? I tend to miss it every year. Thanks, Henry
  6. I have been using the official API since early 2017 but I believe since somewhere in 2019, some data are no longer updated for the encyclopedia such as anti-aircraft, sap value and the CV rework. Recently, I wrote a ticket to wargaming regarding to this with no clear answers (like maybe) but I still want to bring this up here in the forum. My app heavily depends on the API for the encyclopedia part. Now, I have started extracting game data by myself but it would be really nice if the official API would update sometime this year. There are still some people using it to make tools for the game. I could offer my help though I have no idea how the API is written. There is another thread related to this, https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/126170-are-wows-api-no-longer-updated/. However, I couldn't find more information regarding to this.
  7. HenryQuan

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

    Sorry for another post. However, there seems to be another small issue. Please see the image below. My cursor becomes like a moving cursor but not the normal arrow. I have no idea how I triggered this. Once I triggered this mode, I can still move my cursor and select things but nothing will actually change. This was resolved if I switched to desktop and come back. My cursor is still the same (but the normal one) but at least I could select things now. This is a screenshot while I was in port after quitting training room. I am not sure whether training room is related to this issue. This is my cursor without clicking. This is my cursor if I left click or right click and hold.
  8. HenryQuan

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

    Please see musashi 2.png and musashi 3.png. This happened after I played Akatsuki with my friend in a division. I had switched to Musashi as you can see from the screenshot. However, the tech tree was still showing Akatsuki captain and her modules but the modules got really weird. After clicking any modules, popups were shown and couldn't be dismissed. Then, the game 'froze' (I can still click but nothing works). I had to restart the game. My friend also experienced the same but it wasn't as serious as me. He chose another ship but it is still selecting the old one (in this case, Atago). Please see musashi 1.png. I don't know why but only Musashi's icon had some offsets. After scrolling, the issue was resolved.
  9. HenryQuan

    0.9.0 Bug Report Thread

    I think this is relating to AMD Radeon RX 5700. The client crashes frequently if you just afk (not doing anything). Once you switch back to your desktop and come back to the game, it will become a black screen. The game still runs with sounds but it is a black screen. This only happened after changing to this amd card. Now, it even crashes in-game randomly.
  10. HenryQuan

    0.8.10 Bug Report Thread

    It is glad to know that I am not the only one. This issue still exists but it is getting harder to activate. I have recorded a short clip and it is here. This is the report, WoWS_report.wgc. @d_gladkov Sorry for the late reply. I feel like in this version, it is a bit harder to activate this bug but as you can see, somebody actually triggered this so I think this should be fixed because once it is triggered, you cannot do anything.
  11. HenryQuan

    Public Test 0.8.10 Feedback Thread

    This issue still exists in 0.8.10. Now, I have a crazy idea that it might exist for many versions but it is only my proofless guess. However, I have a clear idea why this is happening after some discussions with my friend last night. The radius of moving the navigation point is a bit too large (it still trigger the moving icon even if the cursor is 2 - 5mm away from that point). That's why if a point is too close to the player's ship, it tries to move the point while cancelling it. Thus, it results in this bug (it still tries to move that point but there is no way). As I mentioned in the thread above, it is hard to trigger but this should be fixed.
  12. HenryQuan

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    I am experiencing the same issue as well.
  13. HenryQuan

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    I was playing Shokaku and somehow, the game was stuck at something. I couldn't move my ship and I cannot even send messages to the chat. Yes, I lost control of my ship. Although it is not visible from the screenshot above, my cursor changed to something like this (there was a moving icon next to my cursor). I am not sure about the reason why this happened but I have some ideas. I was using my dive bomber and I pressed 'M' to toggle the map. Then, I set where my ship should move quite rapidly. When I pressed 'M' again, that's when this happened. * Edit 1 I have confirmed that this happens quite frequently. I might upload a video to YouTube if necessary. What you need to do is that you need to choose a random place on the map (far away from you) and then choose somewhere really close to your ship. Finally, you just need to choose your ship and you will lose control of your ship. What you need to notice is that usually when you choose your own ship, your cursor won't become something like this but a normal cursor with nothing. * Edit 2 I asked my friend to test this bug and I can confirm that this affects all ship types. However, he could still control his ship but I couldn't. When the game ended, his interface became like this and he couldn't do anything. He had to kill the game. This is definitely a bug and I think the game is thinking that the player is still choosing a point. This is extremely rare but for cv players, it might be a problem. * Edit 3 Some more screenshots. It shows that all ship types can trigger this bug with any maps. I will stop further investigations. Thank you for reading.
  14. HenryQuan

    0.8.8 Bug Report Thread

    Negative numbers are shown while waiting for match making. * It is quite random (so not 100%)
  15. HenryQuan

    Update 0.8.7 Bug Report Thread

    Game client crashes randomly. This isn't new but it is quite frequent in this update. When the game crashes, it is IMPOSSIBLE to close it unless you shut down your computer for normal players. It is possible to use taskkill /IM WorldOfWarships64.exe /F to kill the game. Yesterday, I became a pink player because of this but is it my fault? Therefore, Is it possible to kill the game immediately when it crashes (I saw a dialogue but it was below the game so it was not possible to click it)? I don't think any players are interested in what happened. They just want to go back to the game as soon as possible. WorldOfWarships64-2019-08-27_22-56-22.log WorldOfWarships64-2019-08-28_21-25-13.log