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  1. Yeah, thanks all. I knew firing back wasn't going to be good. You don't mind so much if you cop a torp in the heat of battle, should be looking for it really, but a friendly comes up close from behind a rock and slams in 6 torps gets the hackles up. Hey Mr Super Tester, how about I name the bastard, can I do that?
  2. Like the title says. I can name that person. He lay in wait behind an island, sailed out and dumped 6 torpedoes at me. I had done nothing, other than blow up a ship we were both shooting at. Prior to the torpedoes, he let a salvo of cannon go at me, most of which hit. He did 19000 damage. How can I get some satisfaction from this incident?
  3. I have the Cleveland, Konigsberg and Nurnberg. They flat out give me the best bang for my buck. I drive them like a big destroyer, hiding behind things then blazing away for a short time then hide then run and I have a lot of fun playing them. They all deal out a lot of damage even when running away and if I can broadside the opposition between islands without them landing too many punches, I can survive them more often than not. Have been last man standing a few times and managed to clean up even against two or three. I see them referred to as mobile citadels and they probably are. So, I've tried going up a tier but it is way too expensive and I just get blown up. Nurnberg has more hit power per minute than anything else even in the higher tiers but they have range and disappearing powers so I just plain get blown up. I have a heap of credits and free XP so I'm wondering about the British line. The numbers don't stack up against the three mentioned so my question is, are they worth the grind up to the ones that do have some whumpo? I also have the Fuso fully decked out and don't feel the need to go any further with that. Are the British BBs worth the grind? Stats.docx
  4. xs920

    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm thinking that winning more than losing is out of the question but that makes no sense if the red team is really a green team from their perspective. So, reasoning that the red team is just another green team but I'm not on it, then the stats should be around 50 percent. The only way to improve that would be to play with known better players so that the odds are shifted towards the team I am on. How do I get to know who the better players are? Then, how do I communicate with the better players. Or, not so much better players, but with less lesser players. If you get my drift? Also, am I playing the wrong ships? I seem to get blown up out of nowhere and I often get blown up by ships I don't even see. I have gone to a great deal of trouble to make a spread sheet and lay out the hits per minute of most of the ships, using the calculation (guns that bear on the target x shots per minute x HE damage number) and like wise with AP. The Nurnberg hammers harder than any other ship until you get to the level nine Neptune. However, it seems everybody wants to blow up Nurnbergs. Even more than they want to blow up DDs. I do like to play the Konigsberg, Nurnberg and Cleveland because of their hit power but am I focusing on the wrong attributes? And, finally, why do so many of my team stay the hell out of it and leave it to a few brave souls to actually have a go? Thanks for the replies. I'm learning. I'm also getting the crap belted out of me more than ever, but I am learning.
  5. xs920

    What am I doing wrong?

    OK, so out of five games I got blown up twice, obviously lived three times, Red won three and green won two. So, does that mean that when I am the green team, the red team is actually the green team from their perspective and I am the red team and if so, how come I am more often on the losing team? I just don't get that. If there are twelve players on my side, then obviously whatever I do contributes one twelfth but still my side gets whopped more often. How can I get to be on the red team? Or, is there another explanation that I'm not seeing? The confused, but ever questioning Doonster.
  6. xs920

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the replies, there's hope yet then. At the moment I am playing destroyers, German, and Farraday. Plus I have Fuso. I also love to play Konigsberg, Nurnberg and Cleveland. If I chose to improve my Random Battle skills, would those ships be any good or should I work my way to some others?
  7. Co-Op games. 2832 games 95% victories. lots of other good stats. Random games. 436 games 48% victories. Shit stats. How come I get slaughtered in random games. Now wonder I stick to co-op games. The red team just blows the green team up all the time. I manage to survive a lot of the games and get in some good licks but the rest of my guys just get blown up. I don't just stand off in the distance and wait for every one else to do the work, I get in there and have a go but just get blown up or the other side shits it in by miles. Doonster.
  8. xs920

    Tips for PVE

    You get creamed if you don't know how to team play or form Divisions. Might as well sneak back to Co-op where at least I can survive.
  9. xs920

    Two ARP level 5 battleships

    Does that make sense, or isn't it supposed to make sense?
  10. G'day. Over the Christmas New Year period, I was gifted two Arp Level 5 Battleships, which is great, but I only really need one. Is there any way I can trade one in on something else?