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  1. Hingheru88

    Tired of CVs?

    pretty sure u're the only one. pity the CV ?? what are u on?? it's a legit strategy. it works and it wins games too, even with potato team mates.
  2. from the main webpage ... At 21:00 (UTC+8) on November 30, planned maintenance will be performed on the game server. The game will be unavailable for 60 minutes. World of Warships Team so until then i guess it's unplanned huh?!
  3. nope... 3/4 of my clan can cant get in, and we're from all over the place.... 🤬
  4. Hello??? WarGaming? Anybody home?
  5. Hingheru88

    Twilight PVE agreement double crossers

    lol... it's a free for all. all's fair in love and war. and the list goes on 😉
  6. Hingheru88

    [ALL] ModStation

    i'm trying to install modstation but for some strange reason it gets stuck when downloading. any idea how to fix it? thank you!
  7. same here... lag spikes and log-outs
  8. Hingheru88

    ASIA Server Went KO...Again?

    yep, same here. got kicked out several times. plus continuous lag spikes
  9. Hingheru88

    Unable to update service

    same here, can't login & need VPN to access forum and website... any idea what's going on?