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  1. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    I guess I will just leave this here...

    WHY not give the germans some of that guided torpedoes shit? and give the american ships some radars all of em!
  2. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    AniManga Chat :E

    MY PRECIOUS!! .....Gollums everywhere...
  3. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    World of Warmemes

    nah new mexico is and warspite too
  4. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    World of Warmemes

    karl is strong man so dont worry
  5. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    North Carolina main battery accuracy.

    actually north carolina has a stronger point vs amagi also colorado vs nagato is actually fair and new mexico vs fuso=new mexico (fuso runs away from new mexico sometimes the point of USN bbs is that the armor is so hard to crack , AA is pretty bad that almost all carriers tend to ignore it i hope that USN BBS starting from colorado to montana must have buff immediately because this is too damn annoying
  6. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    Can Wargaming stop with anime? (No Serious Here)

    damn ! youre way too serious man remember that this is a game and WG planned to make those ARP shit this way.. more players will play the game ya dig?
  7. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm flying boates

    nah its those flying ships from peter pan im pretty sure that they will fix it in the next patch maybe?
  8. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    World of Warmemes

  9. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    World of Warmemes

    Fuso aint bad in full upgrade but they sure Fuso gets away from new mexico what the hell?
  10. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    Allow Cruiser to choose Consumables While loading to battle

    nah it should be there! not just to choose but all the skills are there!! example -new orleans will have surveillance radar and her Fighter and her sonar and defensive AA fire
  11. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    ARP ships

    releasing ARP Yamato and Musashi isnt possible because its tier 10 and as you see the tier 10 normal yamato doesnt have upgrades i really hoped that they will release this but it will be daijobou IF they make more voices for the myokos and the kongos i also think that its possible that they will make chihaya and his mateys (not sure at the mateys) i am dissapointed that ARP ships are just skins. they should have something special like adding range and speed -Ya digg?
  12. Ghost hacks your radio..
  13. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    Binocular view or cockpit view in cv

    yup we really need one but i dont see any bombs loaded in the bomb racks and shit no projectiles too just invisible bombs you cant see them drop
  14. Hiroyoshi_Andersen

    Graf Zeppelin Leak

    Premium Carrier... ow and it should have the 6x Emil Fighters just like American ones