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  1. Mister_Teatime

    Do you Like the New Mechanism for BB AP against DD?

    I like the change. It's not the most elegant solution but hopefully will increase DD survivability a little at high tiers, which is a good thing imo.
  2. Mister_Teatime

    High tier struggles

    High tier gameplay is a lot more passive than t5-7. My advice for Buffalo (and note my WR is only around 50%, and I've never played Buffalo - I leveled to DM via Balti at t9, so take it with a grain of salt) is to take your time (e.g. experiment with not shooting for ten minutes one match and see what happens, or only sail at 1/4 speed etc) and be mindful of your concealment at all times, and the number of ships, particularly BBs that are aiming at you. Never sail in a straight line or at the same speed while detected. You can support the team by radaring caps from cover, and safe HE spamming from behind islands early on, and save your ap until later in the match for finishing off low hp BBs and CAs. The longer you survive in the match the more of a threat you become. With Iowa (one of the few ships I actually have a decent WR in) I think the speed is a double edged sword. It is too easy to get dangerously out of position early on and focused. My advice is to leave your throttle on 1/4 for the first 5 mins and see where the match is going. The speed will be a huge asset later on if you are still alive. You have decent concealment. Use it to disengage if you are being focused by cruisers, and just message your team to say you need a few repair cycles to restore all that fire damage. Be patient, particularly early. Enemy HE spammers behind islands are only a threat if their team has a points advantage and they are defending a cap. If you are winning or it's even then don't engage. They will come out into the open eventually. Glhf
  3. Mister_Teatime

    New Ranked Season

    I'm looking forward to it > much more interesting than another t10 event. And will be great to play T5s again without always coming up against T7s. Even Emerald could be fun. Some great premiums to play: my Okhotnik, Gremy, Kamikaze, Murmansk, Texas . . . all have been gathering dust. Can't wait.
  4. As per title. This really bugs me - I love Arms Race. So much fun. But am trying to grind special upgrades and nothing I do in Arms Race counts towards them. Is this a bug? If not, what is the logic? Please change this
  5. Mister_Teatime

    Server down?

    I can't log on . . .
  6. Mister_Teatime

    Most DD players are bad

    Triggered. Would be funnier if it wasn't so accurate. The number of BBs pinging me on mini map, demanding I cap when we call all see a radar Mino and/or Worcester well positioned defending it (while the BB is 15km from cap sailing in other direction, or worse, huddled behind an island with no possibility of shooting at anyone) does my head in . . . "Noob DD", "report our noob DD", "do your job DD". . .
  7. Mister_Teatime

    Please remove the karma system

    As above. It is really ruining my fun these days. My karma has gone from around 150 to 80 in the past few months and I can't for the life of me figure out what I am doing differently or wrong. I haven't been abusing anyone. I don't yolo. I have good games and bad games. Tonight played a Montana game, 6 kills 200k damage, 2500 base exp, received 1 compliment (i gave out 4). Next game didn't go so well, did 80k damage, got burned to death by a Worcester: 3 reports (I didn't report anyone, and complimented the enemy Worcester). These days, every time I play a t10 DD I get reported whether we win or lose, whether I play well or badly, whether I cap or flank. Every time I play Cleveland I get reported. Seriously, what is the point of it other than now just making people feel bad? You can't learn from it. WG if you are listening, please just get rid of it - it serves no meaningful purpose. At least give us the option of hiding notifications and the number and the option to report/compliment. Although I know I should just ignore it - I find it impossible.
  8. Mister_Teatime

    Let's talk T10 destroyers

    I think Groz is now doable. With the heal and range you can now be useful. And you can engage BBs at a range that gives you a chance of dodging, whereas previously they would never miss. Not sure about the meta - but I've having much better luck, and much more fun in Groz than YY at the moment. Probs my fave ship these days. My WR in her is still awful - but it's climbing steadily now thanks to the buffs and one day might even be back at 50% :)
  9. Thanks been looking for this :)
  10. Mister_Teatime

    Can't connect to server

    I just loaded in - exit the launcher and try again
  11. Mister_Teatime

    Can't connect to server

    Not to mention the big green tick next to server status on the website . . .
  12. Mister_Teatime

    The threshold of Ranked battle should be higher

    It's not the potatoes that bother me. It's the bitterness. I've played a couple of games so far - am only at rank 17 - and have been reported nearly 20 times, called noob etc in every match. I don't pretend to be great, I rarely criticise others - but I have a basic idea how to play and don't generally give my life away cheaply and always play for the objectives. I know karma is meaningless but I hate watching it plummet like this.
  13. Mister_Teatime

    Literally 2 seconds after the HSF Yamato mission drops

    Randoms aren't much better. I tried to play a match in Des Moines yesterday . . . was not much fun: 7 BBs each team (total of 8 yamatos) 3 DDs. Me and a poor Donskoi lasted a few minutes. Only cruiser playable in these conditions is Minotaur.
  14. It was always 14 million credits - the doubloons were for people who [somehow] managed to purchase the DOY twice . . . this was stated from the outset.
  15. Mister_Teatime

    The Duke's guns dont work

    I agree with OP. I've given up trying to get the Dev strike and working through the torp missions instead (first try with Gearing got >90k torp damage). DOY is a piece of crap and I hate it. Btw OP - pretty sure you will get 14 million credits - not doubloons - when you finish the mission.