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  1. Mister_Teatime

    Anyone else have this issue?

    I'm now banned from random battles as a result of this happening . . . so they better fix this soon Edit: just trying to grind dockyard in co-op
  2. Mister_Teatime

    Anyone else have this issue?

    Same thing happening to me now. I'm pink and penalties are escalating . . .
  3. Mister_Teatime

    Still nothing make up for moskva's permacamo?

    I raised a ticket asking this question a few days ago and was told there will be no compensation. Seems ridiculous to me - and I can't quite believe they will go through with it as it is so needlessly unfair to people who have spent good money. I agree that a perma camo for Nevsky is the most logical outcome - but I'd be very happy with doubloons.
  4. Mister_Teatime

    Moskva and Kirov - Keep or Sell

    Will we get a refund for premium camo on Mosk?
  5. Mister_Teatime

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.0

    Is MM broken? Just had 5 games in a row bottom tier (8) against t10s . . . thought that wasn't possible And it sucks! EDIT: make that 6 in a row . . . this is not fun
  6. Mister_Teatime

    Ranked Sprint 1 vs 1

    Secondary build tirpitz is unbeatable in this mode
  7. After much pain and suffering having finally reached Rank 5: and now can't even play. Been in MM queue for over 20 mins, can only see 3 other ships waiting.
  8. Mister_Teatime

    Death of the destroyers role.

    I've played t10 DDs a fair bit recently with fairly low success. My thoughts are the following: Speed matters more. Haragumo and Daring are simply too slow now, and cannot protect themselves from CV; they cannot keep up with allied ships and it's too easy to get caught out of position. Gearing and Z52 are only marginally better, but at least they have really effective AA. Haragumo used to be one of my best ships, and was always fun; now I am having no luck at all and feel like a liability to the team. Conversely, Khaba is fine. I basically just ignore CVs, keep AA on and run and gun as usual. For some reason CVs don't seem to pick on me and I can still rack up huge damage if I survive. I am just hoping CV numbers will dwindle eventually, I'm not enjoying matches nearly as much now.
  9. Mister_Teatime

    You Nerfed a Premium Warship ?????????

    Agree. I shot down 37 Shokuku planes yesterday in one battle - without Manual AA . . .
  10. Mister_Teatime

    Ranked Battles Retreat

    I'm enjoying ranked - mostly in FDG and Kitakaze. Agree there are a few too many brainless Musashis hiding behind islands in the corner of the map while their team dies. It's like they don't know the rules . . . and I think abolishing the saved-star would fix a few problems. But, it's mostly been fun, salt-free - and have had some glorious CQC in my secondary build FDG that has made it all worth it.
  11. Mister_Teatime

    Ranked off to a boring start again

    I've played a few matches in FDG with full secondary build and had an absolute blast - haven't seen more than one Musashi per team . . . . and they don't survive once the game forces them into CQC. Imo this is shaping up to be a great season of ranked.
  12. Mister_Teatime

    CV rework day 1 observations

    I'm trying to like it. But some of the changes have been too much. For example: My Texas is now anaemic against planes. 3.5km medium bubble, no long range bubble > that's with a 19point captain and all AA upgrades. I played against two t5 carriers and shot 8 down. Even worse is Groz. WIth 19 point captain (all aa skills except manual AA) and upgrades, I shot down a single Saipan torp bomber, with DFAA active, and not one single dive bomber. I just don't get it. Previously these ships were unique due to strong AA, and had other drawbacks (texas has no spotter plane; groz is a fat cow that eats pens from across the map). I kinda disappointed by this. When the only T10 AA DD, with DFAA active, can't shoot down a single T8 dive bomber, something seems broken to me. Edit: had a 2-cv game with Montana . . . 3 planes shot down; this is total BS
  13. Mister_Teatime

    Russian DDs - Khaba line - still competitive?

    Khaba is great if there are 3 or more DDs on your team, or a cv. Then you don't need to worry about caps or scouting and can support and harrass enemy radar cruisers and BBs, and any DD that gets spotted. At 12-13km you are nearly impossible to hit for enemy BBs and can hold off a group of them with near impunity. Great fun. If you are the only DD on your team, or one of two, it's a bit of a disaster as you can't cap or scout very effectively, and the team is at a real disadvantage. Can still have a lot of fun - but probably on losing side.
  14. Mister_Teatime

    Try Your Luck Container

    Agreed. I used to always take TYL - and probably got 15-30 SCs over the year or two (including a few ships before they nerfed them hard) . . . but the the 2018 ones were all 100 X flag . . . not worth it. Now I go for resources every time. I can see why they don't discount the T10 premium cammos they just break the economy. I've bought a bunch for my T10s and credits haven't been an issue since. Think I have about 200 million or so now and nothing to spend it on.
  15. Mister_Teatime

    Why would you?

    Weird season: I've played 3 battles, won all 3, topped my team twice with high calibres, haven't said a word to anyone except "gg": so far this morning 7 reports, no compliments. Do people not like my name or something?