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    真心希望WG有誠意的解決我的問題,我也問過其他申請退費的洛陽艦長,並沒有被收回艦長而是放預備隊。 如果有其他人有相同問題,歡迎反應;辛苦練的艦長不該就這樣收走。
  3. 你三天的還好吧,我等了快一個月呢! WG表示要玩他們的遊戲要有耐心,不然不要玩(笑
  4. WG公告洛陽可申請退費 最開始的申請退費單是12/21,8天後的漫長等待,無預警直接在遊戲中收回船跟艦長。問題就在當初洛陽剛出,花了1414元我買的是0等新艦長,是自己花時間心力打上來的第一個滿技艦長就直接收回。 而一個滿技艦長要170萬8千的菁英經驗,以正常1:25換要68320達布隆;等於退我1萬達布隆又扣我6萬8回去,竟然有這種道理?! 最讓人不高興的是,耐心等了兩個禮拜回報單紋風不動,重發新的變成合併起來,然後狀態從重啟中變成「處理中」,然後還是沒處理! 今天又過了ㄧ個禮拜多,從最後一次回復到現在我等待了快1個月時間,原來貴公司很喜歡考驗消費者的耐心阿?
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    how to reach rank 1?

    I saw you do nice “Effort”:) good job! In fact, I spent 95 games to R5 in 3 days. And I’ll reach R1 soon Are you a nice player, or you wanna be a nice player? Welcome to apply our clan[ARK]or[ARK-B] [Ark] recruiting competitive players
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    ARK is recruiting competitive players!

    Thanks a lot. I will do it
  7. Julian_love_Ahri

    ARK is recruiting competitive players!

    To all brilliant captains Want to play with friends and win all the battles? Want to keep improving skills and also increasing your win rate? If you really love WoWs, just like us. We are waiting for you! We are "Ares Rüstung Kombiniert Flotte" -ARK (Asia server) ARK have a main group and a sub ARK B group. Our members include stduents, employee, professional soldiers, beta testers and also live streamers! We have regular guild training battles and discussions helping members to improve their skills. ARK members will assist others, sharing knowledge and information. We emphasize not only gameplay but also relationships in reality. Frequently hosting lucky draws and lunch/dinner gathering. Dinner gathering 2017 WG official party in Taipei ARK Features: 1. Well-known streamer and Community Contributors: Guild master 四季(siki62), 飛天德德(open2014), QK(qksniper) 2. Excellent T10 solo-queue cruiser (never_go_die)at top 40 ranking in Asia server 3. Brilliant Battleships players and proficient with all types of service ships 4. Good relationships with other guilds as well as streamers 5. All facilities in guild are developed except 50 members capacity Clan facilities ARK Target: 1. Typhoon league in Season 2 Clan Wars ARK requirements: (5 members slot available) 1. Be nice and be active. Prioritizing teamwork players and good communication skills 2. Total win rate >54% (also consider each fleet's winrate and average damage) 3. Total battles count > 3500 4. Own at least one Tier-10 fleet 5. Able to use Discord and join weekly guild training activity Let's "Don't capture, kill all!" To whom are interested, please do not hesitate to send pm/e-mail to: Julian: ranger_dh@hotmail.com siki: Jacky31833@gmail.com Never_go_die: oh4733@yahoo.com.tw 1.We need your game ID 2.which one is your most skillful ship ? 3.how often do you online in a week? p.s. Violating WarGaming rules such as cheating is strictly prohibited. Related members will be removed from guild if it is the case. Thread locked. ~amade
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    mac osx 更新后无法打开游戏

    同樣情況,更新完0.6.9版後,可以開啟遊戲但是一登入就game crash. 已經用客戶端修復過遊戲完整性再試一次,但狀況依然沒有改善。 我沒有裝任何的mod,也沒有裝雙系統,不曉得他為什麼判斷我用的系統是windos xp sp3 規格如下: Mac OS 10.12.6最新版os MacBook Pro 2016 15吋 標準頂規16G記憶體512GB SSD顯卡是獨顯Radeon Pro 455 2GB ----------- 我的mac是去年款的還滿新,以前是打幾場崩潰一次就算了,這次是剛改版遊戲登入就直接崩潰,太誇張了吧!顯然對mac用戶debug根本沒做好嘛!北美論壇也一堆人mac反應不能玩。 既然wows都已經推出mac版了,應該要在每一次改版前debug好啊,這樣對消費者而言遊戲體驗很差,已經嚴重影響對這遊戲的信心了,麻煩請反應一下給原廠!