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  1. TinDingo

    Re: Colorado missions

    So, I have completed the missions for the Colorado. As I already had it I received 900,000 credits as compensation. But, if I didn't already have it I would have got it with all modules unlocked, worth 40,000 combat XP and 3,000,000 credits. Sorry WG, but 900,000 credits do not compensate me for 40,000 combat XP + 3,000,000 credits + time to grind the ship in the first place + credits to buy the ship. Just sayin.
  2. TinDingo

    Rest in Peace James D. Hornfischer

    And that's exactly what WG wants. So why would they change what they're doing?
  3. TinDingo

    Best CV at tier 6?

  4. TinDingo

    Best CV at tier 6?

    Hi, When subs enter the game, I will be going over to the dark side and play CVs until the subs are balanced. I know, it may take a long, long, long time. Anyway, which is the best CV at tier 6 for sinking other CVs. I hate the bastards so sinking them will be my new hobby. Thanks
  5. TinDingo

    RIP Prince Phillip

    I suspect she has her hands full with those that are still alive!
  6. TinDingo

    NA servers be like:

    WG claim to do a lot of research. That is the fantasy I don't like. Either do the research or just say "we make shit up".
  7. Hi, I have just opened the last container - no ships received. That is all.
  8. TinDingo

    Update 0.10.2 - FPS

    My frame rate has dropped from 45 to 25 (dipping to 12 at times). No changes were made to settings. Anyone else noticed a change? UPDATE... Its the new smoke (from the funnels). I went into settings and changed everything from Medium to Low and turned off "Soft Particles". That gave me 70fps while waiting for the game to start. As soon as the game started it dropped to 30fps - the only ship I could see was mine. If I look at the sky or an island (with my ship not visible) fps goes back up. I look at my ship and it goes down again. Smoke screens have no effect but after I'm dead the smoke from other ships does. I do not see any of the AA/secondary guns firing or rotating on any setting. UPDATE 2... Turned all graphics Off or as Low as possible. Fps now 30 when game starts and smoke is visible. Playable, but looks terrible. GG WG - GG.
  9. In Russia, if a journalist reports something the Government wants hidden, they die! Good thing Flamu isn't Russian.
  10. But Flamu knows what he's doing. I think Frump is now at the WOWS PR department.
  11. You know you've been playing too much WOWS when... You're driving along and hear a plane flying overhead - so you instinctively swerve to avoid the rockets! Yes - this actually happened!!
  12. TinDingo

    The bots are revolting!

    Also, if you are a DD, the enemy planes (scouts) seem the know exactly where you are. At the start of the game they head to your part of the map and when they get close, change direction and spot/attack you. Even if you try to avoid them they will hunt you down. I think that the only reason bots don't win every game is that they are programmed not to!
  13. When the CV rework was released I thought I'd take a break from WoWS until the CVs were properly balanced. After 6 months I started playing again because I got tired of waiting. When Subs are released I'll take another break for the same reason, but this time I many not be back.
  14. TinDingo


    What is the "counterplay" to a CV? It sits at the back until the end of the game and if you shoot down its planes, they are magically replaced. Maybe subs (which no longer need to surface) can go CV hunting as their primary mission - your CV spots their CV, sub unleashed.
  15. TinDingo


    Does anyone's opinion matter?