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  1. TinDingo

    CV Changes pls Explain

    WG weren't making any money out of premium carriers as there were not enough CV players. Their solution was to get more people playing CVs. Everything is working as intended (WG routinely damages a game for increased profits). To paraphrase Steve Jobs... When a company gets too big, Marketing takes over and the product is forgotten.
  2. TinDingo

    Simple solution to CV problem

    1. True, but still, every second game they do what the want. 2. I have been coding since 1985, it may be complicated but well within the capacity of any good coder. 3. The other vessels will have to play CVs every second game so the number of other vessels in the queue will not change - we are just increasing the number of CVs in a CV game so that we can reduce the number of CVs in a non CV game (to zero).
  3. TinDingo

    Simple solution to CV problem

    1. You would not res-pec anything, you would have your CV game ships specked accordingly. 2. The MM can do whatever WG want it to - it always has. 3. Adding more CVs to a CV game ensures low que times. The only issue with my idea is that CV games would become a new game mode; But we have multiple game modes now.
  4. My solution to the CV problem is this... Every other games is guaranteed to be CV free. You get a CV game followed by a non CV game. It doesn't matter how many CVs are in a CV game because you know it will be a CV game and can you take out your best anti CV ship. The non CV games it where you take out whatever the hell you want - it will be a World Of Warships game, not a World Of Carriers game. If this were implemented I would not care what WG did with CVs - buff, nerf, balance - I wouldn't care as I would only be invested in the non CV games.
  5. TinDingo

    Re: Captain skills reset

  6. Hi, Does anyone know when the second, free captain skills reset will happen? I missed the first one. Thanks
  7. Well that's disappointing. I have been following the rework and thought you steer the planes with the mouse for some reason. Thanks.
  8. LOL I am very grateful that I did not land on my dog! It could have been a lot worse. Fun fact... The number one cause of accidents by far for middle aged men is ladders.
  9. I was thinking I could use Auto Pilot to move the hull. Its the aircraft I am asking about.
  10. Hi Captains. I fell off of the roof 3 weeks ago and smashed my left wrist and elbow - the rest of me is perfectly fine. Netflix and You Tube just don't cut it anymore as far a pain management goes so I am desperate for a distraction. So, can I play CVs (PVE, tier 4) only with the mouse? Thanks
  11. TinDingo

    the daily missions

    Daily missions reset at 4:30 Adelaide time.
  12. TinDingo

    Advice wanted for this new player

    Thanks guys (or gals). I think I will get the Aigle simply because it is "free" and I don't want to lose the coupon. I am "free to play" after all (yes, one of those) and I only play Ships when I am too angry at WG to play Tanks. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I now have enough coal to buy the tier 6 French premium "AIGLE". Q1 - Is the ship any good, or should I continue accumulating coal for something else. Q2 - If I do not use the 25% coupon, will it disappear when I get another coupon on the 25th, or will I then have 2 coupons. Thanks in advance.
  14. TinDingo

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    My goal is to "Elite" all tier 1, 2 and 3 ships for free. Then, if I am still interested in the game, get some advice on which line to take to tier 10.