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  1. When the CV rework was released I thought I'd take a break from WoWS until the CVs were properly balanced. After 6 months I started playing again because I got tired of waiting. When Subs are released I'll take another break for the same reason, but this time I many not be back.
  2. TinDingo


    What is the "counterplay" to a CV? It sits at the back until the end of the game and if you shoot down its planes, they are magically replaced. Maybe subs (which no longer need to surface) can go CV hunting as their primary mission - your CV spots their CV, sub unleashed.
  3. TinDingo


    Does anyone's opinion matter?
  4. TinDingo

    Submarine test feedback thread

    Please don't put submarines into Co Op.
  5. TinDingo


    There will never be Submarines Moonbases in World of Warships.
  6. Don't you mean "World of Soviet Fakeships"?
  7. TinDingo

    how much money have you wasted in this game?

    The last time I sent any money to WG was in update 3.7 in WOTB. Then update 3.h8 dropped and that was it. I guess it cured me.
  8. TinDingo

    Can't get into "Armory"

    Hi mates, Since the last update I have not been able to get into the "Armory". If I select "Armory" from the menu the screen clears and sits on the "hourglass" screen until I Esc back to port. I have tried several times and waited for several minutes each time but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. TinDingo

    Thanks WarGaming!

    Just thought I'd thank the staff at WG for all the free time I'll have in December. I have decided not to play another game of WoWS until the bad PR event is over. See you next year.
  10. Thanks guys. It would have been nice to get some gold - but at least I don't have to sell my current ship to get the credits. Would have preferred the coal I spent on it - oh well.
  11. Hi, I have just received a bonus mission to get the tier 6 premium ship "Aigle". I have already bought the ship for coal. Do I sell the existing ship (for credits) and get the replacement, or is there a better alternative? Thanks
  12. TinDingo

    Submarines is coming

    Destroyers killed Battleships. Battleships killed Cruisers. Cruisers killed Destroyers. The game was in balance, but then... Carriers killed everything and nothing killed Carriers. But soon Subs will kill Carriers and the game will be in balance again. If Subs do come to the games I'll stop playing DDs and start playing Subs. It's payback time.
  13. Do any of you play World of Tanks Blitz? Over there WG is going out of its way to keep experienced players out of low tiers as it results in seal clubbing which drives away new players. I think any change to the system which results in more seal clubbing is a mistake. Having said that, if you want people to play tier 5, just offer a tier 5 premium (e.g. USS Hill) as the reward for grinding a tier 5 only event - easy.
  14. TinDingo

    CV Changes pls Explain

    WG weren't making any money out of premium carriers as there were not enough CV players. Their solution was to get more people playing CVs. Everything is working as intended (WG routinely damages a game for increased profits). To paraphrase Steve Jobs... When a company gets too big, Marketing takes over and the product is forgotten.
  15. TinDingo

    Simple solution to CV problem

    1. True, but still, every second game they do what the want. 2. I have been coding since 1985, it may be complicated but well within the capacity of any good coder. 3. The other vessels will have to play CVs every second game so the number of other vessels in the queue will not change - we are just increasing the number of CVs in a CV game so that we can reduce the number of CVs in a non CV game (to zero).