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  1. In the future.......... will we be able to designate what ship we want to track in order to launch torpedo's at them. To many times I have multiple ships to shoot at but the game decides which to track. I'd love to see the ability to designate my own ships for tracking.
  2. Mxx_iron

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    Where to begin... Since 0.8.0 three things have happened: 1. All port info is there..however the port view is black and I cannot access anything. 2. The game goes non-responsive and CTL+ALT+DELETE must be employed. 3. IF....I can play a game (and it's always just 1 game) then when I return to port the see 1. I've been playing for almost three years now and never had a problem. I just upgraded my video card thinking this was the problem. NO... My CPU usage goes to 100% and everything freezes. Now I'm looking at having to buy an entire new system just for this game. Mxx_iron
  3. Mxx_iron

    Cannot get into 0.8.0

    Is anyone else having problems getting into the game now? It will start, take me to the port but all the port and ships are black and nothing functions. Suggestions welcome
  4. Mxx_iron

    Controlling the Spotter

    The spotter is the only element in the game we cannot control. We should be able to plot its course like carrier planes. It will fly 2km or so behind me initially......what's that about? I need it flying in the direction my guns are pointing. Plot the spotter.
  5. Mxx_iron

    Japanese Naval flag

    The Japanese battle flag is OFFENSIVE??? ......... War is offensive......so, what's ur point?? It's a historically accurate flag.......morons.
  6. Mxx_iron

    Camouflage purchases

    I've been reading the comments here concerning camouflage and didn't realize how many felt as I do. I especially like the ideas put foUrht by PGM991 AND Kultabashi. WoW should have a contest from within the membership submitting camo designs. Post these and allow the other members to vote either here or on Facebook. Give the designers of the top 20 selected a prize of some sorts. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION GUYS........or in our case Captain participation. You at 'WoW are smart guys....get us involved. Thx for all you do...........
  7. Mxx_iron

    Ranked Battles

    At present it is only tier 5-6 participating in ranked battles, which I enjoy. However, Ihad to go back and buy all my tire 6 ships again. I would love to see battles that included: Tier 7-8 and 9-10. I have 2 tiers 10 ship and a number of 9s. I also love my tier 8s. ANY CHANCE this could happen??? Just something to ponder.
  8. Mxx_iron

    Camouflage purchases

    I've been a member for over a year now........Love the game guys.. However, in the store, I can purchase a ton of signals BUT, no camouflage. You should have a selection of camo's and sell them. Select 5 sets of different camos or 5 sets of the same, with "X"# in each set. I love using the various camos but run through them quickly. I never buy "signals" but I would buy "camouflage". Thx and keep up the great work.
  9. I experienced a brownout )power outage) and when I restarted the game the first thing I see is blue water with a horizon line and sky, nothing else. Then the harbor background will show and the last ship I fought....nothing else. All my ship reserves, ship info at the right, and all buttons and other controls are missing. Has anyone experienced this and if so.........is there a remedy? I've tried re-starting my PC....nothing. I shut down the PC....nothing. I REALLY hope I don't have to uninstall. It takes me 8 hours to download the game. HELP.........
  10. After the latest update of 12/28 I am unable to extract updates. at the bottom left it says "update paused". Any solutions for this? My World of Tanks works perfectly.
  11. Mxx_iron


    I just got the identical message and cannot play. What is up with this? My World of Tanks runs just fine. I hope I don't have to un-install and install again. It takes almost 9 hours.
  12. Mxx_iron

    Elite Ship XP

    So, no conversion of ship XP to free......bummer. It would be nice if we could use the ship XP to de-mount modules when selling the ship instead of just loosing it all. I have 800k on my Murmansk and can't do anything with it. That bites...... Anyone heard of any plans to alter that policy?
  13. I've been doing fine with only an occasional disconnect, maybe once or twice a week but, am able to immediately reconnect without any problem. I just updated and am continuously getting disconnected during battles and then am unable to reconnect or if I do connect am immediately cut off again. Did I also download a bug?
  14. Mxx_iron

    Spotter controls?

    I play a Murmansk, which has a spotter. After launching is navigates like a headless chicken......going in directions that are useless. I've searched for days but can find no references for this. Am I missing something or is there actually no way to control it???
  15. I'm playing in Random games with a Murmansk and keep getting sunk by disappearing ships that are not in smoke. I just had my guns trained on two ships, a DD and Cruiser, and they both disappeared. This has been happening since the beginning. They can see me............I can't see them. What the FRICK is up with that??? Duplicate thread. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade