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  1. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Just killed again by a BB shooting me with depth charges from 3k away and I was deep .....what is that about ?
  2. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    I just played a sub game where 4 DD's and 3 BB's just appeared out of nowhere right on top of me ....never showed on the minimap except 1 DD . I was also torped in 2 other games by invisible enemies . A sub torped me out of nowhere and it never showed on the map followed by a BB depth charging me though the mini map showed the nearest BB to be 8 km away >>>>WTF !!!
  3. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Playing daily but changes from game to game since yesterday are rather bizarre . Minimap is useless when underwater . Ping works and then does not work . At maximum depth sometimes I am visible and sometimes I am not ...no pattern to the changes . Bit the lack of distance view when underwater on the mini map is devastating as I am basically blind and suddenly finds enemy vessels all around me ....instant sub massacre . I wonder if there will be another extension past today ? I love the subs and hope they make them permanent in the games soon !
  4. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Yes since yesterday I am having multiple issues playing subs . PING does not work . My maneuvering controls stop functioning and when I view an enemy sub underwater quite often the subs depth does not show so if I fire on the sub I am almost wasting my torps added to that the no PING effect .
  5. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Since yesterday the PING feature in the sub test almost does not work . I am even missing BB's crossing my bow at all ranges .
  6. MikeQ


    I have played the PT in the past and found real players .... particularly the sub games and that is why I find it strange to see almost none now .
  7. I started the new Asia Public Test 2 days ago and find it rather dull with very few real players in the Random play ....am I missing something ? There are only COOP and Random play options but I find myself mostly in bot games which is not very exciting .
  8. I started the new Asia public test 2 days ago and so far it is dull and seemingly pointless . In the Random play I find myself waiting for lengthy periods as there are no other players or very few players showing ....why is that ? My waits have routinely been 8 minutes or longer and then it seems I am mostly in bot games . Not very exciting . Am I missing something here ?
  9. MikeQ


    Random thoughts on a frustrating sub day of play : I am really trying to understand the sub aspect … it is very frustrating as they have no survivability . What I am trying to sort thru is the comparison of adding subs to the creation of the monster aircraft carriers . Carriers got all kinds of benefits to the point of being a massive game changer where so far the subs have gotten nothing in comparison . I just finished 3 games in a row all with the same results ...soon as a DD finds me I am dead ...it is not fun . Subs need to be able to dive below depth charge range . To really be effective damage repair needs to be speeded and it's impact increased . If your sub manages to survive the 1st round of depth charges the 2nd round finishes you ….guaranteed . Subs need an auto periscope depth key . Whether they are surfacing or diving it would be a help . Subs need to be able to reach in to the enemy rear where the carriers sit and currently it is impossible . One alternative to improve sub play if survivability can't be increased would be to improve the torpedoes . Giving the torpedoes massive improved hit capabilities would help to balance no survivability . I find many games where I am shooting torpedoes and never hitting anything ...the accuracy is not there . Without a real aiming ability the PING feature is all the sub has . Improving the PING dramatically would guarantee more hits ...before the sub is discovered and killed . Torpedo hits on vessels moving left to right and right to left are almost impossible due to no real aim capability and the PING can't correct enough for accurate hits . Subs need some real changes to be effective in the game and without some major changes they will just not be played as no one wants to play a "no way to win" sub .
  10. MikeQ


    These are my thoughts as I am playing the game : I just keep playing subs and the depth vs. depth charge topic needs fixing . How are we supposed to play subs if you die if discovered ? There is no way to hide and play the game at the same time . Possibly a max depth increase that is safe from depth charges as it would force the attacking ship to move on thus allowing the sub to remain alive and fight on . The addition of actually having the attacking ships to be using sonar to detect / track subs is worth considering . Just increase the number of available sonar use times …. it is another option to help subs survive as they could move away ( even though very slowly ) and possibly avoid the normal death experienced at this time . A dedicated KEY to surface or dive to periscope depth automatically would be a dream .
  11. Depth charges are too strong and there is no way a sub survives an attack . Depth charges need to have some type of actual depth effectiveness. Now it does not matter what depth the sub is at the results are the same ...the sub dies . Alternately maybe it would be possible to increase the number of depth charge rounds from 3 attacks to much higher numbers while at the same making the actual impact of the depth charge much less on the sub . But I feel there has to be some reward benefits for subs operating at deep and maximum depths . The 80 m depth for a short duration should be changed and made available for the full game as currently even at that depth the depth charges kill the subs . Would it be possible to increase the max sub depth to 90 or 100 with no depth charge effectiveness to give the sub a chance or at least to givethe sub a chance of survival ?
  12. MikeQ


    Subs need to start well forward in order to go after carriers . Carriers are so far removed from most games subs never even get a chance to attack them . Subs need more advantages as I don't really feel I can win in general ...especially given the ease of visibility / depth charge issues . Surface vessels should have to be actively using sonar to detect subs ...this would be a real help for sub survival .
  13. MikeQ


    Subs need a key for periscope depth as the current up and down control is almost no control . Periscope depth is a key position during play . Subs need better resistance to depth charges ….once located you are dead . Subs need to start the game well forward in order to penetrate the rear areas of the enemy .
  14. MikeQ

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    The 1st round has ended . My biggest notes are as follows : Subs need to start initially closer to the center of the game map as they are very slow underwater . Chanced to get in the enemies rear areas are almost non existent without starting closer . Submarines should operate more in the rear areas vs. now in the center of the surface battles . Once a DD or certain Cruisers finds you it's over and I mean over in seconds . The subs need more capability to survive . Submarines torpedoing submarines below the surface is not realistic to the real world of submarines for the time period being played . Needs to be eliminated . Aiming is a real issue for me as while underwater there are no physical references to help you decide when is the right time to fire . Getting a hit is sheer luck at this time . An aiming device would be nice in the same direction of what surface ships have . Possibly the mini map could be improved for more accuracy as I found myself relying on it to help my aiming but it is very undefined and vague overall . Having mentioned those items yes I was frustrated many times but it was fun and I did get quite a number of hits . Waiting for the 2nd round to start now and see what changes are made ….cheers and good luck !