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  1. Submarines were created lurk underwater and carry out attacks with little to no warning in the real world . In the evolution of subs on WOW they began as interesting ...then they became good and then they were reduced to the level of pop up targets for the joy of surface vessels to destroy . Without substantial ( no bells and whistles ) dive capacity they are not worth being fielded . Once a sub gets seriously engaged they die rapidly as they have no underwater capacity . I have played them every time they have been available for almost 3 years now and they are pure junk and absolutely no fun anymore . And for those who don't like subs all I can say is that if you can't kill them already with little effort you are not a very good player .
  2. I just opened the update with subs but once again subs are only test subs that can only be obtained for a few days after earning 12500 base experience points . It will soon be 3 years since subs 1st appeared and they have not been fielded yet . Why are people so afraid of the subs ?
  3. MikeQ

    Public Test of Update 0.11.2: Round 2

    I really have to question WOW's intentions regarding subs .... are subs just meant to be a freebie kill for surface vessels ? I have played subs continuously since they have been available and they have been degraded now to the point of almost not being submersible . The U-69 began with a dive capacity of 6:40 minutes . Then it was downgraded to 5:00 minutes . Now in this current test session it only has 3:40 minutes under . What is that about ? I played a few games yesterday with the U-69 and found it not worth my time ...just useless . Since subs were 1st deployed I have asked for more dive capacity as these are supposed to be underwater vessels but instead the trend has been to make them actual surface vessels . I have played subs in Random and found them un-playable unless you just hide behind an island ...almost impossible to stay alive . Since it is very obvious the intent is to give surface ships every imaginable weapon to kill subs I started to play my favorite BB the New Mexico with my concentration of killing subs just to see how difficult it might be during the previous PT . What a hilarious joke . If I can locate a sub or it's general vicinity I killed them . It's too easy . Killing subs from long range with my artillery is hilariously easy . I am talking confirmed kills at ranges of 15 Km's up to 20 Km's . One salvo and sometimes 2 is all it takes . Subs have no chance now even in COOP play it is difficult to survive a game if you actively participate in the fight . With the hydroscope not being available until 5 minutes in to the game it is useless . At 5 minutes I am already committed to a fight . I also noted how easy it is to avoid incoming torps for surface vessels ...just wiggle waggle very hard a few times and the torps will generally miss . After playing the U-69 yesterday I came up with an alternate idea ... just file the subs away and field PT ( torpedo ) boats . PT boats are very fast , highly maneuverable torpedo platforms . This would be a fun boat to play . Otherwise I feel I am being given a 1915 era sub to compete against 1943 era surface vessels . When subs 1st appeared over 2 years ago I was excited to play them at every opportunity . But now I have no more desire to play them .
  4. MikeQ

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 2

    I started this morning playing the US Cachalot and the Salmon . 1st impressions are that a lot of positive improvements were made for the subs . I was surprised not to see the Soviet subs ...those are my favorites in the past . But I see no one else placing feedback here .....
  5. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Just played 2 submarine games ...not much fun playing the subs Totally blind underwater . Surface and dive controls don't work ...2 times I surfaced and could not dive no matter how many times I hit dive ...and then I was killed . Never even fired at an enemy ship ...? I did hit 1 sub that appeared right in front of me while surfaced ...and then I was dead as I could not dive ...controls don't work. Features marked as NEW while in game ...what is that ? When running underwater the time device makes no sense as even when it hits zero the sub keeps going ...strange .
  6. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    I was so excited to play subs when I saw it was going to be opened ....and downloaded the game instance immediately this morning . And then I realized I probably won't even be able to play because the usage times are so limited and small . Very disappointed .
  7. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Just killed again by a BB shooting me with depth charges from 3k away and I was deep .....what is that about ?
  8. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    I just played a sub game where 4 DD's and 3 BB's just appeared out of nowhere right on top of me ....never showed on the minimap except 1 DD . I was also torped in 2 other games by invisible enemies . A sub torped me out of nowhere and it never showed on the map followed by a BB depth charging me though the mini map showed the nearest BB to be 8 km away >>>>WTF !!!
  9. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Playing daily but changes from game to game since yesterday are rather bizarre . Minimap is useless when underwater . Ping works and then does not work . At maximum depth sometimes I am visible and sometimes I am not ...no pattern to the changes . Bit the lack of distance view when underwater on the mini map is devastating as I am basically blind and suddenly finds enemy vessels all around me ....instant sub massacre . I wonder if there will be another extension past today ? I love the subs and hope they make them permanent in the games soon !
  10. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Yes since yesterday I am having multiple issues playing subs . PING does not work . My maneuvering controls stop functioning and when I view an enemy sub underwater quite often the subs depth does not show so if I fire on the sub I am almost wasting my torps added to that the no PING effect .
  11. MikeQ

    Submarine Testing

    Since yesterday the PING feature in the sub test almost does not work . I am even missing BB's crossing my bow at all ranges .
  12. MikeQ


    I have played the PT in the past and found real players .... particularly the sub games and that is why I find it strange to see almost none now .
  13. I started the new Asia Public Test 2 days ago and find it rather dull with very few real players in the Random play ....am I missing something ? There are only COOP and Random play options but I find myself mostly in bot games which is not very exciting .
  14. I started the new Asia public test 2 days ago and so far it is dull and seemingly pointless . In the Random play I find myself waiting for lengthy periods as there are no other players or very few players showing ....why is that ? My waits have routinely been 8 minutes or longer and then it seems I am mostly in bot games . Not very exciting . Am I missing something here ?
  15. MikeQ


    Random thoughts on a frustrating sub day of play : I am really trying to understand the sub aspect … it is very frustrating as they have no survivability . What I am trying to sort thru is the comparison of adding subs to the creation of the monster aircraft carriers . Carriers got all kinds of benefits to the point of being a massive game changer where so far the subs have gotten nothing in comparison . I just finished 3 games in a row all with the same results ...soon as a DD finds me I am dead ...it is not fun . Subs need to be able to dive below depth charge range . To really be effective damage repair needs to be speeded and it's impact increased . If your sub manages to survive the 1st round of depth charges the 2nd round finishes you ….guaranteed . Subs need an auto periscope depth key . Whether they are surfacing or diving it would be a help . Subs need to be able to reach in to the enemy rear where the carriers sit and currently it is impossible . One alternative to improve sub play if survivability can't be increased would be to improve the torpedoes . Giving the torpedoes massive improved hit capabilities would help to balance no survivability . I find many games where I am shooting torpedoes and never hitting anything ...the accuracy is not there . Without a real aiming ability the PING feature is all the sub has . Improving the PING dramatically would guarantee more hits ...before the sub is discovered and killed . Torpedo hits on vessels moving left to right and right to left are almost impossible due to no real aim capability and the PING can't correct enough for accurate hits . Subs need some real changes to be effective in the game and without some major changes they will just not be played as no one wants to play a "no way to win" sub .