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    CV should be able to control its altitude.

    Sorry, probably I should mention about this information. Depending on whether planes fly high and low, AA gun (each ships has different angle to aim its incoming plane) 's accuracy should be affected accordingly. And high (far distance from the ship's AA) altitude planes are likely to not hit. If plane get closer to warship (e.g. torpedo squad), some tier ship unable to aim when they fly really low or get too closer to the ship (depending on its AA design. I may be wrong about this so don't fully trust my opinion though). I may put a link to help reader's understanding. https://youtu.be/NWkoIkEVDBU?t=44s (start at 44secs) and a video, graphic is made by WOWS. (start at 2:07) P.S. I know movie is movie, but isn't it possible? and it worked from midway battle (when some ship did not contained rader in WWII). midway battle (moviecut) is here.
  2. Imagine. Is there any admiral who actually order every plane squad to just keep the same altitude as enemy does? (e.g. high altitude should have low possibilities to be taken down, low altitude is vice versa.) I mean, even War Thunder players (got torpedo or bomb) don't approach like this. If this feature is updated, CV users should be able to plan their strategy more freely. (replacing that cancelled words => then another example, Navyfield online? #3) It does not mean to delete the current CV UI for controlling the plane squad, but wouldn't it be more fair for CV players? I personally think, something need to be done for CV. P.S. AA gun sound and effect need to be improved further. See this for further explanation about this topic. (the link will take you to reply #4 or you may scroll down.) http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/23045-cv-should-be-able-to-control-its-altitude/page__pid__296615#entry296615