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  1. tics

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    I hope this happens. I'd be gone in a heartbeat.
  2. I got the Haida and the T6 Italian cruiser out of my 14 super container. I've also got the Sims and Atlanta from other supers.
  3. tics

    Recommended Premium DD

    Thought about the Lenningrad? I enjoy it just as much as the lo yang and Kidd, but both are good for ranked. Put the money into prem time first, if you can. The extra xp and credits really boost a grind. It all depends on what you want to do.
  4. tics

    How to deal with so much radar in a DD

    Just wait until the Wooster arrives, 9.1 concealment, 9.9 radar range.. With the legendary mod, 1min 6 secs radar.. By the time you spot it, and it renders, you'll be 8.8-8.9 km from it. Good luck escaping, not broken at all. A cv can't go near it, and a dd can't spot it.
  5. tics

    Made pink due to game failure

    I've had crashes and lockups everyday since the new patch. Never happened before, seems abit buggy
  6. tics

    Grozovoi - who enjoys it?

    It's a challenging ship, for sure. I ran mine without aft for a while, spent points elsewhere. (Torp reload) Had my best game in it, 150k loss. Needs more captain points than 19, still trying to find the sweet spot.
  7. More 4am finishes for me.. fml, thx again, just what I wanted.
  8. tics

    Experimenting on X'mas boxes

    I got a 20 pack of the $5 ones. Scored a gremy, lo yang, alabama, gallant, hung hei, and 4k in gold. Rest were camo and signals. Bought the Giulio Cesare from tech tree at half price. Might buy a 20 pack of $1 ones for the signals, but pretty much done. Heaps better than the 4 emdens I got last year. Pretty gutted premium time isn't that great of a deal.
  9. I'm not surprised at that stupid time. I'd play from 1am till 4am. We were able to play on Saturday only, and never with the same 7 people. I'm hoping they adjust a few things next round, but we'll have to wait and see. Be good to have some feedback from them, I get the impression they don't care. A little response goes a long way.
  10. tics

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    All they have to do is bring the time forward 2 hours. Make it a 5 hour session instead of 3.. Would solve a lot of problems. Not to be salty, but my clan will never get the chance, because of time..
  11. tics

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    With a 1am game start for me, I won't be doing it. Sucks when you see the rewards on offer, and literally, no chance of even participating. If I'm lucky, I'll get one hour a week, on Saturday night, from 1-2 in the frigging morning. I've been playing since open release, bought premium time, premium ships, permanent camo's.. as a thank you, I can't play in clan battles?? Because I live in NZ? Really?? I thought the net was a 24hr thing.. I kinda can't believe it. And why leave Friday nights out, it's a missed opportunity. I just don't get it. I know it's the first season, but you shouldn't be gathering the 'data' while people/clans/countries/ are excluded because of timezones, any 'data' you get, is going to be skewed and not show the bigger picture. All you are going to see, is people in utc+8 had a great time.. I know no one here can help, but wow. And thanks mods for trying, the players appreciate it, I do.
  12. I think a bigger problem is the gun bloom. Being lit for 20 secs after a knife fight in a cap, gives everyone time to line you up, and they're all looking.. As a dd, you can't be seen or you're in trouble. I have been whacked for 18k, in my z52, by a Missouri, from about 12km. Bad play? Or playing the game, contesting the cap? It was never this much of a problem until the gun bloom change. My 2 cents.
  13. I did it in the Udaloi. Had an Izumo sitting behind an island, was able to rush him point blank, and got him with both sets of torps. Was able to spam the guns enough for the shell damage. Have only got the reward that one time though.
  14. I'm sticking with IFHE. Would rather have constant damage than a chance of fire, just my preference. Played a game in chappy without it, massive difference in shattered/no damage shell hits