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  1. Schizophfrenic_Snake

    APAC All-Stars: English speaking community vote

    SuperJF you can bring it home mate smash everyone else. I have faith in you buddy! VOR No1!!!
  2. Schizophfrenic_Snake


    Thanks for the reply people thankyou.
  3. Schizophfrenic_Snake


    here is the the Video
  4. Schizophfrenic_Snake


    I'll put a link up in youtube and share it on here people and show you.
  5. Schizophfrenic_Snake


    I was just in a game in the Missouri and was trying to Cap C and there was the HSF DD in there and he was in radar distance but he was some how stealth firing ?? is that possible for that ship it needs to be nerfed
  6. Schizophfrenic_Snake


    how so it says 20.06.2017 which is todays date???.
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    it should be so unfair to other players
  8. Schizophfrenic_Snake


    [content removed] This really needs to be banned it's unfair to other players and shouldn't be allowed in game anyone using it should be banned. Illegal content. Post edited, thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  9. Schizophfrenic_Snake

    Aussi's and NZ players

    New group looking for Australian and NZ Players. look for the group SEATO Chris is owner i'm doing his recruiting for the group. we are an active group​If your interested please send a request to that name as shown above. I will get back to you also MANDATORY you will need CURSE.IGN - Comrade_Pisstov ​always looking for more players and people who'd like to div up for battles i'm not 100% when team battles are coming. but to do div count in's we can do I play with a lot of teams 1AR - ANZAF - AUSNZ - HMAS groups so there is a broad field of groups I play with. Duplicate Thread, Thread closed and moved, User Warned ~Ephys
  10. Schizophfrenic_Snake

    atlanta feels like a complete waste of money

    Atlanta isn't a waste of money I've had it for 3 weeks now and already have 150K XP on it I love this ship just got know how to play it. It can be hard due to large shell arch but I love this ship it's not a waste of money what so ever. IGN-Comrade_Pisstov
  11. Schizophfrenic_Snake

    Aussi's and NZ players

    ​hey man no we are on curse now we left TS man download curse and add me its either Comrade_Pisstov or druids_xboxlive
  12. Schizophfrenic_Snake


    Anyone wishing to join an Aussie and NZ based WOWS group we play every day and on every night most are I am tho. Message myself Comrade_Pisstov or Taipan_17 or Angules_Mortis ​Or you can go to clans and ask to join TF44 ​You will need an active curse account we do have our own chat room on curse it is a closed room hope we get more players from Australia and New Zeland Please limit clan recruitment in the Clan recruitment section only. Thread locked due to there is an existing thread already in the proper section. ~amade
  13. Schizophfrenic_Snake

    Aussi's and NZ players

    We are a Aussie group and looking for aussies and nz players it's a must you have Curse we are on everynight the group is TF44 stands for ​TASKFORCE44 Look up that name TF44 And i'll accept if you'd like to join an aussie group on SHIPS
  14. Schizophfrenic_Snake

    TaskForce44 (Aussie & NZ Players Group)

    Best clan ever you'll be in.