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    Reporting and Karma

    I think an easy way to fix losing karma to some random upset player is, if at the end of the game you got more XP than them. Well they want to report a bad player, so the must of meant themselves, as they got less XP than the player they reported. So they lose the Karma, not the player they reported, it takes a long time to gain Karma. In one game because you have a division of players that do not like the way you play you can lose many points. Even when you get top XP in losing game with High Calibre, Kraken & Dreadnought some players still report you as you did not play the way they wanted. In Clan wars with voice comms I can understand this thinking but not in PUG Random battles. So if they report you guess what they will loss the Karma, not you as they were the ones that played the poorer game in the PUG random.
  2. First for this suggestion I recommend making NO change to how ship with radar see’s targets in its radar range. If a ship has Radar it can hide behind that land mass and use it. They will see all RED ships in range as its now, NO change at all. Just team will only get mini-map update like storm reduced range. This change is only for other ships that do not have radar active. If they do not have break stealth LOS, as it is now for ships firing/in smoke/or moving behind a landmass, only mini-map is update as for "storm range affects" now. What I mean by "storm range affects" is if you are out of the 8km range in a storm you can see RED ship on minimap, one of you team had detected, but its not displayed on screen till you also have LOS. This function/change should require only a small code change and little server CPU change. As the code to display ships on min-map is currently used in storms. As code currently has an adaptable range that walks down to 8km. Just make for all but ship with radar storm LOS as by DD detection range, it breaks stealth use code/system as it is now. Its not LOS for radar but is a compromise as it has no effect on what Radar ship can see. But it will stop a Radar ship hiding behind island and covering 2 caps so team can shoot at DD in cap. Team will only now see DD on mini-map unless it does something to be in LOS. The ship with radar needs to shoot/close with DD and force it to break stealth.