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    Turrets (Edited)

    First up I love this game. Graphics, game play and the need to learn the game to be good at it rather than most games it is about the amount of money you spend that dictates your success. there are some things lacking in the game and one thing is the ability to set the position of individual Turrets. Not so important for the destroyers and cruisers but very important for the slow moving Battleships. I would love to be able to set my turrets individually to be able to engage more than one enemy at a time with out having to wait for the turrets to rotate to the desired co-ordinates. being able to fire on more than one ship would discourage multiple ships coming after you which always seems to happen to me. Also another suggestion is the use of the anchor in battle to turn your ship faster, like they did in he movie Battlships. Of course this would be difficult for the programmers but both suggestions would help the game play of battleships and improve the tactics to a more life like feel