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  1. planswalkers

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    The update to 3.33 breaks the wgc and says it can not recover from an error and need to reinstall from the support centre. After the reinstall, it forces you to 3.33 again and the error appears again.
  2. planswalkers

    Mac 版每次升級之後問題

    wg那个模拟器用的是32位系统,这次更新以后32位系统被踢掉了。 简单来说就是在模拟器不更新的情况下,别想用macos玩wows了,或者自己用新版的wine吧
  3. 0.6.9更新后mac版无法启动。
  4. 自從更新0.6.4以後,基本5分鐘遊戲就會crash一次,根本沒發完,寫了回報單也沒人回應。從新安裝了兩次也沒一點用。wg拜託你們趕緊修復這個問題,不要浪費我的加值時間。
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  6. planswalkers

    Bug in 6.1.0 in Mac

    I also face this problem...WG fix it plz
  7. planswalkers

    How does this happen?

    But if a ap shell is going to cause detonation, it must reach the magazine.And it will be a citadel……
  8. planswalkers

    How does this happen?

    Just saw this picture on a Chinese forum. I don't understand how can 2 non-penetration shell can cause a detonation?And it's ap shell from 152mm against Großer Kurfürst? Can anyone explain?It just does make sense to me
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    IGN:planswalkers I would like to apply to be a supertester 會遵守NDA協議 希望能選上成為ST
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  11. planswalkers

    One year infograph

    So that's the answer to the question why we are still here. BECAUSE WE DO NOT WANT TO START FORM ZERO.AND WE PAID FOR THE PREMIUM. And that's why we are complaining. BECAUSE THAT IS ONLY WAY WE CAN EXPRESS OUR ANGER TOWARDS THE UNFAIR TREATMENT.
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    不患寡而患不均。歐服美服都是什麼任務,我們是什麼任務。 謝謝你wg asia,你刷新了我對傻逼的認知啊。 讓我們轉服吧。
  14. planswalkers

    One year infograph

    Just want to know.If they do allow you to transfer your account to other servers,will you? At least I will even though that means higher ping and time difference.It is still better to be treated unfairly.The point is not only our event suck,but all other servers are getting good ones and our's suck. So,if wg asia really don't catch up, please give us a chance to transfer our account and so that we don't need to suffer this kind of stupid event.