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  1. Arcane_Dream

    Island bug on Two brothers

    Stuck on island in Two Brothers map, can not reverse or move out of the spot
  2. Arcane_Dream

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Well [Content Removed] cruiser Who need cruiser when BB have radar now? Profanity , Post Edited , User Warned ~Ephys
  3. Arcane_Dream

    Matchmaker still broken

    For the gazillion time MM take the highest tier into consideration first The carrier div mate protected MM are put second Only when there is no T4 carrier div with another T5 ship, the MM find the match with the protected MM.
  4. Arcane_Dream

    Is a Fletcher nerf is needed?

    The IJN buff is defeinitely needed but to make them competitive without making them straight up overpower is hard because Fletcher set the bar too high Fletcher have 2x5 compare to Yuugumo 2x4 while easier to hit and have slightly less damage and flood chance. Udaloy and Tashkent both have drawback compare to Fletcher.
  5. Arcane_Dream

    Is a Fletcher nerf is needed?

    We all know that Fletcher is currently the best tier 9 DD and possibly best DD in game overall, question is should it get nerf? Removal of its upgrade torpedo perharps since it make IJN DD look bad?
  6. Arcane_Dream

    who is on water team? THIS IS UNFAIR!

    Just hope that WG learn their lesson and actually plan the event carefully next time. This one will go in the book as one big stain like the EU Christmas Convoy and Weekly mission
  7. Arcane_Dream


    This is WG fault when organizing the event tbh. Split the community into 2 then force them to fight will always result in lemming train into 1 team. And since clan exist, they will always choose 1 side, and the side depend on which the top clan pick. After that it will be a shit storm when 1 team completely roll over the other with both number and quality. And the difficulty of the event is just the icing on the cake. This was a very good patch, and then CoE happened.
  8. Arcane_Dream

    who is on water team? THIS IS UNFAIR!

    To be honest why even bother playing right now since the result is decided already. Unlike first week now regular players had chose their team, and the number is currently skewed toward water after the Fire locked happen. Which mean the tide can not be change and Water can easily win with their lead in both players and score. Even when team is distributed randomly, the chance that the winning team have more Water than Fire players is still much higher than vice versa. Unless Fire team are all unicum ( which is definitely not the case since the better clan already in Water team) they have a shot at damage/ribbon/achievement but it is not the case. TLDR Fire team lost since the moment the fiasco happened, and there is no way to save them. Enjoy the French cruiser instead.
  9. Right now the number of players is heavily skewed to Water side, and by now most players had a team so good luck balancing the numbers. I gave up on the event after the whole fiasco and just testing ship until the event end.
  10. I'm just gonna play tier 4 for the next few day anyway since there is little point participating the event right now. Whatever happened, it is sure that Fire team lost their lead without knowing what on earth is going on in the very last day of round 1. This gonna discourage a lot of team Fire players to even try to compete in the event when it is already hard as hell.
  11. Arcane_Dream

    Wargaming, Last Chance please for Russian DD

    Shameful display.
  12. Arcane_Dream

    French Cruisers: [HONHONHON intensifies]

    And the moment if their tier 10 turn out to be OP. I can't imagine people reaction
  13. Just sitting here and wait for Zara And for people to stop whining about RN BB.
  14. Arcane_Dream

    Kutuzov needs radar, not sonar

    Hydro is fine. Hydro + Radar is acceptable Hydro + Radar + Smoke + Concealment module is just .....