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  1. SuperJF

    0.9.4 Bug Report Thread

    Excuse me ?
  2. SuperJF

    Tier VIII premium cruiser

    Prinz Eugen Reliable German turtleback armor, high AP alpha, consistent HE shells (over 50mm penetration), large hp pool with a heal, very good yolo potential (6 torps per side). Best premium cruiser in tier 8 imo. But I don't have one.
  3. 対空重巡洋艦 摩耶の実装を希望しま す !
  4. SuperJF

    (more) Friesland questions

    Get RPF instead , Friesland will become one of the best DD hunter in the game.
  5. SuperJF

    CV emblem

    Honestly I think current "elite" emblem standard is a bit too low. It should be like this instead : DD : 90k CA : 110k BB : 130k CV : 150k Go big or go home.
  6. SuperJF

    Economics of Destroyers

    I can easily make tons of credits with DDs lol ... 😂 Dont yolo and die in the first five minutes , then continue to do objective , ez income.
  7. SuperJF

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    B- but you are Korean my friend.
  8. SuperJF

    Refund Premium CV together !!!

    Can I refund my Haku and Midway ? Those two are so unplayable now, i want my credits and fxp back ! I don't mind If the emblem under my profile get remove too , just gimme back muh hard-earner xp and credits !
  9. SuperJF

    Most DD players are bad

    DDs nowadays is just so bad ... Can't use the full strength in muh GLORIUS YAMATO becuz our DD always did no spotting and sank for no reason .
  10. Sasuga estro-senpai poi I totally agree with you , doesn't matter we play in solo or not , as long we put the effort into this game , we should get the reward that we should get poi . If guy complain about they don't have blabla ships or mod , why don't they try to put more effort in this game ? Complain won't let ur skill improve , why not spend more time to improve yourself in game instead of complain to everyone . If you don't even to try more in CB and ranked , what reward you want ? Daily container is enough for your guys .
  11. Fun facts : That purple clan guy only has 800pr on cv