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  1. BigHappning

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    sorry i am not very good at working that out
  2. BigHappning

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    am i right to say that 2130 melbourne time....
  3. BigHappning

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    did they just update that
  4. BigHappning

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Hey all still cant connect...
  5. BigHappning

    Glitched port

    Hey all here a some photos i thought i would share
  6. BigHappning

    Giulio Cesare

    thanks for all your replies yeah maybe just bad luck with rng, i have nearly finished the German bb line so i know what you are talking about but i just find it to be not very consistent, morer so when letting a full volley at one time, but to be fair only had 10 games in it so maybe just some time. cheers
  7. BigHappning

    Giulio Cesare

    Hi all, is any 1 else pretty disappointed with the way the shells disperse of this ship it is actually pretty disgusting and not consistent.
  8. BigHappning

    need more co-operation....

    just had 4 games and they were the worst 4 games i have played in a month if not more... frustrating, but when the game works it really works! This is a good point, carry your own weight and do the most you can with what u have to work with, which is not much most of the time
  9. BigHappning

    need more co-operation....

    agreed with both of you, thats pretty much the only option lately but if team does respond and communicates the game can go so much better!
  10. ok i had no idea about all that just had another game got up to 380ish not fun! ps. in victoria AU
  11. i am currently on 230 up n down
  12. BigHappning

    Damn these ARP paint schemes

    Thanks for the confirmation
  13. BigHappning

    Damn these ARP paint schemes

    Hey all, i did buy the Kii and did that "mission" but no camo in camo selection screen, has any 1 else has this issue?
  14. BigHappning

    Training Room Issues

    I posted about the same script issue i get when opening the launcher so not sure if you changing the config file in the res folder from "true" to "false" has anything to do with it.