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  1. Intellectual disability is not a disease and therefore cannot be cured by medication. However, individuals with intellectual disabilities are still able to learn – they often just require more time and effort.
  2. _Clear_All


  3. _Clear_All

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    The number of CST participants depends on how many active players in your clan volunteer to do testing tasks. CST participants can be changed once per testing session, and the name list of participants is decided by clan representatives.
  4. _Clear_All

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    Since proficiency in English is one of the basic requirements for CST program, I strongly recommend you to read the post in detail before you keep asking the same question.
  5. _Clear_All

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    Prodtest in live server is a part of CST, but the main task of CST clans is to complete team-play testing tasks on special servers.
  6. _Clear_All

    Get rid of these cheat rocket planes now !!!

    The only reliable squad for Furious is its torps, the pen and dispersion of its DB is terrible. That's why Furious keeps player "furious".
  7. _Clear_All

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    Comparing the underpowered main batteries of PEF to Kongo, we can find that the guns are at a level of Tier V.