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  1. Cool
    Dire_Venom got a reaction from Robby_Hermanto in Inquiry: Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament   
    Yup, as mentioned your secondaries will only fire on whatever target your ctrl+click, which is different to how the Manual AA control works.
    That being said, once you go full in on secondaries you never go back :3 Being to melt a Bow on yamato with your ifhe secs never gets old, and you can easily rack up 40-80k damage purely from secondary hits (not including fires).
    As for players who are new to this skill, all it means is that you need to keep an eye on your map (with sec range turned on) and target ships as they are coming into range. Your secondaries also take 1-2 seconds to retarget as well before they start firing.
  2. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to Somedude_Yudachi in How to Lexington? pls ;-;   
    This suppose to help,this dude is a decent cv player
  3. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to AntifoulAwl in Possible Security Risk   
    His papers have not been signed. This requires further investigation.
  4. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to Cactus_Hour in Assigning German Special Commander   
    Yeah that John Doe name showed no imagination.
    All they had to do was remove one letter and add two
    Steven Seagal > Steven Seagull 
  5. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to Darkworld_2015 in Assigning German Special Commander   
    Thank you so much for the inputs :D
    I'm in a dilemma where to put him; in my GK build I have no room for JOAT nor vigilance (19 points, secondary builds with IHFE, and AR). It might work for Hindenburg in terms of JOAT, but vigilance... I'd still prefer demolition expert and SI.
    I have been longing for a German Special Commander for so long, but when I got him, I don't know how to make use of his special perks :(
  6. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to HeidimarieW in Assigning German Special Commander   
    Helmut Schiffmann, can't they pick a better name than this?

    I don't quite get why Vigilance of all skills, would preferred something else.

    Technically, this should works pretty well with all German ships with hydro. The stacking would makes this captain better in BB line, the extra acquisition range will give more time to react. Without vigilance, I think 4km on hydro is pretty enough for CAs/DDs While Jack of All trade is a bit more usable universally, on all classes. 

    Might just get him for collection sake (but nothing special about him so I just might ask why tho?), I'll just stick with my other 19th caps... since I don't use Vigilance and JoAT.
  7. Funny
    Dire_Venom reacted to Ernikat in Tip for Stage 4 - Franz von Juetland mission: use Richelieu   
    Kiev is the only tier 8 ship I have for the mission...

    Its not impossible, but very painful nonetheless xaxaxaxa
    Every match I always cheer the little special DD secondary turret on.
    Go, little one! Keep firing at the enemy BBs before you get destroyed!
  8. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to Moldavia in Tip for Stage 4 - Franz von Juetland mission: use Richelieu   
    I was lucky and rolled up a Dunkerque in a coop match while in a Tirpitz. Got on his tail round an island and just followed him around so he couldn't shoot at me. Scored nearly 400 hits and possibly would have made it to 500 if some inconsiderate teammate hadn't finished him off too soon.
  9. Funny
    Dire_Venom reacted to Unraveler in Izumo: difficult to handle her guns   
    The best way to handle Izumo is with Free XP.
  10. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to Unraveler in Inquiry: Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament   
    This is an interesting point. The skill description states:
    Secondary guns only fire at targets designated by the player.
    Newer players would naturally assume that means the normal Target Lock system. There's no mention of a separate priority target mechanic the works exclusively with the secondary guns.
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    Dire_Venom reacted to HoloTheWise in SE is a must have skill on BBs   
    Get out. Just get out

  12. Funny
    Dire_Venom reacted to InterconKW in Why there is no British CV line?   
    In my personal opinion, asking for another CV line is the worst thing you can do right now. I find that the CV class has issues in design, ranging from being too influential (causing games to be restricted and often one sided), a sticky user interface and questionable matchmaking (noting 2 CV games or games with one team at a huge AA advantage). Think of CVs as a real-time strategy overlay over a first/third person shooter, with CVs being designed to create different characteristics of units in the RTS. This has led to a lot of fundamental issues.

    CVs are also a kingpin of 3-player AA or anchor divisions (divving with AA ships to ensure an advantage or even higher tier ships since the CV will ensure the enemy CV and thus tier is almost always anchored down E.G. Saipan Kutuzov Kidd facing a Ranger to make the division top tier- these activities make playing carriers especially at high tiers look outright painful) due to the high influence on the game a carrier provides.

    Within the class, carrier balancing is very questionable. Enterprise and Graf Zeppelin for example- Enterprise outfighters every same tier CV and still has a respectable strike to boot, Graf is outright overpowered, see 2 week stats on Warships.Today (without doubt Enterprise and Graf heavily outperform their tech tree counterparts)

    (is Lexington even relevant)

    Wargaming is aware of the horrible state of the carrier. They are proposing various reworks and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. But at this moment they do not have a clear direction to fix the flaws with the class. 

    tl;dr CVs are in very bad shape right now and we do not need to make the problem bigger. Let Wargaming solve the issues with them first. I really hope we do not get new CVs.
  13. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to Robby_Hermanto in Why there is no British CV line?   
    As the title said...
    British had abundant CVs during WWII. Some of them scored great impact in history, they also have specifications that not less to US and JP counterpart.
    Not only CV, the DD is also too less for a nation with title "The ruler of the waves".
  14. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to legionary2099 in Isoroku too hard?   
    7 devas is something a CV basically has to setup and prey on half health enemy with their strikes , you will basically have to give up or more pressing and really needed stuffs like recon and intimidation for your team
    This is counter productive and kill the game's fun when the condition is something that you need to cheat cooperation or is so ridiculously specific that it ruin gameplay experience.
    This is a return of WoT mission drama that was despised by the community ever since introduction. I highly suggest that the WoWS dev team look into their collegueas mistake and reconsider the situation
  15. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to _neppu in Ohhh! The rage   
    You got a point..., but the bit that making damage reflected back to the source is a perfect storm for messing around with other players.
    Come to think of it, WG might be experimenting how the gameplay goes without friendly fire damage in the form of operations.
  16. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to 9mm1n in [petition] Graf Zeppelin need repair party and BB hull   
    I regret clicking on this thread
  17. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to drakon233 in [petition] Graf Zeppelin need repair party and BB hull   
    my eyes are bleeding again
  18. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to drakon233 in Pro tip#1: watch your opponent's HP before you ram.   
    please for the love of god, learn how to screenshot, my eyes just got better from being burnt by seeing sharkbait's graf zap thread, anymore and i'll go blind
  19. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to _neppu in humm, this looks intresting   
    The 360d premium seems to get marked up during this event huh?
  20. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to icy_phoenix in The dunkirk captains   
    I used them on Dunkerque, Belfast and some other RN BBs.
  21. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to Velvet_Scarlantina in What's the best tier 6 Cruiser for ranked battles   
    Aoba, useless?
    Feast your eyes on the awesome power of Aoba...

    But really, look at that smile... How can you hate Aoba? You'll definitely come to love her and sell your Cleaver away.
  22. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to icy_phoenix in The dunkirk captains   
    That's exactly what I have been doing. I spec'd them for regular ships and farmed a few hundreds of thousands elite commander XP.
  23. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to kultabashi in life on board fletcher   
    I love this VID. I always watch similar vids to get a glimpse on how "Destroyer" men lived during wartime.
    A Fletcher class DD is 115M
    An Atlanta class CL is 165M
    An Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate is 132M
    A modern Arleigh Burke class DD is 154M

    So nowadays, DD's are a few meters shy of WW CL lengths.  They are almost as wide.  This makes for better handling in rough seas and more comfort for the sailors during patrols.  Still, im sure it would be cool to be part of that WW2 Era when the Fletcher was State of the Art and rather LARGE for its class of ship.
  24. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to PGM991 in life on board fletcher   
    Destroyer are small, we all know
    but despite how small it is, it have to accommodate 200+ crew
    let see how their living in there
    P.S. USS saufley is one of fletcher class destroyer
    no wonder why this is confidential, it would discourage people to apply to navy :D
    the commentary voice is kinda funny too.
  25. Cool
    Dire_Venom reacted to Counterflak in RN BBs (Low to Mid Tier)   
    Subtly trying to get information out of Super Testers. Nice try buddeh.