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  1. Thanks! Funny how it doesn't appear in the ingame store XD
  2. Dire_Venom

    Inquiry: Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament

    If you angle right you can bounce the 460's :3 I have yet to encounter a proper seconday opponent so far unfortunatly :,(
  3. Dire_Venom

    Ranked XP

    In my ranked Games it's either DDs saving a star with caps+torps or Yammies hanging back and just blaping everything. Sometimes you get a very good Des moins captian who gets top spot. Shimas seem to do very well, last games 2 Shimas got 5 combined kills and I got the last 2.
  4. Bit confused here, I generally check the prem shop every few days (asia) bu havn't seen any commanders. Am I blind or missing something:?
  5. Interesting commander though. You get 35% increased torp detection on Vigilance instead of 25%, and 10% consumable reload instead of 5%. Seems to be a survivability focused build:? That being said I've never bothered with Vigilance before since I have hydro so XD
  6. Dire_Venom

    Inquiry: Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament

    Yup, as mentioned your secondaries will only fire on whatever target your ctrl+click, which is different to how the Manual AA control works. That being said, once you go full in on secondaries you never go back :3 Being to melt a Bow on yamato with your ifhe secs never gets old, and you can easily rack up 40-80k damage purely from secondary hits (not including fires). As for players who are new to this skill, all it means is that you need to keep an eye on your map (with sec range turned on) and target ships as they are coming into range. Your secondaries also take 1-2 seconds to retarget as well before they start firing.
  7. All I've ever wanted was the Smoke mod for my Perth :,( I really think we should beable to trade in mods for ones wed actualy use. I find the drop rate on tyl is about 5% or 1 in 20. I've gottent 2 supercontainers in a row multiple times before, althougth they both gave me the same useless spotting mod -_- I always just go for supercontainers since it's the only way to get otherwise unobtainable items.
  8. Dire_Venom

    Ohhh! The rage

    Wait how does the TK penalty kill you:? So if the tk penalty takes out 2 ships because one was a dick that is just about a guranteed game loss for your team.... Who designed this
  9. Dire_Venom

    Ohhh! The rage

    Wow.... oh boy this BB is soooo anoying sitting in my smoke... I can't be botherd moving, Ill just torp him then I can send torps again over his corspe in 2 minutes :3 I fail to see how blocking shots is worse XD
  10. Dire_Venom

    Ohhh! The rage

    WHY can you even Team kill in this game:? It only caters towards potatoes who want to kill something that won't shoot back at them. Just make any damage dealt to allied ships be applied TO YOUR OWN SHIP! Problem solved!
  11. Dire_Venom

    what to do when facing purposefully TK

    You are learning well young padawan! Sorry you had that experience :/ On my first ever WOW's match I was team killed by a derpy destroyer -_- I would much rather any damage you do to allied ships be applied to your own ship instead, I feel thatd be much fairer for these derpy drivers.
  12. Dire_Venom

    how to mahan?

    I personaly wouldn't go with AFT, the shell arcs are just too bad to reliably hit anything at range. Survivability expert is always good, I would highly recomend it (Allows you to take a torp to the face without getting on-shot). Adrenaline rush tends to be my pick over something like bft. DE gives you a 50% increase in fire chance which is defiantly noticeable. For the first time you also get semi-decent torpedos which is nice, and still the fantastic US smoke. In regards to moduals I always love running increased speed boost as well as propulsion mod for easy torp dodges in smoke. Ive moved my captin back down to my farragut for ranked, but the general play and captin builds should still be similar.
  13. Dire_Venom

    This Ranked Season is terrible

    Eh Im fine with rank 8. Just be thankful your still somewhat sane.
  14. With the 5x3 torps, semi decent players were easily able to one-shot battleships in one torp salvo. Even with the Iron cross drop pattern, it would be very unpleasant and not very fun for anyone targeted by this carrier. Against good AA many of it's planes would get shredded, but against lower tier ships it's absolutely terrifying. It was situationaly strong before, now with divebombers....??? I mean I dont understand why it was given dive-bombers at all -_- They tend to not be very effective in comparison to torps. I would rather the torps be re-worked, maybe with much greater range but a high arming time:? I don't really et what WG are trying to do with this carrier, it doesnt seem very appealing to play as or play against.
  15. Dire_Venom

    what to do when facing purposefully TK

    Remember to include context of the team kill, if they shot at your ship with their guns its definatly purposful, but if you ran into their torpedo wall which they launched 20+ seconds ago it was likely a mistake by both players. If it was a point blank torp into your side then it's defiantly personal XD