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    Gift not Received

    Hmm I also click but it didn't appear so I wait for 5 min nothing. Thinking if I did something, it might go wrong so I went away and 10 minute later when I checked I got the gifts
  2. Comrade_Salty

    Royal Navy will come at 0.5.13 Why?

    hmm exactly the problem I faced while thinking of the French line. I think WG was wrong to put dunk in t6 it should have been t7 then French line could be complete with 2 paper ship but now the t10 is the question. I know everyone will blast me "dunk at t7!!! what have u been smoking...should be t5" well my own penny in this. I think Bismarck and tirp should have been at t9. Ppl will come out with "16 vs 15 !!!" but think about the Italian and RN line also. Well the japs and uncle sam went for 16+ but the other side of atlantic chose to stay at 15 I think. So change something to 16 so they might hit only a bit more against the 15. Anyway the t10s will be most likely be paper except for RN (but vanguard was 15 only ) so all line can be 16 or 18. I think, while searching for what to suggest for the montana I came upon some data about initially they were also planning 18s for it so maybe they can put it on the montana as an upgrade . Now for the Russian BBs rofl. Well they have so much project xxxxxx I think they can find some pxxxxx. Surely the politburo would have planned many such
  3. Comrade_Salty

    Just one more gold! [Update: GOLD GETTTT!]

    How do we get the post box one?
  4. Comrade_Salty

    Vote to remove me from the forums

    Sometimes I just visit this forum to see his rant post and wait for the rest of the forum to nail him ...So no way. You stay bro
  5. Comrade_Salty

    The only way we can get Prinz Eugen?

    I have watched some Clan and team battles and I saw preference for Atago and Kuto over Hipper in youtube. Yes some team used Hipper also ... flamu's clan (One of the videos and twitch stream I regularly watch) uses Atago and Kuto more I think
  6. Comrade_Salty

    Asking teammates to finish off enemies

    For me I would say depending on situation. But I once had a BB down to 2k, he started angling and I was on CA with AP loaded. As he started to angle against me I told some team mates to finish him off and I turned to juicier broadsided target. It was a regretful decision, my 2 teammates who could have shot him as his turn made him broadside to them didn't do their job. he healed back to 11k+, finished them and as I finished my turn after killing my target, he sank me . . I thought at that time if I had finished him...
  7. Comrade_Salty

    Whats the ARP Ashigara

    Think the spee will be later... after the RN Cruiser line so that Achilles or Ajax and Exeter can also come in... anyway Battle of river plate was in December so maybe near that timeline... Would be nice to have a map based on the battle where one side tries to cap/return to safety the other side tries to prevent