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  1. Hello, I am Dark_Jet aka Captain_Jet, I have recently created a clan for World of Warships named, RIMPAC Gaming, and I'm looking for some new members to join in and help grow the clan to its full potential! We are a realist and professional clan with a realist ranking system used by the US Navy. We don't have many requirements, just that you be able to speak english and can be active and dedicated. If you're interested in joining and helping out then head over to our website or our discord server for more info. I am Australian but we have a few members from all around the world so any time zone is fine! Website: http://rimpacgaming.enjin.com/home Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/DHTEKkk Thanks for your time, Dark_Jet, Founder and Admiral of RIMPAC Gaming.
  2. Hello, I'm planning to start uploading WOWS gameplay to my youtube channel (About 550 subs) and was wondering if there is anyway for me to get my own kind of code to give to my viewers? Idk if its possible but would be nice if it is.
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