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  1. TheAnvil

    NY Camo code

    Thankyou and happy new year.
  2. TheAnvil

    DOUBLETENDAY. Free camo code.

    Much obliged.
  3. TheAnvil

    0.7.7 lagging

    I would describe what I am experiencing since 0.7.7 is very perceptible rubber banding (something like that was experienced after one of the other recent updates and which they fixed). It is almost like the game is "confused" as to what it is meant to be displaying and this is most noticeable after using the RMB Free Camera Look : after releasing the free look camera the view goes to one perspective before snapping to another "more correct" one.
  4. As of this afternoon it is still bad. As Flemboy said the in-game ping appears normal but actual network/game performance not good. We've all got a few games under our belts so it seems our shared opinions mean something isn't right.
  5. TheAnvil

    Is the Server Dying or Is It Just Me?

    I am also experiencing problems as well. Just played a game where there average ping was ranging from 600-2500ms.
  6. TheAnvil

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    Check out the Indianapolis mission that starts that day.
  7. TheAnvil

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    I predict this thread will explode again on June 22.
  8. TheAnvil

    Spotting Ribbons

    The acknowledgement of the productive action is certainly nice.
  9. TheAnvil

    Can't connect to server

  10. Biggusdoggus' interpretation actually doesn't seem that torturous of the words - I could see why a prospective customer would think that the camos will be received as a result of buying the containers in the bundle. Or is the case that at this time there is still another way he can acquire the camos ?
  11. TheAnvil

    Performance issue after 0.7.2

    Since patch implementation I often experience in-game micro stuttering.
  12. I finished both sets of French crate missions and was short by 1 duplicate to complete the collection. My completionist personality flaw compelled me to buy five crates but I got there (and also got the Lyon assignment).
  13. TheAnvil

    Final Battle of North Cape Mission

    Should they need to compensate by an extended deadline. All player performance statistics would be available for them to credit what is owing (I hope) ?
  14. TheAnvil

    Final Battle of North Cape Mission

    It is registering BB kills but not XP - I hope this is corrected soon.
  15. TheAnvil


    The in-game spelling of the new combat missions seems a little ..... Freudian.