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  1. 10/19 Compatible in
  2. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jkqpqp4panlplpa/HP_bar_-_Azur_Lane.7z/file It's a mod which replaces the original ship's HP bar. For example, You also can find other style images for the same ship in other folder, like "same class", "party" and "wedding". Now I list all I already did. Japan Hosho Zuiho Shouhou alternative Hiryu Same class,Souryuu Shokaku Same class,Zuikaku Taiho Party Kaga Wedding Same class,Akagi Fuso Same class,Yamashiro Party,Yamashiro Kongo ARP Kongo Nagato Wedding Mikasa Izumo Mutsu ARP Kirishima ARP Haruna ARP Hiei Yubari Furutaka Aoba Myoko ARP Myoko Mogami Ibuki Atago ARP Takao Wedding ARP Nachi Kamikaze Kamikaze R Mutsuki Fubuki Party Akatsuki Akitsuki Niizuki alternative Hatsuharu Shiratsuyu Yuudachi alternative Same class, Shiratsuyu Wedding,Yuudachi Kagero Yukikaze alternative Same class,,Kagero Asashio USA Bogue Langley Ranger Lexington Saratoga alternative Enterprise Wedding Colorado North Carolina Arizona Alabama Alabama ST South Dakota alternative Party Massachusetts St. Louis In azur lane she is belong Brooklyn class, and differs from WoWs. Omaha Atlanta Phoenix In azur lane she is belong Brooklyn class, and differs from WoWs. New Orleand Quincy alternative Helena Cleveland Party Indianapolis Same class, Portland Benson Laffey alternative Same class,Benson Nicholas In azur lane she is belong Fletcher class, and differs from WoWs. Fletcher Bush alternative Same class,Fletcher Sims Hammann alternative Same class,Sims Mahan Cassin alternative UK Warspite Queen Elizabeth Party Monarch Party Duke of York Hood Wedding Nelson Same class,Rodney Leander Ajax alternative Same class,Leander Party Fiji Edinburgh Neptune Belfast Wedding Bel Chan Acasta Jervis Javelin alternative Gallent Glow worm alternative Germany Graf Zeppelin Tirpiz Gneisenau Bismark Scharnhorst Karlsruhe Königsberg Admiral Hipper Roon Admiral Graf Spee HSF Admiral Graf Spee Same class, Deutschland Prinz Eugen Wedding Z-1 Leberecht Maass Z-23 Z-46 Pan-Asia Fushun Anshan Huanghe UK Aurora=Huanghe Same class,use Royal flag. Party Lo Yang Use Eastern Radiance flag, Benson France Saint-Louis Émile Bertin Le Terrible Le Triomphant alternative Dunkerque Jean Bart Richelieu USSR Avrora How to use: Extract and put "gui" folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\
  3. 9/21 compatible in
  4. 8/23 compatible in
  5. 8/4 Go Navy Patch http://www.mediafire.com/file/09a0vh317rlw8ff/UI_Heaven%2527s_Feel_Go_Navy_Patch.7z/file Need using with the main pack
  6. 7/28 compatible in http://www.mediafire.com/file/24wjjqj1ndbi0my/UI_Pack_-_Fate_Stay_Night_Heaven%27s_Feel_0. Add tech tree pics:borrow from https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/127118-noacuracys-shipgirl-icons/ Add HP bar:Azur Lane e.g. British:Belfast USA:Cleveland France:Saint-Louis Germany:Prinz Eugan Japan:Kaga USSR:Aurora Pan-asia:Anshan Add port pic: Eagle Shark Add tech tree nation flags:Azur Lane France: Iris Libre Germany:Iron blood Japan:Sakura empire Pan-asia: Eastern Radiance USSR:North union British:Royal USA: Eagle Union
  7. 6/28 compatible in
  8. 5/31 compatible in
  9. 10/19 Compatible in This mod pack is about movie: fate stay night heaven's feel. It involves user interface and container ship skin. Download mod please click below. (Login movie not included) http://www.mediafire.com/file/fb528f84755olng/UI_Pack_-_Fate_Stay_Night_Heaven%2527s_Feel_0. Optional mod: login movies Ver. 1 BD MENU https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WHEukK6zKx_IKTMTqrRkI9XWixyWdv2H Ver. 2 PV x 3 from BD https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tIqOySRC9t0GXPvV03cq4VjXTDY55D1N Ver. 3 Game OP Ver. Realta Nua https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y6S5kHn-eaquID11rhRD-e0LKoIPd9_Z ======================================================================================================================================= Finally it comes to release. This mod pack is about movie: fate stay night heaven's feel. It involves user interface, login movie and container ship skin. Here is the preview movie. Mod preview: Login movie Ver.1 preview: And see screenshots below.