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  1. AlexPlayWOWS

    Type A 1941 cruiser: the "Zao"/"Senjo"/"Unzen"

    The Japanese sources stated that the new 20cm No.3 was tested in early 1930 (?) was a success and great result, the longer caliber allow using more powerful charges giving its excellent shell trajectory and good penetration. Sadly, they don't have the data what of type shell the gun tested (no information about 155kg shell either, all were lost) so i just assuming 920 m/s for 125kg is reasonable, because a 155kg with that such velocity going to have terrible barrel wear and degrade dispersion. Funny enough, the new 203mm/55 No.3 was mean to counter against US older and outdated 8"/45 (lol) instead the 8"/50 from Treaty-cruiser series (is jus IJN doctrine of individual superiority).
  2. AlexPlayWOWS

    montana deck armor bug?

    I have ask developer Sub_Octavian (who in charge dev QnA on NA and RU servers) on reddit, as he claimed that Montana deck armor has been buffed to 38mm, unless this is a bug or... they forgot to change it, hopefully we can get answer soon.
  3. AlexPlayWOWS

    the Ibuki cruiser

    A tier 5 candidate to me, Ibuki would been end up like other unsuccessful converted vessel to carriers (slow, uncomfortable for the crew members, weak structures and cramped badly). Planes could carry estimate 28 or 30 aircraft, but armor is quite decent for a CVL (that extra weight come off with slower speed). I was thinking that IJN second CV line is going to have some carriers that have been converted from their original forms. Akagi, Kaga, Shinano and Ibuki, a purpose-built mass produce carrier like Unryu could be tier 7 or either Soryu.
  4. AlexPlayWOWS

    [] 111 Langley a bit OP?

    Well, you not really wrong. IJN CV are actually specialize in more DPS style while they have more squads but each squads does less damage (due to their bombs and torpedoes weaker than USN counterparts), they also have faster re-arm times so IJN CV can deliver more faster attack based on their doctrine "Strike fast, strike hard and swiftly with precise". USN CV are more about their "specialized" load-out or sometimes is called "all-or-nothing god forbid" load-out, USN CV can run "Strike" or "AS" or "Balance" but come up with some trade-off as well. Example: - Strike loadout offer you more damage but little or no protection against enemy fighters so you need to be sneaky and careful not to get strafe. - AS loadout offer you ability to dominating the sky for a "masochists" or "sadist" but you barely do any damage to enemy ships. - Balance loadout (stock) is average, can do both AS and Strike but just not that good. About Langley 1/1/1 load-out is a buff and a nerf because now Langley will ran out planes much faster, this might affecting her reserve TB and Fighters, her TB wasn't really great any mean because the manual drop have a big dispersion which mean RNG will likely hate you a lot, but her new TB squads wasn't bad either, they hit hard. Hosho is fine as she it, keep in mind that you have faster re-arm times so Hosho can deliver more strike potentials.
  5. AlexPlayWOWS

    Taiho + Essex = ?

    So i been lurking around RU wikia for while, i found this "ship" kinda interesting. Though i don't know is this even a real paper design or some weird fan-fictions by WG. I recall there're such no special events that Taiho and Essex are making a baby Noted that URL said "Shokaku.png"... lol. Possible tier 8 premium CV?
  6. AlexPlayWOWS

    the Zara cruiser

    As Zara doesn't carrying torpedoes because the weight issues, i expect she would perform somewhere close to USN all-gun cruiser roles like that. Those 203/53 are powerful, fire heavier shells and powerful velocity but the dispersion (although i know cruisers dispersion in-game quite small than RL) probably terrible giving how these barrels were mounted too close. Armor wise are excellent, she weight around 14K tons (HP compare to Hipper and higher than N.O). Great write Evyl +1 for you.
  7. Keeping your distance on a German cruisers is a must, i learn one thing when i play Karlsruhe always sticking with friendly cruisers and battleships...well in some situation you being alone and defenseless... YOLO with them. Just let you know, all European nations cruisers are fragile, they're not tough compare to USN and IJN cruisers as the EU cruisers were fought in a different battles, they were design as escort and raider, while some of them are well-armed but the armor only sufficient to withstand against smaller guns and not meant to take larger forces. Learn and adapting it, when RN cruisers release as dev stated this months, they're also fragile much their German colleagues.
  8. AlexPlayWOWS

    USS Des Moines (CA-134)

    ... I have to say that i have gone to far, am start to sound like a jerk... my apology, sorry for my hatred attitude towards to USN ships, it was came from after WG nerfed USN lines to oblivion (expect WG did spare their DD for a new life), it giving me the feeling like... USN aren't so great at this moment, neither benefit from the current meta (am not supporting USN>IJN, i care about balance, but the national-flavors balance...) and am start to act against them. Am very sorry for turning your every ship knowledge threads into a drama zone, i will shut my mouth off, never post stuffs again from now on and start to rethink what i commented, i don't want to lose people respects. Once i rethink i will start do something positive to contribute for the community. EDIT: @Haku i aware USN DD are very competitive after some buffs, but look on what WG change US CV config load-out, they fix the only thing that make US CV playable... even CA are half-death after Cleveland. US BB as i heard after Colorado, NC is overrated.
  9. AlexPlayWOWS

    USS Des Moines (CA-134)

    I don't own her on this acc, but a friend of mine allowing me to use his acc to testing various stuffs, currently try to figured out how to use D.M effectively (brawling mostly without getting caught by mistake) before i planning to grind US lines in the future... my apologize if i against "US bias", am not say she out-right inferior (i put these " between the inferior, doesn't mean she is completely inferior). Des Moines really struggle against long-range fights, the high-tier is reward for those kind of fights, yes i get the part brawling and high reward stuffs, but you don't get a single reward if you sunk (not to mention high repair fee), she is very... unique, D.M have relying on her team (teamwork included) to maximize her true potentials, when i say Zao and Hindy can do better because they were benefit from what the high-tier rewarding. Des Moines only shine when some idiotic cruisers willing to knife-fighting against her. A very difficult ship to play after 10 battles (play her on my friend testing acc), floaty trajectory mean you need a bigger lead and D.M herself very situational, the game-play wise punishing teamwork badly, if your team can't push then D.M is useless. Please don't get me wrong. EDIT: I don't complain about Cleveland because she were fought in a different type of battles, i still see non-Cleveland cruisers players try brawling with another Cleveland and get himself kill, they blame she is so OP despite she were horribly nerfed by a lot.
  10. AlexPlayWOWS

    USS Des Moines (CA-134)

    Isn't like Des Moines are "bad", is just because Zao and Hindenburg can do much better than her in the current meta... the whole flavors that favoring flat-trajectory and accurate guns, the game itself already rewarded these such type of fights. The biggest issue is how WG poorly balancing tier 10, everyone just fear from dying, no one willing to push, Des Moines have to relying on her teams to do effectively, Zao and Hindenburg has much more impact to the game (because hard-hitting guns and torpedoes, blah blah). They can kite enemy ships without getting themself kill (unless players make mistake). "Brawling", now this part is where D.M really shine her fast-firing guns can trump over Zao and Hindenburg (especially for Zao, you squishy stay out), but as i stated above how tier 10 look like... NO body (or a few) willing to "brawling" because players just scare from dying. This is why people don't like DM, she just "inferior" than Z and H in this kind of situations, the whole "long-range sniping trickshot fests" on tier 10... the last thing is the plunging-fire mechanics need to improve, so USN "super-heavy" shells will less auto-bounce against deck armor, allowing them can citadel better via deck armor penetration.
  11. AlexPlayWOWS

    the Kirov cruiser

    Is a tier 1 DD in the Alpha if i recall. Those 76mm peashooter though
  12. AlexPlayWOWS

    127mm US gun vs 130mm VMF gun

    NA beta tester IKU19, he already updated the new krupp penetration list for 0.5.2. Spoiler: USN DD has much better AP and HE penetration than other nations DD, but the low-velocity cause the penetration strength on the shell bleeding a lot, for long-range they're weak for AP but at close-range quite deadly, you can citadel any cruisers with 127mm guns around 3-4km with AP. Here is the copy by me, credited by IKU19. Just let you know, shell velocity value are historical, WG does look up on "navweaps" Website to adjusting the guns characteristics.
  13. AlexPlayWOWS

    Apparent changes in 0.5.3

    From what i understanding, WG want USN CV to be AS and DB heavy, while TB are situational (even though they're primary source of damage), DB... i can say they're joke in this game, given that DB end up having derpy accuracy when the bombs dropped, the amount of RNG influence and also they lacking AP bombs, now the bombs itself very powerful as how they demonstrated in real-life, capable to plunging through thickest deck armor of the ship (like how Arizona got blow up from a single bomb that pierce through the deck hit into the turret magazine). --- US DB compare to IJN counterpart, they're pack a lot punches because they capable carrying much more heavier bombs, in facts they also carrying extra 2 torpedoes as well (wish WG added too), the trade-off is their slow speed. Japanese DB while fast but they couldn't carrying heavy bombs because they wish not to sacrifice the speed which mean they don't pack powerful punches like US. --- Same things like TB, US generally carrying heavier powerful aircraft torpedoes (they're slower speed yes, but oddly powerful thanks to bigger size, larger explosive charges and superior ranges over Japanese torpedoes). IJN torpedoes are faster, but less powerful and shorter ranges (i am well aware that people keep mistaking between the surface torpedo "Long Lance" and normal aircraft torpedo that Japanese use). EDIT: I don't have any CV in my actual acc (this one) but a friend of mine allowing me to test various CV game-play in his acc on the training room.
  14. AlexPlayWOWS

    the Kirov cruiser

    Pr.66 were designed to escort Stalingrad-class battlecruisers and were built to counter against USN Des Moines featuring 220mm guns with heavier shells (176 kg), 985 mps shell velocity and 5.8 rpm, i can guarantee Pr.66 will be flat-out better than Zao, Hindenburg because her guns power advantages, such accurate guns and stronk Stalinium shells, my best guess Des Moines will start digging her graves soon because these 3 ships can do much better than her... enjoy being cease to exist DM.
  15. AlexPlayWOWS

    Apparent changes in 0.5.3

    They were suppose to be "jack of trades, master of none" or "average" (like devs said). Unfortunately their performance in-game are so... below "average", mostly because IJN ships can do better aside AA, with the current meta and "balance" don't benefit anything useful for USN ships which mean they hardly able do anything better than their counterparts. The upcoming US CV nerfs... i can start to say that USN was about cease to exist (please rename World of Warships into World of Nihon Kaigun ). Of course i know some people willing to bring their own facts/opinions and say these ships are "playable", but isn't covered the actual facts that some USN ships are just "bad" and under-performing, save your sanity and your sweaty, hard-work grinds...forget USN and start to play IJN line instead. Not hating them, but am don't really see the point to play USN while IJN can do much better.