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  1. WDCCB

    I'M Tired!

    I just reinstalled the game waiting for 4000MB to finish now Its updating for 18000MB are you serious
  2. WDCCB

    script_config problem help

    wow thank you so much bro :)
  3. um i really need your help can you pls send me the original copy of script_config file pls? i really appreciate your help thank you :)

  4. Oh you are here elite im SILENT_WD world of tanks blitz player the guy that you keep banning XD nice to meet you


  5. Yo i have problem with script_config can someone give me original copy of the file pls? because i wanna change my server to NA so i change the config file. But its not working keeps saying there was a problem with DNS server so i give up and play on ASIAN server but it keeps saying problem with DNS so i guess its because i change my script_config to NA can someone send original copy of the ASIAN script_config file? thank you for help and sorry for bad grammar im not american XD