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  1. Yes, although incredibly patronising, you have been able to ensure your position as the superior smug voice of reason that floats around every internet forum picking the bones out of genuine albeit naive attempts to seek targeted interest in a topic that is clearly counter to your beliefs. Good for you! Keep up the good work of belittling people and feeding off the trolls that are drawn into your vortex and bask in the glow of your self appointed greatness!
  2. Poll only for those interested in another Server Transfer event.
  3. Well that was a waste of time. Thread officially hijacked! 😡 I didn't ask for people to voice their opinion on why SEA was better for them. If you are happy with how things are on SEA then good for you! All I wanted was to hear from like-minded people who were dissatisfied with the SEA style of play and dealing with the challenges of playing on a server where the majority of players are non-English speaking. I provided context on my experience playing on the NA Server over the past few weeks to dispel false rumours about lag and chat toxicity which I foolishly chose to believe when the last Transfer event came and went. What I ended up with was a few replies that were in context and relevant to this thread, A bunch of completely irrelevant posts and two guys who needed to take it out to the car park! For those genuinely interested, keep an eye out for a poll which is probably what I should have done in the first place.
  4. Lets not confuse the game mechanics with the overall game play. I have played over 13,000 battles on SEA and a couple of hundred in all game modes on NA and I can tell you that for me, the game play is 100 times more fun and engaging on NA. Its far more aggressive and sure that brings with it fire spam, RNG craziness and overall mayhem, but for me, this is what WoWs should be all about. As Steve Coogan hilariously once said, "Tomorrow we battle! And we may lose our lives, but remember, death is but a moment, and cowardice is a lifetime of affliction!"
  5. Dear fellow WoWsers, I have been playing this game since January 2016 and I have seen a noticeable change in the game play on the SEA Server in recent times with a lot of negative tactics like 1 line stat padding, hiding behind rocks, individual selfishness and the sheer number of players that either do not speak English or are not interested in communicating unless they are motivated to say "Noob!" or "Poi!". Actually to be honest, maybe it hasn't changed that much and I am actually now at the point where I simply want more from the game. This game for me is all about playing as a team, communicating with others and having aggressive and engaging battles. Sure you get this in Clan Battles, but Randoms are 70% of my game play and aimlessly drifting around in the game with nobody working towards the objectives and communicating is... quite frankly soul destroying! I was about to pull the pin and walk away from the game entirely and then I decided to check out the NA Server. It was like "Where have you been all my life??". I have resisted to make the move in the past to the NA Server based on comments that the Lag makes it unplayable for anyone outside of the US. This is a complete lie! There is no noticeable difference in the in-battle Game performance between SEA and NA. The other negative comment was the chat can be extremely toxic. Well this is something I am yet to experience and if anything, seeing block after block popping up and no response to support requests is far more toxic than the odd flame if you ask me. I played a battle the other night on the NA Server and requested a DD to go to a cap I was supporting and guess what....they actually did it!! I was totally shocked. This was not a one off either. It happens quite a lot. And most players on NA are focused on the objectives of each battle which makes for really competitive and action packed game play. Obviously since i have been playing this game for over 4 years, I have spent a crap load of money on this game and have a hell of a lot of boats, special cammo's etc and I am kicking myself that I did not take advantage of the Server account Transfer event back in October 2019. So that is some background to provide some context, and here is my point for this post. I opened a ticket with Wargaming support and requested a Transfer of my account from SEA to NA and it was, as expected... refused. I asked if there would be another account transfer event and whilst they did not commit to anything, they did not rule it out. They just told me to be patient and keep an eye on the news. So, to try and move things along, is there anyone else here on the SEA Server experiencing the same boring, soul destroying block filled game after game and are desperate for more interesting and engaging game play? If so, and you would like to encourage Wargaming to open another account transfer event so you can transfer all your hard earned in-game assets, express your interest below and hopefully if we get enough numbers, Wargaming will surely take us seriously.
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    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    We now have the power to shape our future by repeating History all over again... But as a wise knight once said....
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    Assigning German Special Commander

    Yeah that John Doe name showed no imagination. All they had to do was remove one letter and add two Steven Seagal > Steven Seagull