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  1. Wh0sya

    Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    Yeah 7 achievements and the getting 3 kills in a battle. Fun and engaging, look forward to the grinding and kill stealing galore. Why do they keep putting these anti-social missions in the game, it is pretty toxic already. If they are going to put these type of missions in they should be able to be done at the same time, or give more time than a week, it will take a lot of games to achieve this). Yes they can take some skill to achieve but more often luck. It took over 20 games to get 30 plane kills (even in this meta in an Atlanta mostly) and that is pure luck. (Minus hitting a button to change sides but that does little anyway as the planes normally fly over from side to side anyway).
  2. The missions are still not visible........ (they have apparently fixed the problem on the NA server....)
  3. Wh0sya

    Final Battle of North Cape Mission

    They need to compensate both lost xp and extend the deadline. Some people will not log on because of this, therefore the timer on this mission should not start until it’s fixed, and those that have started their xp should be credited.