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  1. Sorry I don't agree, the base cost of a super BB is 57mil (I notice there is no mention of the cost of modules or if they are included in the purchase cost), take that bad boy out for say 20 ranked battles and you will lose a minimum of 2 million credits, win or lose, if you are not in a clan or have economic flags, then it could be as high as 200k per battle. It is just the start, remember WG said they will look at "balancing" the in game economy, superships is just the start, lower tiers will eventually be balanced in a similar manner. If you believe the garbage about limiting the over-population Super BBs in game it is just spin from WG, they will sell as many as they can. People don't want to lose and a percentage of them will try and buy their way to victory, WG don't give a toss about the player - It's all about the money!
  2. Say goodbye to your credits if you use Superships. Apart from the ridiculous purchase price, I estimate if you get an average score in a battle, you will lose 100K-150K in credits per match. WG want your money and they hope you have deep pockets!
  3. HMAS_Armidale


    wow old thread
  4. HMAS_Armidale

    2 New historical ships will be announced today

    One thing is for certain, it wont be Commonwealth! WG I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down!
  5. HMAS_Armidale

    ​📰 Compensation for Technical Issue in 0.11.1

    I just got a days premium from WG, don't know why.
  6. HMAS_Armidale

    You should read this... ... ...

    Wargaming Kyiv has donated $1 million to the Ukrainian Red Cross https://gameworldobserver.com/2022/03/01/wargaming-donating-1-million-to-ukrainian-red-cross-offering-kyiv-employees-help-with-relocation It is a start but sadly there is still no condemnation of Putin or the invasion
  7. HMAS_Armidale

    You should read this... ... ...

    WG said nothing, just a blokes opinion, the link is misleading.
  8. HMAS_Armidale

    under the circumstances , I say Good Bye

    Respect your decision mate, take care and don't let things get you down.
  9. HMAS_Armidale

    You should read this... ... ...

    Not an official video, just one blokes take on the sacking of a goose and his opinion on the current situation. WG is based in Cyprus for what I would gather is Tax purposes and majority owned by Belarusian son and father, Victor Kislyi and Vladimir Kislyi. Again this is not an official video.
  10. HMAS_Armidale

    You should read this... ... ...

    It all depends on what Victor Kislyi does with his money.
  11. HMAS_Armidale

    Question re current situation with Russia

    This all depends on what Victor Kislyi does with his money? If any of it flows to Putin then WG could be in more trouble than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
  12. HMAS_Armidale

    ​🚢 Closed Test 0.11.2, New Ships (French Cruisers)

    No if you were WG you would just ignore the question completely, I know that for a fact as I have asked it in various ways across many, many WG streams. Seraphice wouldn't even acknowledge my question about a Commonwealth Tier at the latest update stream, I asked it about 8 times over the 60 odd minutes it ran. The question about a Commonwealth Tier is so radioactive even CC's ignore it!
  13. HMAS_Armidale

    That Feeling in Lighthouse When.....

    Good luck mate a bloke on Wookie's stream reckons he bid 200mil for the coal.
  14. HMAS_Armidale

    Ship's Log: The Lantern Festival

    Wow can the pander (or should it be Panda) more to the Chinese market. WG's Mission Statement "It's all about the money stupid"!
  15. HMAS_Armidale

    Important Message for the World of Warships Community

    Diverse, blow it out your arse WG, completely ignore the Commonwealth nations by not developing that Tier. The only update you should release is the honest one "It's all about the money stupid"!