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  1. Delta_Sierra

    Hall of Fame Q1 2017!

    Back for another entry. Edinburgh, Base XP 1933 Bismarck, Base XP 1823
  2. Delta_Sierra

    Hall of Fame Q1 2017!

    Ayy, 1st entry this year. Fiji, 2436 base XP, game on 12th Feb 2017. Pictures New Mexico, 2315, game on 29th Jan 2017 Pictures
  3. Delta_Sierra

    Now it's clear why she's called the Lolorado!

    Welp, this is my opinion on NC. NC have a... unique shell trajectory, especially the AP shells. The shells trajectory is high, and the speed is slow (700 m/s, iirc). Her dispersion is kinda bad (for me). So yeah... NC might not be as good as you think. Don't get too hyped, like me, or you will regret it. On the good side, NC's AA is good. Your concealment is very good (For BB), with the right skill and equipment, your detection can be dropped to 11.7 KM. If you managed to make NC work, she's a very good ship. If you failed to make her work, prepare to get punished.
  4. Delta_Sierra

    WTH that ships is?

    Correct~! Your turn, mate.
  5. Delta_Sierra

    WTH that ships is?

    Ayy, I'm at school, so sorry if the pic kinda bad, I just choose randomly from my ship bookmarks. Take a guess, mates. The ship class is in the game too. I wish my damcon crews in the game is this dedicated.
  6. Delta_Sierra

    WTH that ships is?

    I'm guessing it's New Orlean. I remember her bow get blown up because of torpedo.
  7. Delta_Sierra

    TK Colour

    Unfortunately, you can't do that. I suggest you try to lock your target first (using X key), before firing guns/torps. That way, you can avoid damaging TK players.
  8. Delta_Sierra


    RNG = Random Number Generator. Basically, our god in the game. He Who Control the Dispersion and Detonation. You blame RNG if things went wrong, and you praise RNG if things work as planned. RoF = Rate of Fire. The number that tell how many times your guns can shoot in a minute. Poi is poi. Used for spamming, usually. But it really means "Like", ask Google if you want to know more. Because it's abbreviation. Except the poi, it's for spamming. RN Cruisers can be a beast, but if you know how to use it properly. Only Pros can make this line work nicely.
  9. Delta_Sierra

    Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament

    Basically you want the secondary guns to turn at the enemy ship when firing, right? Welp, they already did. If you are using German BBs, you'll notice the secondaries will be aiming at the direction of the last enemy that they have been shooting. And they do move when firing, just like the main battery.
  10. Delta_Sierra

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Colorado - Base XP 2498
  11. Kek, he already did. His div mate got sunk. It's normal for you to sometime carry, and the other time is carried by other guy. In the end, it's all about luck and how much sacrifice you made for RNG.
  12. Delta_Sierra

    Favorite Voice

    I like Nachi's and Iona's. But both of them can't beat Duke Nukem's voice, hehehe. Especially his comment when I give heavy damage to the enemy, "My gun is bigger than yours!"
  13. Delta_Sierra

    Personal Ship Nicknames

    Kantai Collection. In that game, Aoba is a reporter. Reason she is personalized as reporter: Unno Juza, a novelist considered the father of Japanese sci-fi, was aboard Aoba during WWII. Referring to this, in-game Aoba always mentions collecting material (news, info, gossip) for her work.
  14. Delta_Sierra

    Anti-Torpedo Secondary Consumable for BB

    Hmm, yeah. True. In before the Campers request for torpedo net if they didn't move
  15. Delta_Sierra

    Anti-Torpedo Secondary Consumable for BB

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but torpedo net doesn't work when the ship move. They only work when the ship is in the port.