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  1. Navy_Sensou

    CV haku AP bombs

    HA! The truth? Bugger me, you are still lacking of knowledge to even recognize how the CV works, cuz you yourself has denied to learn anything about CVs. You said it, remember?
  2. This is me trying to be super aggressive, and you know what? I threw my planes faster than the regeneration could make.
  3. Navy_Sensou

    The dark side of mine

    Impressive, you learn pretty fast, almost at my level.
  4. Navy_Sensou

    CV haku AP bombs

    and how long have you been trying to change the mind of this diselhead anyway? Don't you think that he hadn't a single "constructive" line of yours in his head?
  5. Navy_Sensou

    CV haku AP bombs

    Hit them hard at what they really are, trigger them so they can remember your words at will or else they are gonna go out the window. Look, if you want to be constructive on the one whose mind is hardened by hatreds and negative perspectives towards carrier like diselhead, you need to call out their weaknesses and slap them in the face with sentences like "you are an idiot, wake up". Be a strict teacher don't be too kind of a person, or else your words won't gonna be valued a single bit. Do you know that the EU CV discussion forum has over 8000 replies and now getting to nowhere just because people are too afraid to point out one's hiatus and keep talking this and that in a "constructive" way?
  6. Navy_Sensou

    CV haku AP bombs

    Sigh...it's not coincidence that the majority of the CV whiners on the forum(s) are total noobs. Lacking of knowledge is the thing i've talked about before, and i find it funny that those whiners still go on arguing even though they don't know deep down about carriers, they are like youngsters that get impassioned by exaggerated propaganda disseminated by haters, and then would find anyway to discredit CV's ability to do things.
  7. Navy_Sensou

    CV haku AP bombs

    "mY GoD, iT's sO HaRd tO eXcEL iN DeSTroYeRs ThEsE DaYS. FoCkInG cARriErS mAN"
  8. Navy_Sensou

    1 Game with No CV

    Haters are gonna hate, whiners are gonna whine, no matter what.
  9. Navy_Sensou

    CV haku AP bombs

  10. Republique's or Bourgogne's armor? No problem, i'll show you the trick: Drop the bomb at a high altitude and drop a bit further back on the Repub's deck, that's where it's most vulnerable.
  11. Navy_Sensou

    question about AP bomb

    It’s tier 4, what do you expect? Devastating 8k damage?
  12. Navy_Sensou

    1 Game with No CV

    Stop lying to yourself, the spreadsheet says you will have much more fun with all the sectorring, AA building and just dodging while the enemy CV’s playing normally. What you have felt is all hallucinating. Now get into my game and i’ll show you.
  13. Navy_Sensou

    The dark side of mine

    From rank 5, i finally got some consistent snipers that are somewhat cooperative. I focused the enemy CV hard enough to make him turn broadside and then i called target for my BBs to shoot. But usually, the damage i dealt exceeded half of the enemy CV, so my team duty is only to finish him. I sometimes solo killed the enemy CV. 4 torp hits from Haku equals half health of any inline CV.
  14. Navy_Sensou

    The dark side of mine

    i did that in rank 5 to 1 and all the CV rivals are super aware. i used 2x6 and added in some skills.
  15. Navy_Sensou

    The dark side of mine

    I really meant it when i said "i can be a disgusting CV player..." If you don't understand, then it's fine, consider yourself haven't seen this aspect of ranked yet.