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  1. Navy_Sensou

    What can i say.....................

    What can i say...CV population is all that matters to WeeGee
  2. Navy_Sensou

    the life of a CV player

    first time?
  3. Navy_Sensou

    This game is dying

    the problem you should be worried is OP CVs with double torp pattern, at low tier bot doesn't matter much. 3vs3 CVs ruins low tier gameplay, yes who would have thought?
  4. Navy_Sensou

    Mountain range - CW

    Has any clan encountered the map Moutain Range in CW yet? i played 35 games and haven't seen it for once.
  5. Navy_Sensou

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau

    DPM doesn't look impressive,HE penetration is bad, AP isn't scary, have to get close to make better damage output, no reload booster. Unless the player is completely ignorant, Marceau isn't a great threaat.
  6. i know KnightSong from my previous GP clan, he rarely plays, cant believe he's on the HOF.
  7. Navy_Sensou

    Rain of SCs

    i got 2 times double SCs and single SCs in around 5 days. Now i really want to know what is the percentage of getting an SC.
  8. Navy_Sensou

    Puerto Rico is a joke compared to Premium CV

    wow, CeeVee reeework complaints, how new...Do you even notice Wargaming-senpai?
  9. Navy_Sensou

    Killing self cause huge EXP loss?

    No it doesnt fine you for suiciding, you are just playing bad
  10. Navy_Sensou

    So called american special AP shell angles are overestimated.d

    Hug islands as if it's your waifu Use mainly AP to blap cruisers Take Expert Loader skill
  11. Navy_Sensou

    Dev Blog (Brit CAs, Gorizia and Mainz)

    58mm plus 30% from IFHE equals 75mm of penetration. And Smolensk has 70mm of citadel armor. HMMMM.........
  12. Navy_Sensou

    Ranked Sprint 1v1 1337 haxx0r MLG 'Strat'

    we'll see which is the superior class... Laughs in Lexington
  13. Navy_Sensou

    Server Transfer and Stats

    You cant magically turn into a unicum by transferring to another server
  14. Navy_Sensou

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    I guess Bex is someone who just live to actively chat and enjoy the salty sea. But how does it take you 19k battles to feel the need to change server?
  15. Navy_Sensou

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    if you guys want to figure the average skill of the playerbase in NA, just watch some streams on Twitch. It's easy, i recommend Notser. It's good to know in advance what sort of challenge you are walking into.