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  1. Navy_Sensou

    My best moment of WOWS in my Entire WOWS Career

    Destroying 3 strongest ships of the strongest classes in the game and survive. When the hunters become the hunted.
  2. Navy_Sensou

    So many bot

    it's not just who participated in the tournament but you also need to count the players watching the streams by skipping playing.
  3. Navy_Sensou

    So many bot

    the King of the Seas tournament is happening, so a lot of good players will be absent
  4. Navy_Sensou

    honestly I hate CVs

    at least in RTS we could survive on our own with DFAA
  5. Navy_Sensou

    My greatest Achievement

    Sneaked through an entire enemy line in a Kleber, killed 2 tier X CVs, a Stalingrad and survived through the intense chase of enemy Stalingrad and Zao.
  6. Navy_Sensou

    Now aircraft carriers ca n’t play at all

    CVs are still fine, let them die a few.
  7. Navy_Sensou

    ST - armor-piercing rockets

    godclass has gone further into ascendance
  8. Navy_Sensou

    What can i say.....................

    What can i say...CV population is all that matters to WeeGee
  9. Navy_Sensou

    the life of a CV player

    first time?
  10. Navy_Sensou

    This game is dying

    the problem you should be worried is OP CVs with double torp pattern, at low tier bot doesn't matter much. 3vs3 CVs ruins low tier gameplay, yes who would have thought?
  11. Navy_Sensou

    Mountain range - CW

    Has any clan encountered the map Moutain Range in CW yet? i played 35 games and haven't seen it for once.
  12. Navy_Sensou

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau

    DPM doesn't look impressive,HE penetration is bad, AP isn't scary, have to get close to make better damage output, no reload booster. Unless the player is completely ignorant, Marceau isn't a great threaat.
  13. i know KnightSong from my previous GP clan, he rarely plays, cant believe he's on the HOF.
  14. Navy_Sensou

    Rain of SCs

    i got 2 times double SCs and single SCs in around 5 days. Now i really want to know what is the percentage of getting an SC.
  15. Navy_Sensou

    Puerto Rico is a joke compared to Premium CV

    wow, CeeVee reeework complaints, how new...Do you even notice Wargaming-senpai?