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  1. Tomoko_Kousaka

    Tough Choices

    i bought Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz [content removed] last night and installed it to my cpu and its more faster than my amd but this bad boy is very expensive and i need to upgrade the cpu more post edited. user already sanction. ~TheAzure
  2. Tomoko_Kousaka

    World of Warmemes

    why is it bad to say onii or onee to the guy who is older than you? Huh? Ese? Comprende? you want me to call you lewd-chan? that would be funny and you are even enjoying that people call you dat Plus im still 16 you know .. lol i forgot to [content removed] again i mean come on i respect the boys who is older than me..!! Insults or derogatory comments. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~TheAzure
  3. Tomoko_Kousaka

    AniManga Chat :E

    i thought kai was released?!!
  4. Tomoko_Kousaka

    Ocean of Storms Comic

    how about Erie? and Hermilin that has weird design
  5. Tomoko_Kousaka

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    gib her a link or she gon' attack yo a$H dollars
  6. Tomoko_Kousaka

    it took a lot of friends

    i heard dota 2 is popular in philippines and many students cuts classes because of it too why not let them play wows and make them cut classes and teach the teacher how to play wows like a sensei (i hate dota 2 you know..and i dont want to play fantasy games because it doesnt give you more knowledge that you can use in school too)
  7. Tomoko_Kousaka

    I broke World of Warships

    the botcepticons is so smart but how did they do [content removed]? i think [content removed] is the leader of the bot i heard that [content removed] hates humans so he likes to TK humans #BotcepticonsVsAutoHeadBots Derogatory. Post edited, user already sanctioned. ~amade
  8. Tomoko_Kousaka

    AniManga Chat :E

    i have no idea what's she saying.. this is my mom's fault for not letting learn japanese while i was a kid what is this really Hyeahi bwoii ii
  9. Tomoko_Kousaka

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    damn son where'd you gonna find this?
  10. Tomoko_Kousaka

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    it's their great funeral
  11. Tomoko_Kousaka

    0.5.3 Cleveland

    i really hate version 0.5.3 now i cant play anymore geez anyway.. she's still the greatest cruiser too you know if she finds anything in her path she gonna attack yo booty but good luck on that manual secondary battery cuz she got great ones
  12. Tomoko_Kousaka

    Why don't we have German battleships

    flags doesnt matter at least playing those ships are the same and i also heard that the tier 3 [content removed] cruiser has torps in wiki not sure if they are real or not.. Inappropriate. Post edited. user already Sanctioned. ~dead_man_walking
  13. Tomoko_Kousaka

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    i have no idea
  14. Tomoko_Kousaka

    World of Warmemes

    hahahaha lel because she got swag? lol humans are treating nguyen-nee like a trash gome gome nguyen-nee-chan but you should really need to clean your name so humans and aliens stop calling you lewd-chan and sh*t LINK!!! beware of nguyen cuz she gonna kidnap zelda too
  15. Tomoko_Kousaka

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    well that's dope... but seriously she looks like atago