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  1. Snarky_Wombat

    Do you play on NA?

    It would be nice. I'd just be happy with low latency though.
  2. Snarky_Wombat

    Do you play on NA?

    God I'd love to, the brain dead Asian players on this server makes my brain bleed. Ping is the problem though, 250ms+ and annoying jitter just makes for a crap game. Scaredy cat server it is for me unfortunately.
  3. Snarky_Wombat

    Ping from New Zealand - game unplayable

    Generally true but there have been times where my network traffic to Australia has been negatively affected by poor routing on the return leg from WG. I suggest people do a forward and reverse traceroute and raise a support ticket if traffic is getting routed all over the place instead of the most efficient route. Stick to your guns and it's usually fixed with the typical Russian grumbling. The "everything is fine" line by non-support staff is usually just that. Not sure what is going on with WG's ISP's but there have been some amazingly stupid routing over the years, especially for us Aus/NZ'ers out there.
  4. Snarky_Wombat

    Ping from New Zealand - game unplayable

    Give the GCore looking glass site a run, see what the return route from WG to your pc is. I have had success with getting WG to fix up their return routing so that packets back to Australia weren't going via the US...... https://lg.gcorelabs.com/
  5. Snarky_Wombat

    We shall remember them.

    My Grandpa was a involved for years in the Kokoda campaign during WWII. Some of the stories he told of the nightmare they all went through was eye opening. Thank you Grandpa for your sacrifice and help giving us the freedoms we enjoy today. I'll never forget what you did for us all. /Salute
  6. Snarky_Wombat

    Blue lining on the rise again

    Blue line?