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  1. thunderhawk_k

    Gift not Received

    i clicked that too... only thing i got is a black screen... 😞
  2. thunderhawk_k

    Gift not Received

    nope... nothing.. this is so unfair... 😭😭😭
  3. thunderhawk_k

    Gift not Received

    when i log in today there was a note stating to collect my gift but relevant screen didn't come up and i didn't receive anything... 😞 can anyone help me about this ?
  4. thunderhawk_k

    Game freezing

    each and every time i play WOWS game get freeze and showing a black screen and i have to restart the game every time, two three time per battle. it is so annoying, currently this game is unplayable. tried to play by changing settings but no luck. is there any fix for this or any idea how to fix this? only thing that i can play with out crash is CO-OP
  5. thunderhawk_k

    Always Crash

    i had that issue... increase page file size to fix this issue.
  6. thunderhawk_k

    BAN - no mods used

    can we use game recording software.. i'm using "D3D Gear" is it safe ? i don't want to mess it up again. http://www.d3dgear.com/
  7. thunderhawk_k

    BAN - no mods used

    This is suck..
  8. thunderhawk_k

    BAN - no mods used

    I'm using MSI afterburner while I'm playing the game other than that nothing.. could that afterburner caused this problem ? ID 102438912: Forum Warning or Ban ...
  9. thunderhawk_k

    BAN - no mods used

    that's the only thing out there that we can use with wows right ? but the thing is i don't use any mods now.... this is so confusing...
  10. thunderhawk_k

    BAN - no mods used

    i use no mods but I receiver below mail yesterday.... "Dear player! We have detected that one or more prohibited World of Warships client modifications have been used on this account for the second time. The account will be suspended for 7 days. Please refrain from using any forbidden modifications in the future. A repeat violation will lead to a permanent ban of this account." for honest used aslan mod pack once only once and i uninstalled it, (around five months back it's a crap). now they send this email saying I'm using a mod. i hate mods. also they are saying this is the second time. I don't know WTF they are talking about. i attache screen shots i took while playing please check them,am i using any mods there? i dare them to prove it... is their anyone who can help me regarding this matter ?