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  1. Adorable_Mipha

    KOTS 12 관련 공지

    혹시 심판 신청 아직까지 받나요? 받는다면 언제까지 신청하면 될까요?
  2. When I tried to play and record it, It just freezed in login screen. Does it really impossible to play replays from former version? Even if I have the previous client? (I have EU server client since i don't use auto-updates.) Somebody Could you, Please help me?
  3. Adorable_Mipha

    [이벤트][당첨자 안내] 쉽하문예

    미국에서 온 뚱뚱한 형, 프랑스에서 온 날렵한 동생 -Saint Louis