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  1. With WG deactivated a certain file which was responsibel to add custom ports into the client. Instead they activated an even better way for including custom ports into your client which is easier to manage for modder and for people that want to use them. How does it work? We will use the mod api, where the customports class got unlocked with But before we create the code, we will start with the basic things: Step 1: Create the port Basically some stuff stays the same. You insert your port into the space folder (which is in your [current version] folder) and name the folder like you want. Important should be that people might add other ports as well. So try to find an unique way of naming your port. My group uses for example the group shorttag before the real name of the port. An example: "wem_fog_arpeggio" (i will use this name btw for further explanations) Step 2: Prepare the image for the port The next step is creating an one color image for the port image as a placeholder. The name should be the same as above and you place your image into the following folder: "gui/ports". Step 3: Activating the MOD API Now we add the port into the game. We create a new file in any editor you use. (windows standard editor, notepad++ etc.). We make the file blank and save it as "PnFModsLoader.py". This makes it possibel to load python mods from the python api. We place this file into the "current_version" folder of the game. In case of => "res_mods/" Now we create a folder at the same place where the PnFModsLoader.py is located. We call it: "PnFMods". Step 4: Creating a Code for your CustomPort In step 3 we activated the Mod API and created a PnFMods folder. In this folder we create a new folder. Keep in mind that this folder should have an unique name which doesn't confilct with other names. So the best thing is for example your name and then the name of the port. Just as above with your port folder in the space folder. After that we go into the new created folder and create a new file called: "Main.py". It is important that this file is named like that. Otherwise your game won't recognize it. In this Main.py file we copy paste this code: What is it doing? The first thing it does is it tells the game that it should use the API v1.0. (I think that this line of code should prevent old code for older API versions to run. So if they go up to 2.0, 1.0 might not work anymore, but noone knows that so far) With the next line it writes "wem_fog_arpeggio loaded" into the log file. This is usefull for debugging. There is a python.log file located in [worlf of warships installation folder]/profile. If you close your game, the game will update it and you can read the following lines for example: Which basically means that your mod worked. (The "Fog Arpeggio added" line gets written into the file when your game could sucessfully activate the customport.) The next thing the code does is that it defines a new class with the call to create a new custom port as soon as the class gets created. Now to the important part: customPorts.addCustomPort(portName = 'wem_fog_arpeggio', portDisplayName = 'Fog Arpeggio', isPremium = False, peculiarities = [ 'arpeggio' ]) This is the line of code which creates the custom port. You can basically add here an infinite amount of ports. I won't suggest doing this because i think it is better to create an own main.py file for each port you create. so that people can download those ports that they wanna have and a simple drag and drop from the files solves everything. How to modify this part of code? The "portname" should be always the same as the folder name from step 1 and the image name of step 2. The "portDisplayName" is repsonible for the name ingame. isPremium should be either "True" of "False" depending on if your mod should be a premium port or a normal one. peculiarities: this one is also important. This is responsible for ARP ships, china arpeggio ships and other future content. Ships can have a peculiaritie assigned. If they have one assigned it is impossible to see the "real" version of it as long as the assigned peculiatitie wasn't added to the port. Which basically means: You can't see the Arpeggio ships if the peculiaritie arpeggio wasn't added. Right now (02.12.2016 DD::MM::YYYY) there are 3 of them available. arpeggio ch_cragons halloween_16 If you wanna add all of them you simply exchange the [ 'arpeggio' ] with [ 'arpeggio', 'ch_dragons', 'halloween_16' ]. If you only wanna have 2 of them you use it like this: [ 'ch_dragons', 'halloween_16' ] (keep in mind: with this version you can't see arpeggio ships, not in a battle, not in port) If you wanna have 0 you exchange [ 'arpeggio' ] with None The port is basically finished now. You can go ingame, select and activate it, make a nice screenshot for your port and edit the placeholder. I suggest using this tutorial for even better screenshots I hope i could help you guys and have fun adding new ports for this game
  2. MasaruKondera

    Patch 5.3 in a Picture.

    as a german native speaker i approve this message
  3. MasaruKondera

    [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    We created a new modding group and started a new website. For future updates visit the new topic or our website (which you can find in the new topic): http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/12479-wo-era-mods-ship-name-selector-techtree-redux-skins-ect/ We also have an update for the Ship Name Selector and the techtree which are downloadable at our website. Also: This thread will be closed soon.
  4. MasaruKondera

    Englisch moderators?

    "Notice me senpaiii!!!" is what you actually wanted to say...
  5. MasaruKondera

    Englisch moderators?

    you should definetly do something against your cold... dayum... those bacteria :/
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    [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    Due to that i can't change the topic titel: This mod is compatible! PS: is there a reason for this o.0 (@EU & NA it's editable...) don't want to create everytime a new topic or something like that :/
  7. MasaruKondera

    Englisch moderators?

    EDIT: english btw -.- my native language speaked too much -.- heyho! Who are currenlty moderators for the english speaking community? Since there is no classic "team" list like in other forums i don't know which person i can actually contact regarding a certain topic :/
  8. MasaruKondera

    [Stupid question] Mod Texts

    Well... i have an european (to be more specific german) client for windows 10 and i have to tell you that this error is also in my po edit. And as it seems it's more a po edit failure then an error from your OS. PO edit doesn't understand the "number" behind the character, which is saved, and so it shows this [edited] (tried changing it to a other font [wich supports it btw] and got the same error). So basically: you have to use a diffrent way to achive your goal and it's not as easy as this because you have to do some stuff by hand. I have to go to slep now but i could explain it latter when i wake up again (FYI: It's 4 o' clock in the morning at my place right now^^)
  9. MasaruKondera

    [Stupid question] Mod Texts

    He/She is talking about renaming a ship in WoWs. If you are playing on a english client, you can use my tool to change the name of all ships. If they were used from the navy. (click on my signature image to get there) and it has nothing to do with win 10 fonts. I know what i'm talking about... Captains are also included btw. If you are playing on a localized SEA client (japanese ect.)... then i have to tell you that it's currently not possible to use them because i don't have a translation for my program for this region. Localization is planned but i coudln't find someone who could help me with a japanese localization and so on...
  10. MasaruKondera

    [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    at least if y play with an english client.
  11. MasaruKondera

    [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    [EU][][MOD]Masaru's Techtree [EU] - Mods - World of Warships official forum Install instructions: put techtree into the res_mods folder... run SNS... activate Navies ingame (gear symbol and then checkbox) ??? Profit
  12. MasaruKondera

    [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    would be a lot of easier if they would just use a font which support everything.. i mean: I also see all characters on the firefox.. so why not using this standard font... xD it's like: We need to make the live of modders like HELL.. okay... they need to do it at some fields.. but not at this field xD EDIT: Well.. we have finally reached the limits from a certain data type. The Sans Hans Font, which is used for his mod pack, is good for SEA clients. I won't tell you anything else... But we have reached the limit for fonts. there are over 100.000 possible characters. The problem is that the data type, which is used for the Sans Hans font, reached already the max amount of characters. That's something around 65.000 characters and i can't add more to it. Insane that there are people out there that designs so many characters... so there is only one way.. change it to a "l" which is avaliable.. Really supported is only the english client at the moment. I totally forgot about that. I would need the global.mo files from EVERY client to support everyone (which isn't the problem at all)... But i need some "new" sentences so that i can change the old ones so i would need people that could help me with translating the program from english into [their from wg supported native language]... :/ not very easy to find such people...
  13. MasaruKondera

    [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    hmm.. A problem is also with the Ä, Ö, Ü ect. Idk if these are also supported. Becasue new font means also a restriction if it isn't in the client. EDIT: sometimes waiting helps a lot xD hmm... it will be difficult to find a font which supports everything. I could try to merge the eu version with this font. But i can't tell you if it will look nice :/ i will give it a try again.. (did this once before as y know)
  14. MasaruKondera

    [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    Bundling is always a little bit difficult. I just don't want to copy paste something without a "yes y can do it" from the creator... A week or so ago i tried to merge the english and the sea font pack but i horrible failed at that. the space between the letteres was just too big. the next thing is that it is also an unknown variable. when they change it and the creator isn't there anymore... well then i'm screwed and couldn't support it any longer :/ thats difficult :/ And does it also support ÖÄÜ?? this is important for the german tech tree... or the letters which are important for poland and so on. It's not that easy :/
  15. MasaruKondera

    [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    Which is included in this way. And Hermelin is from 1939 where the "Kaiserliche marine" didn't exist. So it's not used there. In the normal techtree they are merged but still SMS is only used on ships like Emden.