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  1. Flags Redone got updated again! Fixed the team panel, Oscar Flag and the team panel. Fleet Redux got udpated as well just as the ship name selector! Have fun with it!
  2. there are currently no plans for updating this modification.
  3. A small Bug fix for one file which had a small mistake in it. https://www.woeramods.com/2017/02/14/0-6-1-x-flag-fix-fleet-redux-flags-redone/ This bugfix fixes 2 commemorative flags which showed a wrong flag when selected.
  4. Ooookay A fast headsup from us. after 2 days of fighting against a huge bug i can now say that we could release fleet redux again! Flags Redone and Ship Name Selector got updated as well. Smoke Counter update is in the works too. you can find all mods as always on our website
  5. Sadly we can't fix this issue atm. Flags Redone and Fleet Redux are basically finished. But we can't release these mods atm because we don't have the necessary files from WG for 0.6.1. The crash results from the Expression loader and we need this loader sadly.
  6. For every smoke counter user out there. I couldn't test it by now (don't have the NA client) but the should Smoke Counter work normally as long as those new special smoke upgrades aren't used. Pls keep that in mind for the moment. I'm working on a workaround already for it.
  7. not at the moment... also: Let the update marathon start We beign with Fleet Redux! You can download it here
  8. the link is on the first page of this thread in the starting post.
  9. Well... it's a lot of work. I suggest joining my Discord and I can give you better support there
  10. to make it compatible y need to edit the dds files otherwise it won't work with skin mods due to added stuff on the dds files.
  11. We could finally start with updating our skins again. The first one is our second skin we ever made. Use skins now without affecting other ships! you can download it here: https://www.woeramods.com/2017/01/05/blanc-montana-skin/
  12. where did you download it and which version did you download? I know the problem that you have which is caused by an old version
  13. We released all Nebula Ports again for! We also released fleetredux some days ago and released a micropatch yesterday for fleetredux You can find it here as always: https://www.woeramods.com/mod-showcase/
  14. We released a new version of Flags Redone. this and more modifications can be found here
  15. We could update the Smoke Counter! You can find it here Happy Holidays and a lot of fun with this modification!